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Freemotion by the River – Connie Kresin.com is a place where I provide help and information about quilting.

I started out blogging to record the quilts I was making and also share tips and tutorials.

Now I am sharing lots of tutorials and also writing quilt patterns.

I used to live along the Mississippi River near Muscatine, Iowa and free-motion quilting is my favorite type of quilting, so it seemed perfect to name my blog Freemotion by the River.

I started blogging in 2010 and continue to enjoy doing it. Below is one of the very first quilts I ever made!

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I have been doing something creative all my life. There is nothing like opening a new box of crayons or a fat quarter bundle of beautiful fabrics and just……creating something from scratch. This page is designed to share a little about me….with you.

The first time I ever saw free-motion stipple quilting done was in Clovis, California in 1989 and I knew that I wanted to learn to do this as it gave the look of hand-quilting and it wouldn’t take me a year to finish a quilt.

I bought a darning foot for my sewing machine, came home and eventually taught myself how to quilt like that. I still love it and I think I can do it in my sleep.

I’ll be honest, it isn’t something that I learned overnight but anyone can learn it.

You can now find my patterns here in my shop

I have also done monthly blog posts for Accuquilt and had also designed patterns for some of their dies.

When asked who is the one teacher I would like to meet I immediately say, Eleanor Burns.

The first quilt book I ever bought was her Log Cabin Quilt In A Day. I like to laugh that it took one day to piece the quilt top and one year to hand-quilt it. (Actually a little longer than one year). You can read more about it – Log Cabin Quilt from 1989.

Log cabin quilt hand quilted

Whenever I write a tutorial or pattern I remember how clear Eleanor Burn’s instructions were and try to do the same.

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