Check out my upstairs quilt rooms

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Want to take a peek at my quilt rooms in our new house? I have two rooms upstairs that I am using.

It has been a bit since I showed any photos of the house. There is still a lot to be finished but right now Builder Bob is working on the garage so he can get it changed into his new man cave. New wiring and a furnace will give him a cozy room as long as he gets it done before cold weather..

My upstairs quilt rooms

Okay, first you have to walk up these very, very steep stairs. These are really killing my knees anymore! 

There is a bathroom up here and then two bedrooms which I have turned into the areas I use for quilting and computer work.

Going upstairs to my quilt studio

I don’t like a sewing machine up against a wall if I can help it. When I want to free-motion quilt, I will place another table behind my sewing machine to support the quilt. 

I am still using my old 15-91 Singer sewing machine for all of my quilting.

New cabinets in quilt room

I have two bookcases that hold all of my AccuQuilt dies and some miscellaneous things. I setup a folding table at a standing height and put one of my cutting mats on it. I also have my wool ironing mat that is so great to use.

Quilt studio with my AccuQuilt dies on the shelves

I was able to order two new Alex drawer units and placed one on either side of my old Singer sewing machine. They came last week and I couldn’t wait to get them set up. Builder Bob put the bases together and took them upstairs for me. Then I put the drawers together upstairs as the drawer units would have been too heavy to haul up the stairs.

Quilt Studio setup upstairs with Ikea drawers

I am out of wall space so I have my piece of insulation just propped up against my quilts. It works, for now, I am thinking about covering with cotton batting so I can have something like my old sliding design wall. I sure miss it….and my quilt studio.

  You can see my other Alex drawer that is wider and has wheels. I really love using these drawers! We had the movers haul this up those steep steps.

Quilt Studio setup upstairs with Ikea drawers and design wall

The other room is where I have all of my batik fabrics, my computers and office stuff. I seem to be spending a lot of time in this room lately. The huge television is the one we used to have in our living room but it is too big for us to use here. I can always watch Netflix while I’m up here working!

I have all of my IKEA Algot storage drawers in here. Most of the drawers have my batik fabrics in them. I have had these for about three years and just love them.

Upstairs office and fabric storage

Behind my desk is more fabric storage. I also have an old bathroom vanity with a top on it that I use to hold my AccuQuilt dies or the Studio cutter. AccuQuilt has a sale of these right now.

Fabric storage upstairs

I hope you have liked seeing my new quilting space. I think I feel like I’m getting settled in and guess what! I finally found my favorite rotary cutter! Now that made me happy!

There is a fairly large bathroom which is jam-packed with a dresser and tons of things that I just don’t know where to put right now. I’m not going to show you any more of this room. Instead, I’ll show you this silly photo I took of myself in the mirror. I have my Scrappy Butterfly quilt hanging on the wall to brighten up the room. This continues to be one of my most popular tutorials so be sure and check it out.

Me in the quilt bathroom

I took a quick photo of Mr. Mickey, he goes to the groomer on Monday and I think I am going to ask her to shave his face. The poor guy is always getting icky stuff in the corners of his eyes and then it mats his hair. No photo of Sadie as she is out in the garage/man cave with Builder Bob.

Mr. Mickey sleeping on the couch

I hope you enjoyed seeing my temporary quilt rooms. Now that I have both rooms “pretty well” organized, I plan on working on my new quilt pattern tomorrow.

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  1. Oh what I’d give to have a sewing room like that! It’s great! 👍🏻😊💕

  2. It looks like a comfy space. I don’t like facing a wall either while I am sewing and beginning to believe I don’t like facing a window either.

  3. Mary Meyer says:

    Looks great to me–so much space and very organized!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! I have a Singer 201-2 in a cabinet that is my everyday machine along with a vintage Bernina for zig zag stitching and a Bernette serger from a garage sale that I’ve never had time to use. We’re moving to a new home very soon and I’ll finally have a small bedroom just for my sewing/craft room. Your ideas are great and will help me as I start organizing and setting up my new space.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing your space with us. I have just been working on getting all of my cloth into one room this past month. Folding, refolding, bins of fabric then trying to remember just which bin I stacked the Christmas fabric in…ackkkk. Then we find yet another bin of fabric.. I know it’s a process. A can see some light though and I did not have a flooded house.. or move in the process. We have lived here so long 32 years with 6 kids all gone but one who is 23. We are debulking like mad.

  6. Kara Benavides says:

    I love your new space! You have a lot of nice storage. My storage is still “almost functional”. It is a process. hahaha. And if you can find your favorite rotary cutter, it is definitely not messy! I, myself, have currently lost my favorite acrylic square. I am having to use a slightly larger one to cut up scrappy 2 1/2 ” squares. Enjoy that new space!

  7. Connie thank you for showing your new quilting rooms. They are bright and spacious and will function quite well, especially since you found your favorite Rotary cutter. LOL Mr. Mickey looks right at home in your studio.
    Blissful Quilting Dear…

  8. Wendy West says:

    Your daughter wouldn’t want to see my sewing room…..she’d faint. I need to get sorted and re-organized. I also have stairs as my family room downstairs is where I sew. I love seeing sewing rooms. I wish I had a bathroom handy like you have. It takes time getting things just as you’d like it. You have a great space to create.

  9. Such great light and space there. It looks like you have been very busy getting organized and ready to work! I am a bit envious, two rooms! I sew in one smallish bedroom in the basement, so I do stairs also. I am a believer in ” a body in motion, stay in motion”, so I just do it! My room is packed and I don’t know how to get more space. Just sew up the stash, I guess! LOL. Oh, an maybe get rid of some books I’ll never use.

  10. Wow 2 rooms with windows,I’m jealous.It’s always fun to see quilters space.My daughter doesn’t quilt either and has similar comments,but she does reap the results! The holidays are coming work to be done! Enjoy your space.

  11. Tracy Burback says:

    I am thrilled for you to have things in order and looking so nice. It has been a tremendous amount of work and stress to move and go through all you have…Everyone should have a great space like those to create in..

  12. Connie,
    Your sewing room looks really nice. Thanks for sharing and describing all your storage options. I recently bought some drawer units that look like your Ikea ones.

  13. You are definitely settled in. It looks fabulous! So fun to organize everything so that it works for you. Looking forward to that new quilt pattern….

  14. It doesn’t make me feel panicked! My room is generally in chaos when I have projects going on in it. I can see where you miss your old space, but this one looks very organized and sew ready. That’s what matters. Have fun sewing.

  15. Carolyn M says:

    Oh, all that wonderful space! Thanks for sharing the update & progress of your move. I read on the web some advice for faced dogs, “Angel Eyes will help with the tear stains.”
    I have a keeshond with silver “spectacles” that is true to this breed. I wash her eyes with cold water using a cloth. This was recommended my her vet and it works. A shaved snout can cause problems because whiskers are important to dogs for their ability not to get too close to something that can harm them. How fun to have two adorable dogs.

  16. I am so very jealous. You are so lucky. Took me 60 years to have one decent sized room. I spend most of my days in that room!

  17. Looks wonderful! ! Love the plastic boxes & colour of fabrics & lots of light. …😄

  18. Looks like a wonderful space. Look at all those dies. What a great area to create.

  19. Val Hayward says:

    At Susan Clarkson:
    Diffused light is simply avoiding the glare of direct light and to avoid harsh shadows. So yes, sheer curtains can help or even doubled up would be more effective, depending on how much glare you wish to avoid.

  20. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Love your sewing rooms!! Yeah, as we get older, those stairs definitely do stress our knees, but we’ll do whatever we have to do to keep quilting!! Actually, using your muscles and joints is the best way to keep them going strong. I need a knee replacement, but I keep putting it off and using stairs as a way to keep everything going. My daughter made me some essential oil concoction that I put on whatever hurts and it really works – much to my surprise!! Smells really good too!!

  21. Great space, but with my knees, I’d never make it up those steps! I hope you get your studio built soon so it’s not so hard on you. This all looks very nice and organized. Mine is in a shambles right now trying to finish up some projects! Give Mr. Mickey and Sadie a pat on the head for me. He looks so cute and comfy there!

  22. Val Hayward says:

    Hi Connie, you mentioned that Mr Mickey has ‘gluey eyes’ – our little dog suffered with this and despite commenting to the vet about it before, it was only this year that she noticed it !! She tested our dog’s eyes, and discovered that apparently in the eyes of some dogs they have tear glands and mucus glands, and, if the tear glands are not functioning as they should, there is a build-up of mucus. The mucus will become worse and eventually cause blindness,. The vet has prescribed a gel to put in the eyes once a day, which has helped enormously, and will prevent the problem worsening. Perhaps see the vet before putting him through a face-shave!!
    Good luck.
    I only wish I had this much room for my quilting… 🙂

  23. Cs Marshall says:

    I love your sewing rooms. They just make us so happy. Only non stitchers /crafters (our children) think we have too many things which to them is overwhelming! One day they will understand. Bravo to you! Now lets get sewing.

  24. BJ Chesnut says:

    Someone is going to have a jamup sewing studio when they buy your old house!
    Wish I could buy but no way would my husband move near the river unfortunately. Glad you are making do with the downsizing.

  25. Susan Clarkson says:

    Wow I envy all the space you have! I just moved from my rental in Calif. to a house I bought in AZ. I love the smaller town & the house, but I have one small bedroom for all my sewing supplies. I’ve managed to make it work but I think I have to kiss my dream of having a long arm goodbye. Question, I recently read that you should have covers over windows in your sewing room that provide defused light that prevent damage to your fabric, thread & even machines. I’ve been trying to decide what is meant by defused light. It looks like you have sheers over your windows. Is that fore defused light?

  26. Joan Sheppard says:

    If you ever stop quilting you have a new Super Power of organization! I’ve been reading Jennifer Maker’s “Organizing Your Craft Room”. Reading it – not actually doing anything.
    It looks so nice and user friendly. Great Job!

  27. I like your new sewing rooms. Very bright, cheerful and definitely inviting. I love all those AccuQuilt dies too! You are so well organized. I know it was a lot of work to move and get to this state, but you really have done a great job and I think you’ll enjoy creating here for many years to come.

  28. Just started following you snd have enjoyed see your posts come day. Look forward to them. Don’t have a sewing room just use the corner of a down stairs family room but it works (for now). Need one of those cutting tables that are higher than a normal table. I get such a back ache when I cut. So glad I found you on the web.

  29. I am so so jealous. Your sewing space is beautiful. You deserve it after all you have been through.

  30. Lesley Brough says:

    How I would love to have that amount of space for one hobby it is all so neat. I have so many hobbies and not enough room to have one room each. I would need a apartment block. Thanks for you so interesting and helpful emails.

  31. You are definitely getting there! Everything is looking very organized and user-friendly. I’m sure you do miss your old studio, but those were big shoes to fill. In the long run, I know you will be just as happy with your new digs. Mickey looks very cute, but I can sympathize with wanting to shave his face. After 40 years of living with dogs with scruffy faces, I’ve come to really appreciate Ziva’s shaved snout. lol

  32. Doreen Hansen says:

    Looks lovely – stay safe.

  33. Congrats and it does look good from my view. There’s walking space and space for you to work. I know what your daughter means. My own room sewing makes anxious. My husband thinks I’m the only person with as much stuff. I should share your pics with him. What most people can’t understand is that one organizing method (theirs) is not what works for everybody. I’m out of space too and see no way of improvement beyond sewing it all up without add to. I’m currently making myself crazy trying to do just that but lost my mind and decided to scrap quilt and paper piece. Both are addictive to me.

  34. Marjorie Nieves says:

    I very much enjoy seeing other quilt rooms. I especially enjoyed seeing yours. It looks well thought out. As a beginner I especially like your quilts, patterns and tutorials. Thank you

  35. Susan Crement says:

    Thanks for sharing Connie…Great that you are now able to spend comfortable time doing what you enjoy!

  36. I love your creative space, very light and room to breathe. I use our extra bedroom and it is small and very dark. For now, I have to make it work, but I hope one day ….
    Happy Quilting 😁

  37. Lori Smanski says:

    Thank you for sharing. Yes I too enjoy seeing how others put together their spaces. So sweet that you have so much natural light.

  38. Your rooms look nice, good job. Enjoy!!

  39. Sharon Luedeman says:

    Connie, I have enjoyed seeing your new sewing studio/spaces. You have used your space so well and it flows nicely. I love seeing other quilter’s sewing rooms, as it gives me ideas on how to better use my space.
    I have the same Singer 15-91 that I do. I like the way you set yours up with the drawer units on either side. I have used mine some for my piecing, but now feel inspired to open it up and use it more. You also have many things similar to ones I have. That tickled me to see how you use them. Seeing your spaces gives me ideas on how to better organize my space. My husband just built me two floor to ceiling shelving units that I use for my fabrics, all in plastic bins. He also built me a 5×5 foot cutting table that I use for cutting, but it is large enough that I can spread a good sized quilt on for basting. The base of this new table has 5 cubby (shelving) units to hold the table top up, and what a difference it made in my storage ability. My sewing space is our attached two car garage. It’s heated and has AC, so I’m comfy all year long and just walk through the door and I’m in the house.
    Thank you for showing your beautiful sewing spaces. Lucky you to have them right there in your home.

  40. I loved reading this post, because no new to quilting it’s great to see how others organise their ‘stuff’. Your’s looks amazingly organised. I’m still moving bits around after persuading hubby to let me use the guest bedroom as a sewing room. I’m hoping to make Christmas presents so will soon need to seriously get going! Some will be your fabric baskets Connie. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  41. So very nice. This will be a great winter for you! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Vicki in MN says:

    Yes I love seeing other peoples quilt rooms. My family doesn’t understand my jam packed sewing room either!! To me it is heaven;) So glad you are finally getting your room set up and can get back to having a blast!

    1. Looks great and to have 2 rooms, lucky u.👍 You never know really how much stuff u have until u sort it out hey. Enjoy ur rooms and get creating. YAY.

  43. Evelyn Mull says:

    I always like to see other people’s quilt rooms to give me ideas of how best to organize. You have wonderful rooms and set up so nice. Lots of great organization!

  44. Doreen Sherk says:

    I like your quilting space, it is nice and bright and looks functional. You are very lucky to have “Bob the Builder” do the assembly and lifting, he seems like a very talented person as well.
    Keep up the good work.
    I always enjoy your posts


  45. I loved seeing where you work. I don’t like a sewing machine against a wall either. Where does the fabric go as you feed it through the machine if there is a wall there? I’m thinking of moving and am looking forward to having a sewing plus room. It will take time but will be worth it. I’m going to find my accu cut pieces then hoe you will tell me what I need in order to finally use them.
    Thanks for keeping in touch.

  46. Connie it looks like you are getting things set up the way you need them. I surely hope the man cave is somewhat usable before the sometimes brutal winters.

  47. You have your rooms set up with so much great work space. Glad you are getting settled.

  48. Connie,
    The rooms look nice. Looks like you have a nice sunny airy place to create. Enjoy.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.