Moving into my quilt studio

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I am slowly, slowly putting things together in my quilt studio. I love this house and my new studio! I have a long ways to go but I know many of you are anxious to see it.

It feels like forever since I have shared anything with you about our move to the country. We are in our new home! There is still lots to do but we are still recovering from Covid and taking things slow.

Yes, Builder Bob ended up testing positive after catching it from me. He is doing pretty good, just no energy and taking lots of naps. He is still getting headaches also. We are so fortunate that we didn’t get sicker. It is very hard to remember to take lots of breaks.

My sense of smell has returned and yesterday we put a beef roast with potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots in the slow cooker. It smelled wonderful unfortunately, Builder Bob can’t smell or taste anything right now which made him very unhappy.

First Snow

We really lucked out with our move! This is what it looked like two days after we got all moved in. The day before it rained, so glad we didn’t have to deal with that. Isn’t the snow beautiful!

First snow on the deck

This is the view out of one of the bedroom windows. I can’t wait until I feel good enough to go for a walk in the woods!

Snow in the woods

We still have cleaning and a few things at the other house but right now we are just taking things slow. Bob has a few more days of isolation, then we’ll get things finished over there.

Mr. Mickey

I have no idea how long….or if ever it will be before we can have Mr. Mickey loose outside when we are with him. The first time we took him out, there was a cat and the next thing he took off and was down in the woods!

Luckily I have my temporary dog fences that I bought last year for him and Miss Sadie. I ended up buying about five sets and I have them set up outside of my basement walkout door.

Dog fence

Organizing my quilt studio

I am slowly, slowly putting things together in my quilt studio. I love this house and my new studio! I have a long ways to go but I know many of you are anxious to see it.

I am so happy to have my cutting table set up again! This was originally a table Builder Bob used for his woodworking. It has wheels so I can move it anywhere. It was too tall for me and he cut the legs down to adjust the height for me. I have 4 large cutting mats on the top of it.

Being able to easily move the table is perfect when I want to lay out a quilt.

Cutting table

Finding old quilt projects

One of the best things about moving is finding treasures you forgot you had. I still have lots of things to do but I found a box with an almost finished quilt top that I think I started it 8 or 10 years ago!

I thought it would be fun to take a “little rest” and finish sewing the blocks together. Do you like my fabric wall?

x marks the spot quilt blocks

Luckily I had written notes with the blocks telling me how to make more if needed but I actually had enough for a nice size quilt and a section leftover that I’ll use for a pillow. I did a little searching on my website and actually found another post where I showed these blocks and talked about a color block quilt.

In my notes I wrote the block name as X Marks the Spot. It is a great way to use up charm squares.

I am still using my piano stool when I sew am I’m trying out the Sew Pad cushion on it. I’ll be sharing a review on it soon.

Sew pad cushion

I already had large sections pieced together so it took no time at all to piece the quilt. I wonder why I never finished this?

quilt on floor

Notice how I moved the cutting table and have all of this room to layout the quilt? I love it!

Moving the cutting table

I brought the quilt top upstairs and placed it on Mr. Mickey’s chair, then I sat him on it. He still doesn’t enjoy being a quilt model. I’ll write up a tutorial on how to make this block soon.

Mr. Mickey on the quilt

Quilt Rulers

Here is something else that has made me happy, a place to hang my quilt rulers. The previous owner had a workshop in this room and one wall has a pegboard. We had the entire house painted in an alabaster color which I love.

I was so tickled to be able to hang some of them up. This wall is where I am storing things temporarily until I find spaces for them. It is amazing what a person collects!

Quilt Rulers

Just to the right of my rulers is my AccuQuilt and books area. I have the Studio cutter and also the GO! Electric cutter which is on the other side of the room. I have two bathroom vanities that Build Bob cut tops for that hold the cutters. Eventually, I plan on painting them white.

AccuQuilt dies on shelves

Have you seen the new Mariner’s Compass die from AccuQuilt? I decided to treat myself to a gift and just bought it. They have a special deal right now where it is on sale plus you get the cutting mat included and free standard shipping.

This looks difficult but I’m sure it won’t be when the pieces are cut with the die.

AccuQuilt Mariners Compass die
image from AccuQuilt

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  1. Nice progress and glad you have recuperated. This virus is no joke. So glad you are pleased with your new studio…space is a luxury and you are in one luxurious space! Love that you finished an old ufo as you are resettling – it sure does make it feel like home.

  2. I’m so happy to see you have your big cutting table back in your studio. This move sounds like it was the right one for you two. Rest and get well soon, both of you. I hope neither of you have any long lasting effects from the Covid.

    The snow is beautiful but we didn’t get any up here in northeastern IL. The counties north of us bordering WI have some so it was close by.

  3. So glad you are feeling better and you are all moved in. I hope that Bob is feeling better soon.
    I like the quilt. I have made two like it from the Missouri Star tutorial. I wish she had given better instructions for pressing the blocks as it was sometimes hard to get the pieces to line up when joining. I think the tutorial was from 2016 and she called it 4 patch lattice.

  4. Your quilt studio looks amazing! I would love to have a sewing area as big as yours, but I am grateful to have taken over one of our daughter’s former bedroom (and, at times, part of the other’s). I love the light in your studio–so bright!

  5. I love your studio–but I live in a 970 sq ft house,( including the unfinished attic)–this comes out to 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room/tv room/sewing room. On the other hand I am VERY glad that the snow is in your yard and not mine. 🙂

  6. Your New room is amazing. Good that you recovered from COVID and I hope that builder Bob is getting well soon.
    We have two friends which are having COVID, also thanks God in a mild version.
    Beautiful pictures of your garden with snow. We have none here and we really would like to have white Christmas.
    Gilbert sends also bis best wishes to all of you.

  7. Connie Dear I love your new Sacred Space in your new home in the country. Fresh fallen snow always is so ethereal. Mr. Mickey will acclimate to the new spaces and being your quilt model. He is such a sweetheart. Prayers and Healing Energy for you and Builder Bob. Please be sure to take time to rest and not overdo. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hopefully you both make a full recovery soon, and have your energy back so you can fully enjoy that new house. Your studio looks like it’s well on the way to being your happy place. It is a terrific space.

  9. So good to read all your news. Love your new space and so happy for both of you Sorry re the Covid but do hope you’ll both be feeling better soon.
    My room is so small. It’s like a half bedroom but does have a window. Even though it is really small, it is all mine. Yea. Have waited a long time and I love it.

    Like you I have an Accuquilt Go.. What fun it is along with being a real time saver. Hubby is buying some new dies for me and taking advantage of the special sales. He put wire shelving in the closet so they are stored in there.

    Yes, the snow is beautiful. The air always seems so clean and fresh afterwards. I do miss those parts but not the driving. Are you able to take advantage of the fireplace?

    Rest much and get well soon.
    Merry Christmas…

  10. Amen to all the comments above. Take care and rest. I’m exhausted just thinking about all you got done. Mr. M. looks like a calendar model even if he doesn’t like it, he looks fabulous. The X Marks the Spot looks like the perfect thing to get me moving. Rest, repeat often. Take care of yourselves!

  11. What a lot you have accomplished even while you have Covid, whew! Best wishes for a lovely Xmas with family and friends, (complete with snow). We plan to BBQ as in middle of summer here.
    Take care and have plenty of rests. Enjoy your new home and I will look forward to more newsy emails and great patterns next year.
    Bev, NZ

  12. I love seeing your quilt studio. Wouldn’t we all love to be able to have a room like that! I feel very lucky to have a whole bedroom to spread out in. I’ve made the vanity in the adjoining bathroom my ironing board!

    Glad to hear you had a mild case of COVID and you are on the mend. Best wishes to you and Builder Bob. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Connie,
    I follow your blogs and so glad to hear you are recovering from Covid you are very lucky . Your new sewing room looks amazing. We have downsized to a small 2 bedroom condo so not much room for a quilting room but Ive never accomplished as much since last March with lockdowns etc. we are both 80 and our Ontario , Canada community has 3 Quilt Guilds of which I am a member and our zoom meetings and sewing days have been a great success. Technology is marvelous and I have taken so many classes over zoom too . Rest up and get better soon.

  14. Please take care and try not to do to much. I am so jealous of your sewing room. I will never be able to have such a great amazing room. Again, take care.

  15. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope Builder Bob has a speedy and full recovery soon. Enjoyed seeing your new quilting space. What a wonderful place to create! Mr. Mickey makes such a cute quilt model. Looking forward to the tutorial on how to make those colorful quilt blocks when you have time to put it together. Stay well and Merry Christmas!

  16. Your sewing room is inspiring! Thanks for the “tour!”
    You may want to look into invisible fencing for your dog. It works really well, and doesn’t create mowing challenges or block your path, if you want to cross the line.

  17. What a great space, thank you for sharing. Good to hear from you and know that you are recovering. I suppose some day we will look back on all this with a different view. Right now, not so much but you have managed to use this time so well with the move and all. Here it is snowing, snowing, snowing. About an inch per hour, 10 inches predicted. My Lola is always on a leash because we live in the woods and she would chase the deer, turkeys etc. Your little fella would be picked off by a hawk here. Keep him close. Take care, feel better.

  18. Glad to hear you are feeling better.Nice to know it was a mild case!Hope builder Bob does well also. Oh such SPACE you have with natural light makes me jealous. Really jealous in that I broke a wrist so no sewing for me for awhile! Christmas projects will get done for 2021 instead! Stay healthy keep the pictures coming.

  19. Hope you are able to go for the walk soon; only after you are up to par. Mr. Mickey was just trying to welcome himself into the neighborhood; not a shy guy. Love your room and think of all the creativity that awaits!

  20. I’m glad to hear you are both doing better. Please take extra care so you don’t relapse. (And thank you for the goodies you’ve sent me as a new subscriber. Much appreciated!)

  21. Love your new quilting space. Would love to have that much room. My sewing room also includes my washer and dryer, furnace, hot water heater, water softener, dresser and bookcase, and a desk and all of my genealogy. The room is 12 by 17. Also have a six foot table in the middle. I love spending time her though.

  22. Love your new space and fun to see your fabric wall. I also love that quilt. Hope you get your energy back soon. Until then, take it easy and rest a lot.

  23. To be in your new home and have your studio up and running before Christmas is wonderful. The Doctors need to say the word REST in capitals and very loudly, I really hope you both rest often, and as for Builder Bob, I would get him a dictionary, and have the page open at R. Love the fencing, and your shelves already colour co-ordinated, a dream for so many of us, will you get a new design wall? And the cutting placing table on castors, so handy to be able to move it where you like. Take care, and for both of you, this was a marathon move, now it’s time to relax, just a little maybe.XXX from down in NZ.

  24. I’m happy to hear you are feeling better every day. Please don’t push yourself too hard you relapse. I absolutely love your new sewing room. So big and bright, with amazing organization makes it a very inviting room to go create in.

  25. Love the pictures of your new sewing/quilting space! Being a quilter myself, I know how important space is. Glad to see that you’re feeling better. Pray that your husband makes a full recovery, and is back on his feet real soon! The snow looks wonderful! We here in Georgia rarely get to see any substantial amount of snow; which can be a blessing, as no one here knows how to drive in it! Hope you and your family have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  26. For two people who are supposed to be resting you have managed to accomplish a lot since you last posted! You all are amazing! I am so glad that you are recovering from your bout with Covid.
    Your quilting space is amazing and I just love how you can take a couple of steps and there you are in your wonderful backyard which looks like a winter wonderland right now.
    Take care and stay safe.🇨🇦.

  27. I love your beautiful, big room, Connie! And I am envious of your stash! LOL Poor Mr. Mickey may not like being a quilt model, but he’s SEW cute doing it!! That snow is beautiful. I love seeing it from inside, but we don’t get very much here! We’re about due for a good one…maybe 2021! That would be a great beginning and happy ending to 2020! Glad you are all doing a little better. Just keep taking it slow and easy. I hear the fatigue lasts a while. So thankful you did not have to be hospitalized or have severe symptoms. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  28. So excited for you to finally get settled in your new sewing room… Does your walk out door provide enough natural light for you? You didn’t post a picture of that. I hope this is true. Natural light makes a big difference. Enjoy! It’s just beautiful. So jealous of the floor space to lay out a full quilt.

  29. I love the room. You have so much area to lay out your quilts on the floor. I do not have that and wish I did. I don’t think my Mr. B would want to sell our house and buy another one. Also that temporary fencing is a great idea. Mr. Mickey can go out and observe but he cannot runoff. I’m glad that you are feeling better and I hope Mr. Bob excuse me builder Bob will feel better soon.

  30. I love the room. You have so much area to lay out your quilts on the floor. I do not have that and wish I did. I don’t think my Mr. B would want to sell our house and buy another one. Also that temporary fencing is a great idea. Mr. Mickey can go out and observe but he cannot runoff. I’m glad that you are feeling better and I hope Mr. Bob excuse me builder Bob will feel better soon.

  31. What a beautiful BIG room! I too have a room, but it’s certainly not as big as that! I might hang my rulers up like you did…great idea. Love the quilt!

  32. What a wonderful quilt studio! Hope you and your husband have a complete recovery. Looking forward to the tutorial for the quilt.

  33. Mr Mickey really doesn’t like being a quilt model! Poor puppy.
    What a great quilt studio. I finally have a quilting room that has straight walls but it is much smaller than yours. But it works for me. Can hardly wait till the new year when I can start on my quilt projects I’ve collected. Can you suggest one of your patterns that is larger squares – I have a panel to be cut up into a quilt for my grandson.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your new studio.
    It’s absolutely lovely. The light floor and walls make all the colors of the fabric pop. I pray you and Bob are fully recovered soon.

  35. Wow ! Connie that all looks amazing !! I’m very envious, even though I know I shouldn’t be as I now have (following a house move almost five years ago) my dream of dedicated sewing space with no need to put things away every evening.
    Finding a quilt you started a few years ago & forgotten about was fun & it looks lovely. At the start of our first lockdown here in the UK (from March to June this year) I dug out of one of my storage bins a pieced but not quilted quilt I had started over 30 years ago ! It is made from English paper pieced patches all sewn by hand – I took a few in to work every week & did some in my lunch break. The wadding is some kind of curtain interlining & the backing a polycotton fabric – as you can tell. I knew very little about quilting then – so it became very heavy & bulky. I bought my first really good sewing machine at this time (a Bernina 1260) and was so enchanted with it that I decided to machine quilt this using all the fancy stitches on the machine. I expected this to be a quick & easy project but of course it was neither & I kept doing a bit then putting it away for ages. Lockdown helped me to get in finally finished & I actually rather like the look of it as it holds lots of memories.
    So sorry to hear about you & Bob with Covid and really hope you will both soon be feeling better – don’t push yourselves too hard & remember to keep resting. Happy Christmas

  36. I like your quilting room. I just want to know about your cutting table. What is it made of and the size? Where did you get the shelves below? thanks!

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