Decluttering my quilt studio

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When you are trying to sell a house, a quilt studio or craft room can look pretty messy to the normal person. My daughter and I spent several days converting the two rooms I use for quilting into decluttered rooms.

Quilt Studio room one

I actually forgot how big the rooms really were! I removed shelves, things on the design wall and closed up my sewing machine. I even hid the iron and my wool mat!

Cleaned up quilt room

When I’m working it might look like this. I took this photo last winter I think. I probably rearrange my rooms once a month.

I meant to get the fabrics on the shelves all folded neatly but it didn’t happen. By time we got everything else done I was exhausted.

Quilt fabrics on shelves

Quilt Studio room two

This is the other room all cleaned up and the cutting table removed for now. Everything came from Ikea. I sure wish I lived closer to a store and I already know we’ll be taking a trip to Ikea after we move.

Cleaned up quilt room

I didn’t change anything about these bookcases. I love having my AccuQuilt dies so handy and will leave them here until we pack up.

I have to laugh when I found this photo, I think this was right after we moved in. I remember being frustrated at there wasn’t enough room…..or did I have too much stuff?

It took us half a day to bag up all the quilts on my shelves and then take down the shelves. It sure makes a difference having them gone.

Emptying off the racks of quilts

The design wall that was in the hallway had to come down. I am really hoping I can have a sliding quilt design wall like I had at the river house in my new studio. Having shelves behind it to hold quilts was wonderful.

If you never got a chance to see my quilt studio at the river house, you will want to check it out. I really loved that large room.

Hopefully, we will get our house listed today. Wish us luck!

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  1. Linda Jennings says:

    Do ,you really use all those dies? I have been getting some, but I’ll never have that many. I couldn’t get over how many you have. Beautiful work.

  2. Mercy, Connie, I don’t know how it happened that my husband’s Ipad showed an article by you on a google page tonight. He said “You might be interested in this. ‘Decluttering My Quilt Studio.'” And so, for the last couple hours, I’ve been binging on your blogs about your numerous quilt studios – What an inspiration (I hope)! We’ve recently moved. I have a small bedroom for sewing, and a bowling alley of a basement for my longarm, many cabinets, a huge cutting table, and more. I feel like a room hog, but hey, we needed a basement for all my stuff. The lighting is good, but at this point, there is a lot of brown – brown cabinets, brown with orange top cutting table, goldish brown floor (not pretty). Thank goodness for the white with blue and pink sponge painting on the walls 🙂 It doesn’t feel like MY sewing space yet. I’ve got a lot of work to do and am hoping to put some of your ideas to work in my studio! Thank you!

  3. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Hi Connie! I’m so happy for your exciting, new adventure! Being closer to your family will be the very best too. Your new sewing room looks wonderful already! I’m sure that when you finish decorating and arranging your things, it will be so much fun to sew and work there.
    Have fun!

  4. I wish you a wonderful move and a quick sale to your home. How are you moving your stuff? My husband and I usually move ourselves- but we hired a company to move us from Tx to NY this spring. A lot of my fabric disappeared along with rulers and thread. Just a message of caution to keep track of your boxes if someone else is doing the move for you. The movers wife mentioned how much her mom sewed… I had packed my boxes and labeled what was in them. I won’t do that again unless I use code words only I can understand. But I do wish you a safe and happy move.

  5. Oh my! It seems you just got settled and are moving again. It reminds me of our military days. 🙂 Your new home will be fabulous! By the way, I made your summertime placemats in fall colors! They came out lovely! I’ll send you pics and a link when I post them! Good luck with the sale of your home!

  6. Good luck with IKEA. My son’s family just moved from California to Raleigh NC. They placed a $4500 order with IKEA for the new house. They placed the order 3 weeks ahead; it was acknowledged. The day of scheduled delivery, IKEA sent an email saying that they were canceling the order. No comment on why. No one would answer the phone to say why. During this time people have been moving as well as refinishing their homes more than usual. Covid-19 has also affected the supply chain. My son and daughter-in-law are still sleeping on a mattress on the floor 2+ months later. They have had an extremely difficult time finding furniture from anywhere other than on Amazon and Wayfair.

  7. Oh Connie, you are a brave woman. I pray your house will sell quickly so that you can be settled. In my area houses are selling at record pace, mostly people fleeing the city. My friend sold hers the first day it was listed, another friend 2 weeks later. Interestingly, I sold my large motor home in 2 hours because vacations have been curbed during the pandemic and like the buyers said, this is the best they could do for their family. A well organized sewing space is heaven. Having windows and a design wall are a great priority and I am sure that your new space will be great!c

  8. Best of luck, Connie. I hope this one moves faster than the River House did. I know how much room quilting can gobble up, but looking at your photos here, I have to say that I’d LOVE to have that much space. 🙂

  9. Exhausting to pack, but exciting to know you’ll have much more functional spaces in the new house. I’m happy for you!!