Studio cleanup

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How would you like a little peek at my quilt studio. It isn’t a big space but I try and use every little inch of it.

I just cleaned it up the other day and rearranged things. This is something I do every couple months….trying to figure out how to squeeze just a little bit more in my space. I am very thankful to have a room just for quilting.

Studio cleanup

Here is a better look at the wall I showed the other day, when I am sewing and look up this is what I see.

Studio cleanup

I have had several people notice my rulers in other photos. I have used white finishing nails to hang some of them.

The rest are stored all the way to the right. I have cork board on the cabinet fronts and after I rearranged my wall I decided all the little notes and things I had stuck on the cupboards was too messy so I moved all my little notes to the inside of the cabinet doors (yes, they have cork board on them too) and hung up some of my smaller quilts.

Studio cleanup

For the last couple of months I have had my laptop in my quilt room, now when I look up this is what I see. When I’m quilting a big quilt I just close up my laptop and move it off of the table.

Studio cleanup

The white shelves hold all batiks, books and my AccuQuilt dies and on the top is fusible batting and different interfacings.

Studio cleanup

You can see that my cutting mat is deeper than the cabinet counter so Builder Bob cut a piece of wood the size of the mat. I use just a small ironing surface in here. You can see some thread on the wall.

Studio cleanup

You can see some of my quilts on top of the fabric bookcase.  The two right hand shelves that are pretty empty…..don’t usually look that neat…..that is where projects I am working on stack up.

Studio cleanup

Notice my stool that I use for sewing…..I actually have two of them, one for each machine.

They don’t take up much room and make it easy to turn around, stand up and cut or iron. My favorite machine is the 15-91 vintage Singer sewing machine…..I have 3!

Studio cleanup

I am going to put up a page with links to all the different posts I have done as we made changes in my room. If you are wondering what is hiding in all the cabinets you’ll find out there. 

You can find links to all the other posts about my studio and the way things are organized in it here.


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  1. I enjoyed seeing this Connie and got a couple of ideas I want to use in my own space. I'd like to know about your stools – I have a bad lower back and am wondering if you think the stools help you to have better posture or would you tend to bend over using them. I have a good chair but am constantly searching for something to keep me sitting up like I should. blessings, marlene

  2. So organized and full of lovely things!
    I'd love to come over and play….you have a wonderful
    display! Smile

  3. Your studio looks terrific. It's nice to slow down every so often and straighten up the room. You've put a lot of thought in to using your space well. Those cabinets are really nice. I like the cork doors front and back! What a great idea.

  4. Great tour Connie… Thanks for the cork board and finishing nail ideas. My space is much smaller with no cabinetry and only one small desk that serves as an office desk and catch all. Oh I dream of having a space as organized as yours! Thanks again…

  5. Thank you for sharing your studio space. I sew enjoy seeing and gathering tips and hints I might use in my space. Your space is glorious! Creative Stitching Bliss Dear…

  6. Thanks for sharing your sewing studio. I love your long set of cabinets and how you have cork on this so that you can display little quilts or any notes or cards you want to display. I found your stools at Home Depot and think I will try one. I have to move so my husband can get by me if he wants to sit in my room with me. I'm looking forward to the rest of the posts about your studio!

  7. What a great space. Looks like you have lots of light, both natural and added artificial. That is one thing my space is lacking. I just really need to have some more added. I sew in a basement. I'm happy there, but light is always necessary. Thanks for sharing your space.

  8. Always love peeking in on sewing rooms. I might just see an idea I can use!!! I finally gave up and took my 15-91 in and had it worked on. It was the bobbin case and had to get a new one. I find myself sitting down at this machine now before the other two. Love the way it sews and the sound it makes!! Take Care

  9. Hi Connie! Wow what a nice peek into your sewing room! I have a question, does that stool help you with your posture? Does it make your back hurt?

  10. Looks like a space that gets lots of sewing done in it! Everything at your fingertips! 🙂
    Thanks for the tour of your sewing room. 🙂

  11. What a lovely space you have created! I was wondering where you got your stools. I machine quilt at a sit-down machine and these look like they would be perfect for that. Do they adjust in heighth?

  12. Thanks for the peek into your sewing studio, Connie. You are sew organized! I always enjoy gathering new ideas to make my sewing space more user friendly. You have given me a lot to think about … 🙂 Pat

  13. Thanks for sharing! I love looking into other sewing rooms, it always gets the ideas going. I like how you store your fabric so it can be seen! I'm also a tiny bit jealous of that long set of cabinets and great counter space! Might have to start scheming for an upgrade or two around here! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow you have a lot crammed into a smallish space and you really have made good use of the room. It would be really nice to have a sewing room but at the moment we don't have the space. I do have a chest and several drawers, plus fabric in an under bed store. these areas get rearranged regularly to make sure I am making the best of the space.

  15. thanks for sharing. you look like you have utilized your space well. when our son gets married next year, I will have a room just for sewing, so I am always on the lookout for good ways to store things. the room he is moving out of will be smaller than yours.

  16. You really did utilize every space! I like that you can see all your rulers at a glance. If I had this much space I think my sewing room would look much like this. You're not a Capricorn by any chance . . . 🙂

  17. I have that same machine in a cabinet. I have only sewn on it a bit sew far, but it had a lovely stitch. I need to clean up my room. Sew off I go to kind of straighten a bit.

  18. I like your layout and having the machine up to your desk, I am sure helps when you are working on bigger quilts.

  19. Connie, I love all of the storage you have! It is amazing how much our "stuff" grows the longer we quilt! I can't wait to see more images and explanations of the nooks and crannies of your room.

  20. Loving your room, it looks so cozy. My craft room is an outdoor building, and so 6 months of the year I spend playing at the dining room table…I'm not complaining, I had to give up my sewing room 1 1/2 years ago when my dad moved in with us…I'll get it back eventually LOL Looking forward to seeing more photos…I love to see other's setups and organizations, so much fun to watch and learn!

  21. Looks good, Connie. If I posted a photo of my sewing room today the fire department would be here in a flash to close me down!! Or maybe FEMA would step in. LOL

  22. Connie, your studio is so nice! I may have to go clean mine this weekend! Thanks for sharing your photos. I especially enjoyed seeing your quilts!

  23. Ohhh LOVED the look at your room!! I SPY a stack of quilts on the top of the shelves too. ha ha, looks SO familiar…. and all your Go! dies, didn't see where you hid the cutter.
    Now I DO want to come visit and not just in my dreams!! ha ha

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