Sharing Quilt Projects #23

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It has been a bit since I did a Sharing Quilt Projects post and I have lots of beautiful quilt projects to share with you!

Whenever you make something using one of my tutorials or patterns I would love to see a photo of it. This is always so inspiring to me and others!

My quilting has been limited lately, this time of year I try and spend time outside as much as possible. Mr. Mickey is doing okay, the congestive heart failure makes him cough a lot and lately, he wants to sit with me in the rocking chair at least 3 or 4 times a day which is something he never used to do.

Mickey the dog on Tassel quilt

We also got 4 inches of rain in two days. The first night poor Mr. Mickey wasn’t feeling well and had to go outside in the pouring rain 4 times, we both took a nap the next day. I feel sorry for the farmers who still need to harvest their crops. More rain is supposed to be coming in a couple of days.

I thought I would share my Tassel quilt with you. I had this hanging on a ladder by our front door and forgot to bring it in before the rain started. Luckily Mr. Mickey needs to go out quite often and I rescued the wet quilt before it flew away!

Tassel quilt hanging on a branch

Quilt Projects Shared With Me

It is always so much fun to see all of the beautiful quilt projects that you are making! I have all kinds of beautiful quilt projects to share with you this time and I’m sure you’ll find something you can’t wait to make!

Pumpkin Block Table Runner

Netty shared this neat Pumpkin Block table runner that she made. I like the way she added in the green sashing and brown border.

Pumpkin Table Runner

Nox Table Runner

This fun Nox table runner is perfect for Halloween!

Nox Table Runner

Modern 9 Patch Maple Leaves

Laurine shared a photo of her Modern 9 Patch Maple Leaves quilt project before it was finished but you can see how neat it will be!

Maple 9 Patch table topper

Jewel Table Runner

Kathy shared her beautiful Jewel table runner in colors perfect for fall!

Jewel Stripe table runner

Box Quilt Block Pillows

Pillows are always a fun quilt project to make! Helena shared her beautiful Box quilt block pillows.

Box quilt block pillows

River Scraps

It is always fun to see how one small change can add so much to a quilt design. The River Scraps block is a great way to use up your scraps.

River Scraps quilt

Crossroads baby quilts

Beth made not one but two baby quilts using the Crossroads quilt block. There are directions to make the blocks in 3 different sizes. Look at the fabrics she also used on the back of the quilts!

Crossroads baby quilts

Midnight Glow

Linda sent me a photo of her table topper that she made with the Midnight Glow tutorial. The fabrics are beautiful!

Midnight Glow table topper

Forget Me Not

Take a look at the way Barb made the Forget Me Not wall hanging in beautiful teals and white flowers! My daughter has both of mine, I think it is time to make another one for myself!

Forget Me Not wall hanging in teal quilt fabrics

Rail Fence Table Runner

Miriam made the Rail Fence table runner and some placemats with the leftover fabrics. What a great combination of colors!

Rail Fence table runner and placemats

Midnight Glow Table Runner

Miriam also made the Midnight Glow table runner in green fabrics that she had. It turned out perfect!

Midnight Glow Table runner in greens

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner

Laurine made this beautiful Sherbet Stripes table runner with all kinds of neat fabrics and the appliqued flowers look perfect on it.

Sherbet Stripes table runner

River Whirls Baby Quilt

A baby quilt or lap quilt make perfect gifts and Shelly used the River Whirls tutorial for this one. She also had an embroidered label on the back of it but I hid the information.

River Whirls baby quilt

Rail Fence table runner

Carol-Ann made this beautiful small Rail Fence table runner that looks perfect on her table! I really like the succulent plants too!

Rail Fence table runner

Thank you everyone for sharing your quilt projects made with my tutorials and patterns!

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Hi Connie:
    So glad you are back quilting, also happy that Mr Mickey is doing better. We have had rain and it is much cooler here in Canada Ontario. We know winter is coming and we are preparing for it. Have had appointments and glad to get some of them over before winter. I like the snow but don’t like the ice. We seem to have more ice then we used to or maybe it is just that I am getting older and notice it more. Hope Builder Bob is doing well and keeping busy.
    That is great that you got to see your girls. No I did not know that one has to pay for a kick stand on a bicycle. I know they are very pricey. An electric one can set you back a couple thousand plus. Seems like every hobby or anything to do with medical is way over priced. Just thankful we have the money for the things we need. Take care. All the best to everyone. Thanks to you and everyone that has shared their beautiful handy work. Lovely to see for sure. Shirley in Ontario Canada

  2. Maxine Turner says:

    Just watched all the beautiful items, your followers have made. Loved the blue forget me not one. I have my fall coloured one hanging now, but that Blue made me wanting to make it again.I enjoy all your posts and have made a few of your items.

  3. Jeanette Dickson says:

    Connie, I’m enjoying your new quilting projects. . .as I travel down the road in “Minnie” to Arizona. Will be doing some quilting when I arrive with a wonderful quilting group. Thanks so much for your creativity and the news from your homestead.
    Miss Buffington , my 14 yr. old cockerpoo, is experiencing many adventures, such as climbing a 6,000+ hike in the Blue Ridge MTs. She has a heart murmur & some arthritis, but so far is doing OK. . . Exercise does not seem to bother too much. She was still playing after the hike. . .as I “relaxed”!
    So, again, many thanks for your wonderful website!


  4. I love seeing all the beautiful quilts! I don’t remember seeing the tassel quilt before. I love that pattern! Thank you again for sharing! Happy quilting! 😃♥️

  5. All very nice, Connie. I love each of them. Thanks.

  6. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Thanks Connie for showing the wonderful array of patchwork projects made by ladies who benefit from your expertise and kindness in sharing such great designs.
    Well done to all exhibitors who have chosen lovely fabric colours and combinations.
    Mr Mickey’s modelling is always so nice to see.

  7. Every one is so inspirational. Lovely colors and fun to see what everyone is up to. Thanks!

  8. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Sorry to hear about Mickey’s congestive heart failure. Our 13 year old doodle is having trouble too, but right now he’s doing ok. Wishing you and him the best of days. Percy is like a puppy too, going out more frequently. I am glad Mickey allowed a quilt rescue as part of his ventures.

  9. Larissa Wangarodskaya says:

    Прекрасный проект № 23, Конни! Как вкусная шоколадка или кофе!