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A Visit To My Quilt Studio

Today I am taking part in the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop which is in honor of World Wide Quilting Day.

Quilt studo tour
Tour my Quilt Studio at

We were asked to share our quilt studio or a quilting tip. We’ve got some wonderful sponsors, a great coupon deal from EQ, and giveaways for five days.

Welcome to the second day of the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop!

See the list of hop participants at the end of this post. Giveaways are open only for one day (except Friday which will close on Monday) so don’t delay and enter today.

Since I have a little visitor staying in my quilt studio, I thought I would show you where she is staying.

Isn’t she a little cutie! She will be here for 3 more weeks as her owner is having radiation treatments and can’t take care of her.

Let’s go see her home away from home!

Tasha and her new quilt

Walking into my quilt studio

We live along the Mississippi river here in Iowa so all of the houses are raised up. This is our basement/garage which is ground level.

Builder Bob has built lots of storage closets and my quilt studio. Come on in!

Tour my Quilt Studio at

To the left is a row of office cupboards that my girlfriend had in her basement and didn’t want. Builder Bob built her a huge storage room in return.

I have batting in several of the bottom drawers, files in one, and…odds and ends in most of the others.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

On top I have quilt books, coffee supplies, and other things.

Continuing on is one of my favorite parts of my studio.

Most of my AccuQuilt dies and electric cutter are here on my IKEA shelves.

What is in the baskets?? Batiks of course! I have a padded piece of plywood that I use for my ironing and a heavy vintage iron.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

Edit: The baskets are from IKEA and you can read more about them in this post.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

Right past that is my cutting table which has wheels so I can move it around.

It is 4 foot by 6 foot and I usually have it turned the other way….when I don’t have somebody staying in my quilt studio.

Edit: Here is a link to my post telling how Builder Bob built my sliding design wall.

Behind it is my sliding design wall, this is so handy and hides my shelves behind it.

Look at the photo above and you can see that I have it moved to the right. Now I moved it to the left.

There is a bookcase behind that holds paints, stamps, and other odds and ends.

The left side behind the wall has shelves for fabric and quilts. Some of my patterns are hung on the wall.

There is a piece of beadboard in the corner that I use for photos. Little Tasha is used to sleeping on a chair….after one night we realized she would be much happier if we brought down a comfy chair.

She also loves to sit right next to you but that doesn’t work well for me as I sit in an office chair and…..get up and down a lot.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

Her chair is right next to mine so I can pet her or sit with her some of the time.

I actually put one of my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machines on my cutting table to use as she jumps up every time I get up.

It was easier to just stand and sew when working on a paper piecing project.

Do you see her on the chair?

She came with her own quilt (I think I made it 30 years ago) and I have also given her a new one.

There is a piece of bead board in the corner that I use for photos.

Here is where I usually am sitting if I am blogging, working on a pattern or…..playing a game.

I also just finished up our taxes and got them to the accountant…. which was a relief!

My favorite sewing machine is my vintage 15-91 Singer that I bought at a auction 25 years ago.

I also have a newer Husqvarna that mainly gets used for the zig-zag stitch when I join batting scraps.

When I am quilting a large quilt like the Spellbound quilt I just finished, I move my computer and the two tables work great for supporting my quilt.

Tip: never let your quilt hang over the edge of your table, the weight makes it very difficult to quilt.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

This was supposed to be my “office” area but I don’t like facing a wall.

Right now it is a catch-all for odd things and the dog food and treats. Notice the bowls on the floor.  When my granddaughters come over they can use the Wii while I sew or work on the computer.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

We are back at the door. I mention many times that I love rulers and templates…..these are just a few of the ones that I have.

The brown batik bag holds all of Sadie’s goodies when we go on a road trip.

Tour my Quilt Studio at

She is not crazy about Tasha and does her best to just ignore her but there has been no fighting.

Sadie seldom comes into my quilt room and Tasha wants to be right beside me all day so it works out well for Tasha to stay in the quilt studio most of the time.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing my quilt studio. It is where I probably spend most of my waking hours!

Tour my Quilt Studio at

Thank you Marion from  Seams To Be Sew for arranging this blog hop! Be sure to keep reading to find out about the giveaways and also visit the other bloggers taking part in the QQuilt Qwazy Queens blog hop!

Thank you to the sponsors of this blog hop!

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  1. Hi Connie: A great space to create. Every crafter/quilter would love it! The cutting table and design wall are both great. Nice job Builder Bob. Way to go Connie. Not envious, just happy for you.
    All the best.
    Shirley in CANADA

  2. Totally jealous of this space and how well organized you are. I think I have a large enough space for me but the organization is still missing. Love seeing Sadie! People have asked me how I get things done, it’s because we never put our machine away. I don’t put the oven away, or the refrigerator, so why do people put a sewing machine in a box, in the closet, in a room far away….or worse a storage unit. Scary.
    Beautiful space!

  3. Hi – I enjoyed the tour of your space and will have to get the Algot system for my Go cutting system. Are the Algot shelves petty study? Am trying to save space for the dies and will have to use the bookshelf and basket idea. I also have a 15-91 set up and use it occasionally and want to start using it more often. It’s a nice machine and a work horse. Also am enjoying your posts.

  4. I’m still so jealous of your huge room. I totally agree on the small rooms causing stress. Mine continues to do that to me Connie. I remember back when Curt first made all the changes to the room to convert from teen bedroom to my sewing room and how much I loved it. I still love the fact that I have my own sewing room and am not in the living room, but the problem happened when I started buying stuff. LOTS of stuff. Now it feels claustrophobic and like I’m penned in from all sides. So yep, small rooms can cause stress. But, I’ll give a lesson to someone reading that may just be starting out – don’t buy everything you see; trust me. You’ll love it all until you can’t do anything without moving a bunch of stuff around for 10-15 minutes first, and then when done, have to move it all back again. ugh.

    Maybe I should sell everything and start over. HAHA. I think my husband would divorce me, so I guess I need another answer. LOL

  5. OK. So, I am totally disgusted at how neat and clean and tidy and spotless your studio is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How on earth do you manage it????? Thanks for sharing this beautiful space. (lynnstck[at]

  6. it’s great to see your room again and I never noticed the couch before! also are those Accuquilt dies hiding under your TV??under the table

  7. Thanks for the tour! I love seeing how different sewing/quilting rooms are set up. It helps me get ideas for mine! (And such a cute visitor you have there, too!)

  8. Connie I love seeing how wonderful your quilt studio is. You and Builder Bob are a great team. Tasha is grateful for you keeping care of her. Sadie is too cute and just needs more attention since you rescued her. Happy Quilting Bliss Dear…<3

  9. Love your Studio!! So organized & beautiful!! Thank you for taking us on the Tour! & sharing your ideas 🙂

  10. Connie, your studio is wonderful! What a great space to spread out and store your treasures for sewing. I have a small bedroom and feel lucky to have that much, but it’s getting cramped in there! Love the pictures of your pups, too.

  11. Your room is great! I especially love the wire baskets you use to hold your fabrics. Thank you for sharing your room with us.

  12. What a great studio! I’m a wee bit jealous of several things. You are a fortunate woman, but I think you know that already! Thanks so much for sharing these photos.

  13. As I have mentioned here before, your studio space is absolutely wonderful. The moving design wall feature is one of my favorite pieces. You are fortunate and I know how special it must be to you. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Love your studio. Covet. Covet. So much room. So much creativity. Nothing negatives there. Thanks for sharing. I am a paint by number kind of person and I really enjoy the workings of others that enhance my life and the life of my family.

  15. What a sweet little visitor to keep you company while you sew. Thanks for sharing your great room with us. It is amazing. I especially like that moving design wall.

  16. It mus be really nice to have a handy man. I have never seen cabinets with drawers at the bottom, only doors. I can see how they would be very useful for storing things like batting. So, do you do all your sewing and quilting on the vintage Singer machine?

  17. What fun to peek into your creative space and see all your delightful designs. What a cheerful place to work in.

  18. WOW, that is a lot of space!! Lucky You. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to coming back and checking out some of your tutorials.

  19. I have always loved your quilting studio! But I have a question… I noticed you store your Accuquilt dies on end. Have your longer ones bent at all? I just have a few but haven’t found a good way to store the big ones.

    1. Thanks Linda, none of my AccuQuilt dies have bent. I know they say not to store them on top of each other. Many of mine are 4 years old and still fine.

  20. Thank you Connie for this great tour! Your studio is a dream! So much space and Bob has done fantastic job with you! I love the sliding design wall and all the table space! Lovely place also for a furry visitor. Perhaps Sadie realizes later also how nice it would be to spend time here with you.
    I think it’s common that dogs can ignore each others. Our little Foxy ignored Nero some years! x Teje

  21. Connie, I can never get over how pretty and functional your quilt studio is. I just love it. Your cutting table alone would fill half my sewing room!
    Tasha looks so happy in her chair. I know what you mean about her jumping up everytime you get up. Jack does the same thing to me. I get up, he gets up and follows. It always makes me feel guilty that I disturbed him. lol
    By the time Tasha can go home, you aren’t going to want to give up your little sewing companion. 🙂

    1. I feel the same way Pat! Guilty that Tasha jumps up and I’m not going anywhere. I think she enjoys being here as much as I enjoy her! She went home today and will be back Monday morning.

  22. Wonderful studio space. As I’ve said before, I envy your natural light. My space is really good sized but doesn’t get enough light. Love the idea of the moveable cutting station too, along with the extra storage it gives. And today, seeing how neat and organized your studio is, I am reminded that I need to do some cleaning in my sewing space again.

    1. Thanks Sara, the window is on the west side of the house and with all the white walls and ceiling I do get good light….plus all the lights Builder Bob put in. I work so much better in a organized space 🙂

  23. Your studio is wonderful! Thank you for the tour. You are really going to miss Tasha when she returns to her home. My Hooligans are in and our of my studio as long as I’m there. Odie has his place on the daybed, but sometimes Boomer will claim it… Treats will settle the matter! I somehow missed the organization gene, but seeing your space, I can dream!

  24. You have a wonderful sewing room, Connie. I love the storage area. And everything looks so neat.Thank you for showing it today.

    1. Thanks Marian, we all seem to work differently……when I am in a crowded space (like my last quilt studio) it stresses me out. I work much better with lots of open space.

  25. What a great storage space, I love the pegboard wall with the rulers and such, so organized… I also love how you hang all your projects all over the wall. I wouldn’t mind having all that space, but then I know if I had it, I’d want to fill it up.. I’ve gotten so used to “crowded space” that having open space would make me a little nutty I think.

    1. Thanks Marian, we all seem to work differently……when I am in a crowded space (like my last quilt studio) it stresses me out. I work much better with lots of open space.

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