Neutral Strings Flanged

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I finished up my neutral strings and flowers wall hanging, how do you like it with the dark green flange?
Last week I showed the pieced top that I thought looked like it needed something else so I took it apart and added the flange. My post about it is here.

Neutral Strings Flanged

I’m not sure if I like the flange or not. I cut my fabric 1 inch, folded it and after stitching the seam about 1/4 is showing. I think I will leave it like this for now and then after I wash it see what happens. I can always top-stitch it down.

Neutral Strings Flanged

I just used muslin on the back and did some free motion quilting.


Neutral Strings Flanged

While I had that big box of neutral strings out I went ahead and made more string blocks to use for a couple upcoming projects. Then I grabbed my box of pink and made some that I’ll show Saturday for my Rainbow Scrap post.

My quilt studio isn’t that big so a couple boxes of strings, barn blocks and my Craftsy BOM spread all over equal…….a mess! It was time to clean and I have to admit that I love reorganizing fabric and trying to squeeze a little more space out of my room.

I also redid my wall and have all kinds of colorful things to look at. It has been a while since I showed some photos of my room so……stop back tomorrow if you’d like to see it!

Neutral Strings Flanged


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  1. I love the addition of the flange to your strings and flowers wall hanging! It really adds a lot to it. You're inspiration wall is lovely. I am finishing up a little quilt that will go up on my inspiration wall.

  2. Your green accent "flange" is just right for framing and enhancing the lovely floral bouquet. Mr. C and I were getting something framed for a ton of money and the framer suggested a "fillet" between the mat and the painting. It was exactly the perfect accent and of course once I saw it there was no NOT having it. Your quilt is stunning. I love your wall of beautiful art. Joyful Stitching…

  3. Love that you made this from strings – I haven't tried this yet. The green just makes it "pop'. Love it! Also love your display wall. Sooo great!

  4. I like the way the flange looks. Adds "just enough" to show off the flowers AND the strings. What a wonderful wall of inspiration you have.

  5. Love your wall! And that flange really did the trick for that wall hanging. I was going to suggest topstitching that flange if you didn't like it the way it is, but you already thought of that. I would not have thought of washing it first.

  6. Great look. I loved the look of the other but now that you put the green border around it it really pops. Good call

  7. I love the flange. When you said you were going to take it apart originally I thought, "No! I love this quilt." but I like it even better now!

  8. this is very pretty. the flange is a wonderful touch. the dark green brings the eye to the flowers. lovely job. thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the green flange border… You could add beads to the centers of your flowers and then add a straight row of green beads around the flange to hold it down. Add a little sparkle to already a beautiful quilt. 🙂

  10. Love the dark green as it really frames the center and sets off the applique. For myself, I would stitch it down. Love your blog and projects!

  11. Good call–the green flange really sets off the flowers! It's so pretty and looks very summery and happy!

  12. Connie –
    I love the flange. To my eye it is perfect! I can't wait to see peeks into your sewing space. Your wall of quilts has me drooling to see more… I'm sure it is BEAUTIFUL.

  13. I love the addition of the flange – it really defines your total design and adds just the right touch.

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