New quilt studio coming soon!

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You will not believe what is happening in our lives right now, this photo will give you a hint!

New quilt studio coming soon
New quilt studio coming soon

Last week was my birthday and also the one-year anniversary of our buying a new home in Ankeny, IA and yes, we will be moving again! Are we crazy?? Yes and both of us are ecstatic! The house is 20 years old and has a finished basement, trees, and wildlife. This is what we have been looking for and is right here in Ankeny, Iowa.

April 2019

Have you ever had Facebook show you what you were doing a year ago or some other time? Well, a couple of days ago, this popped up on mine. What is so sad about this photo is that little Sadie and Mr. Mickey are both gone. Adopting older dogs means you don’t get to spend that much time with them but every moment is so special.

We actually had just gotten Mr. Mickey. In April of 2019, we were dealing with a major flood at our home on the Mississippi River. We had also already purchased a home in Maquoketa and were remodeling it. Poor Bob the Builder was dealing with pumps and a sandbag wall to keep the water out of our basement. I had already moved everything out of my quilt studio.

Since 2019 we moved from the river house to a house in Maquoketa, another house in Maquoketa, moved to a new home in Ankeny and now we will be moving again! I think moving keeps us young!

Back to the present

I have mentioned several times that I didn’t think our home was “the house”. We really loved our Caves Road home in Maquoketa and missed the trees and wildlife. I don’t think we will ever see squirrels in this new sub-division.

Every day I go on and look at what is for sale. Bob just laughs and if I come out to his man cave carrying my computer – he knows what that means!

A couple of weeks ago we found a beautiful place that backed up to woods and a creek. We loved it and made an offer right away. It seems like 20-year-old homes like that go fast here. We went over the asking price and still didn’t get it.

Everything happens for a reason

I love the saying “Everything happens for a reason” and last week another home came on the market that looked like what we wanted. We looked and we bought it! It is very similar to our Caves Road home. We will close on the house on May 30th!

Quilt Studio

Once again I’ll be moving my quilt studio, we have done pretty well about decluttering everything else with all of the moves we have done. My quilting stuff – I still move almost everything each time. My last quilt studio was awesome, the one I have now here in Ankeny is wonderful but I can’t wait to move to my new one!

I’ll still be in the basement but there are daylight windows and a walkout. When I want to take a break I can sit out on the patio or go upstairs and sit on the deck.

Trees and Animals

Both of us have missed feeding wildlife and there are plenty of trees around us. I already spied two squirrels in the neighbor’s tree and I will be putting up my feeders so I can get them to visit us. The yard is fenced and I saw that the neighbor has a dog, maybe Rusty will make a new friend!

In the Meantime

All of a sudden I have a lot to do! I am trying to finish up a new quilt using the 4 Squares block so I can get the pattern written for you. Rusty is a lot of help!

Rusty the dog lying on the quilt blocks
Rusty helping me quilt

Yesterday I finished piecing all of the blocks and adding the sashing, now I need to finish sewing everything together and it will be ready to quilt.

Piecing the 4 square quilt blocks
Piecing the 4 square quilt blocks

What is happening with my longarm

Speaking of quilting….I haven’t made time to use my longarm since I had lessons from the woman I bought it from. This baby quilt is the only one I have done so far.

baby quilt on the long arm

I want to finish two quilts before I pack everything up for my next move. The movers are going to love moving this 12-foot table!

Current quilt studio

Last night I took some photos of my studio, I always do this to give me an idea of how I will set things up when we move. (I’m getting pretty good at this) My cutting table is heavy and big, it was a bear to get down to the basement, and they will love moving it again.

Current quilt studio with fabric on shelves
fabric on shelves

I will have real walls in my next studio. That is white fleece on the walls.

Singer 15-91 sewing machines
sewing machines
Cricut and AccuQuilt goodies
Cricut and AccuQuilt goodies
view of quilt studio
Quilt studio

Okay, I’d better finish sewing the 4 squares quilt together and maybe do a little packing. It is so much easier to move when it is in the same town.

Before you go…..

Have you seen my other quilt studios? You might enjoy checking them out!

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  1. Sharon D Luedeman says:

    Connie and Builder Bob, good luck on your big move. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new studio. I hope you and Bob and Rusty are very happy in your new home.

  2. Moving again??? Your studio is huge!! Glad you found a dream home.
    You need to start the long arm again!

  3. MaureenHP says:

    Connie, I’ve been following you since you lived on the Mississippi. We would camp up the road at Shady Creek. I remember all the flood photos you shared–what a time that was for you and Builder Bob! I look forward to “visiting” your new studio.

    1. Anita Maher-Lewis says:

      Hello. I live in Ames and am getting ready to move to Springfield Mo. What did you find worked best to pack up the fabric? It’s so heavy and I don’t want to overpack tubs or boxes. Thanks in advance.

  4. Carol johnson says:

    Hi Connie, I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your emails as I love quilting, but also because of the personal aspect that you put into it by sharing a part of your life with us. I do hope your move goes smoothly. By the way, it is wonderful that you give senior dogs such a love-filled ending no matter how long or short it may be ❤️.

  5. I for one, love all the personal notes with your tutorials. So, yay, glad you will continue with it. I loved all the deer pictures, country views and love looking at your studios.
    Cant wait for your new studio pictures. Rusty looks good with his “new eyes”.
    thank you for all your stories and quilting tutorials–I forget how to do things often, and love to review them and you make it easy.
    I was not surprised, either , that you were moving again, but maybe this one will be the forever home. Best of all things, country, but town at the same time. I’m with you about trees. They are a must–haha. Good luck with the move.

  6. I so enjoy watching your moves. I hope this one will be your perfect house and property. And how did I miss that you got a longarm!? Looking forward to seeing your adventures!


  8. Oh Ms. Connie, I just chuckled out loud when I read you were moving . . . again!! No grass will grow under your feet 😉 Where we currently live, there is a beautiful natural area behind us abundant with wild life. In fact, I awoke early 2 mornings ago and looked out the back window to see 2 beautiful deer nibbling on the vegetation and then meandering down into our backyard to perform some free hedge trimming on our Indian Hawthorne plant. Such beautiful animals! We have geese and their springtime families visiting periodically as well as birds, squirrels and chipmunks. When we do move, I know we’ll be looking for another natural setup like this, too.
    Enjoy your new surroundings – it will be so peacefully – everyone will relax. Happy packing! Looking forward to seeing pictures . . .

  9. Congratulations on your new dream home. I think you have surpassed us in moves in the past few years (3 for us). We also love nature and wildlife and hope you get to see plenty in your new home, as well as create an awesome new sewing room.

    1. Thanks Darlene! If anyone had told me 4 years ago that this would have happened, I would have said they were crazy!

  10. Lucky you to be moving to what sounds like a wonderful home! My husband does not tolerate change well…. The house I agreed to live in for 5 years (over 37 years ago) will be our forever home. He just cannot do it, regardless of how poorly it is laid out.

    Your soon to be basement studio sounds like my dream. And having moved quite a bit in the last few years, you have purged much and are really almost pros now, right? This should be easy enough, lol. Best wishes.

  11. So glad you have found a new place you love. I don’t envy you the move, but glad you will be back to nature. I’m sure Rusty will love seeing all the wildlife! I’m looking forward to seeing all the pics when you get moved in!

  12. So happy for you! Also happy I don’t have to pack! But would love to move as well to something bigger. I know – when we get older, blah, blah, but I just did a girl scout project with only 2 helpers, not the whole troop, and we were all crowded in here. Elbow room! Room for my plants, one that went from 3″ pot from Ikea to a 9 foot tall 5 foot wide monster! Congratulations!!!!

    1. “Stanley” the 9 foot schefflera mentioned above fell over in the middle of the night. Indie and I decided to ignore it but had to address righting this monster. But now back to quilting, have 2 started, including the four square block above – looks like it’s “approval” rate is very high!!!!! Thanks

  13. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I am always looking too, but my husband hates moving so I doubt it will be happening in the near future. Good luck with your move! Rusty is so very helpful.

  14. I would move again in a heartbeat if I could get back to the trees and wildlife. I surely do miss it all. Haven’t been here quite a year and am ready to leave but the job is here so I am stuck. So happy for you. All the best to you, Builder Bob and Rusty.

  15. Jacqueline says:

    This move doesn’t surprise me in the least. This house was not your home, especially after your last place. It was so obvious that you loved the more rural setting and watching and feeding the wildlife. I’m ecstatic for all of you. And Sadie and Mr. Mickey will be moving with you since they live on in your heart. Enjoy the anticipation and all that this special new place will bring into your lives!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline, it seems like everyone knows me better than I thought. So far not one person has said not to do this. I kept my bird/squirrel feeds…..guess I knew this wasn’t THE house. We have both Sadie and Mickey’s ashes that will be coming with us.

  16. Priscilla says:


    How exciting for you, Builder Bob, and Rusty! I love wildlife too. I can see how you missed it. I can’t wait for pictures of your new home. Your new quilt studio sounds perfect. Everything happens for a reason! You guys have fun!


  17. Oh Connie, you are so much braver than I am! I have moved several times and each time I’m hoping it is my forever home. Our last move was four years ago and not in same town, not in same state! We downsized but one could not tell to look at our place – it grew back. I wish you happiness as you pack and move! LOL.

  18. Robyn Lidstone says:

    I am not surprised, Connie, that you, Builder Bob and rusty will be relocating your home and lives to a “non-housing estate location”. I always thought it was “a bit not you” in suburbia.
    Life is an adventure. You will love your new home and its pleasant surroundings. The basement studio will be perfect with its light and access to the outside.
    Having moved so often, you and Builder Bob know what to expect and you’ll both cope well with your past experience to guide you.
    It is exciting to await a tour of your new studio.
    Best wishes to you, Bob and Rusty. This move is so right for all of you.

  19. I’ve been following you since the river (and flooding). I can’t believe you are moving again. We’ve lived in 3 homes in 35+ years of marriage. I’d love to move, but dread it (20 years of accumulation and 80+ sewing machines). Have fun. I look forward to seeing your new quilt studio.

  20. Just a quick not to Roxy in WI- it happened to us too-in this home we bought last yr.- two separate contractors took the money and ran and one air conditioner man. Crazy nobody is good for their word at all- We had to hire another person to finish $3500 worth of work due to what never got completed. Never pay someone in full….

  21. Elizabeth says:

    So glad you have found a new home where you will be able to enjoy more wildlife and trees and of course a new quilt studio. Look forward to the updates on the move and photos.

    1. Helena Merrick says:

      We are long stayers only had two homes in the 50 yrs of marriage. We built this house in 1995 and it is close to the ocean, so we will never move…..besides, it would take me a lot of work to try and down size my sewing room etc. Good luck with your new house. We live in Western Australia so having squirrels to feed in the backyard would be lovely, we swim with Dolphins instead.

  22. So happy for you and Builder Bob! Hoping the move goes smoothly. I look forward to seeing the new place and the little critter friends that visit your feeders.

  23. Sherry Ellison says:

    You and Builder Bob are the most patient moving couple I know. How wonderful that you have found a home you both will enjoy. A new quilt studio with windows and a door will be amazing. Thankful you are not on the river and being flooded again. I shall be awaiting your photos of the new home. Blessings and safe moving dear.

  24. I remember that dreadful flood and am so glad you aren’t having to deal with it again this year. River life is wonderful until Mother Nature has her way about things. Congratulations on finding such a fabulous house. It sounds perfect in every way. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I wish you, Bob and Rusty many years of happiness there.

  25. Enjoy you new studio. Sounds wonderful. I know what it means when you have a room with windows and door to the outside. We have a four season sun room and I turned it into my quilt room. I love that I can see outside on three sides and go outside from there as well. I can let the dogs out (We have two – 13 yr old lab mix and a two year old beagle) and keep an eye on them while I working on my quilts. Many blessings to you in your new home. Hope the move goes smooth.

  26. My first response to your email was “WHAT AGAIN???” You are definitely filled with way more energy than I can even imagine or muster up! I am, however, happy that you and Bob have found your ‘forever’ home (until next year when you find another house!! LOL!). The natural light and walk-out basement sounds delightful for your studio. Can’t wait to see it once you are settled. The critters are probably counting the days til you arrive as they will have a new “meal ticket!” You are a delight and I greatly admire your adventuresome spirit! 🙂

  27. Linda Crump says:

    When I read you were moving again I said ‘What!’ out loud and made everyone think there was something really wrong! I am so pleased you have found what sounds like your ‘forever’ home? You were so blessed with all that wonderful wild life no wonder you miss it.
    Moving can be so stressful but you seem to have it all in hand and I admire your tenacity.
    I hope everything goes well for you.
    Linda – from Sussex UK

  28. Oh my! I can’t believe your energy. We are cleaning out our garage because we have to have termite work done and I am amazed at how much we’ve accumulated and how much work it is. I don’t know how you have moved so often and so successfully I love your enthusiasm! Good luck can’t wait to see the new studio, Rita

  29. Happy for you! Can’t wait to see your new place.

  30. josephine says:

    You are exhibiting a measure of stamina I have never seen before!
    Good luck with this move.

  31. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh wow, I don’t envy any one moving a quilt studio! Except if you are getting a really great studio, LOL. But if you are having movers come in and do it that might be a different story. You sound excited to go to this other house and make it your home, I am happy for you!

  32. Dawn Nelson says:

    I am so very happy for you and Bob!!! I wondered when I saw your last two homes in residential areas if you missed the wildlife and rural area you had grown so accustomed to. It will be wonderful for you both! Can’t wait to hear about your daily critter encounters. Sounds like the best is yet to come.

  33. I’m glad you’ve found a house where you can enjoy the outdoors, AND have a nice studio space. You’re braver than I am. Just the thought of moving scares me.

  34. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Dear Connie,
    Thanks so much for sharing! You are so lucky! Great you found a new home you and Bob will be happy in. I’m sure Rusty will like the new place too once he gets used to being there. I have not even been looking lately because of the prices of homes being sky high here in Hudson, WI. The value of my home went way up, but this home is in trust to my son who also lives here. We are still dealing with the siding job that went South. I even had a local building and home inspector come and he let us know the job was totally not up to industry standards and did not meet code. In the end, I will still have to have the whole siding re-done so it’s right. You cannot fire them either, and I already paid them with the insurance checks I got. That was my fault! I should have only given them one of the checks and held on to the other one. They keep stalling now too! We have given them a list in writing. They lost the first one I gave them back in November of 2022. They are also very irresponsible and did more damage than good to my home.
    I’ve been busy working on my FQS Bountiful Charity Quilt and am working on Release #2 with 4 wildflower blocks and center block. There’s lots of stitch and flips. I’ve got the top part of the flowers completed, and am working on the accent cosmos section.
    Bella had a double ear infection and problems with her eyes again (eye ulcer) so I had to take her in to the vet last week. She is wearing a cone, and I hope it will come off this Friday. She has eye drops 2X’s a day and does not like me putting them in. We also had to change foods to a prescription diet of Hills Science Diet d/z because of the ear infections/yeast.
    I’m so happy for you, Bob, and Rusty! Oh, before I forget, thanks so much for offering the birthday sale a little longer! I was able to place my order through my phone instead of my computer.

    Happy packing, and thanks again for sharing!
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  35. Glenda Bilinsky says:

    I am so glad that you are moving to a new place that will give you the opportunity to be close to nature and wildlife once again. I loved all your nature pictures and was missing them. I hope that you have finally found your forever home and that your new quilting space will be amazing!
    I am really interested in the new quilt tutorial you’re working on, I am visualizing it with black or indigo sashing with turquoise corners. Looking forward to seeing the complete tutorial in the not too distant future.
    All the best from Vancouver Island, British Columbia 🥰🇨🇦. Glenda B.