River Scraps Quilt Block

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This quilt block tutorial is for the 9-inch and 12-inch size of the River Scraps quilt block. When I shared the River Scraps baby quilt tutorial, it was made with 15-inch blocks and I received requests for smaller blocks.

You will find several techniques for cutting your half-square triangle blocks. Enjoy this easy, classic quilt block tutorial and download the worksheets for blocks.

2 sizes of quilt blocks

9-inch or 12-inch block

Cutting the fabric

There is no yardage as scraps were used for the blocks.

Batik scraps for the River Scraps block

9-inch quilt block:

  • 16 – 2” squares assorted prints
  • 4 – 2 3/8″ cream squares (for half-square triangles)
  • 4 – 2 3/8″ square assorted prints (for half-square triangles)
  • 12 – 2” cream squares

AccuQuilt dies you can use:

The 6-inch GO! Qube Mix & Match set can be used to make the 9-inch block.

12-inch quilt block:

  • 16 – 2½” squares assorted prints
  • 4 – 2 7/8″ cream squares (for half-square triangles)
  • 4 – 2 7/8″ square assorted prints (for half-square triangles)
  • 12 – 2½” cream squares

AccuQuilt dies you can use:

The 8-inch GO! Qube Mix & Match set can be used to make the 12-inch block.

Piecing blocks:

Sew with a ¼” seam allowance and press to the dark fabric or press your seams open – your choice.

Each block starts out as a 16 patch block with 4 rows of 4 blocks.

River Scraps block pieces

AccuQuilt die for easy cutting

My half-square triangles for the 9-inch block were cut using the AccuQuilt GO! 2″ finished Half Square Triangle die. This same die is included in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 6″ Block set.

My half-square triangles for the 12-inch block were cut using the AccuQuilt GO! 2½” finished Half Square Triangle die. This same die is included in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 8″ Block set.

River Scraps 16 patch block

Use the following diagram to sew the block together.

River Scraps block sections

If I am cutting by hand, I prefer to cut my squares a little larger and then trim to the perfect size of half-square triangle.

Easy Angle Ruler

You could also use the EZ Quilting Angle ruler to make your half-square triangles. Before I had my AccuQuilt GO! cutter, that is what I used all the time. If you buy it, take a look at the Companion Angle ruler as the rulers work together to make flying geese blocks in multiple sizes and other quilt blocks.

I had someone email me asking if they could use their 2½-inch strips to make this block. I pulled out one of the first rulers I ever used for half-square triangles called the EZ Angle ruler. It works great, you can cut the 2½-inch squares and also make the 2½-inch half square triangles from jelly roll strips.

If you only have 2½-inch strips of fabric, you can use the EZ Angle ruler to cut your half-square triangles. Normally you would need squares that are at least 2 7/8-inch but with this ruler, your fabric strip only needs to be ½-inch larger.

Look at the diagrams below to see how you would use the ruler. It is easy to line up the ruler with your fabric strip, make the cut, and then flip the ruler for the next cut.

Place your cream fabric and the print fabric right sides together. Your pieces are ready to sew!

Use the Easy Angle template to cut HSTs

Finished blocks

The blocks will be 9½-inch or 12½-inch unfinished. This is how many River Scraps blocks I have made so far. I have six of the 9-inch blocks and one 12-inch. I’m not sure what I’m going to make. Which size of block do you like?

lots of River Scraps blocks

Four of the 9-inch blocks would make a beautiful table topper.

4 River Scrap blocks

Printable Worksheet

I have created a printable worksheet for each of the blocks that you can use in case you would prefer to make blocks in specific colors or just experiment with the blocks. How about a red scrappy block and then a yellow or blue!

Decide how many blocks you would like to make and then figure out how many squares and half-square triangles you need. If you like resources like this please let me know, thanks!

While working on this, I came up with another block that I can’t wait to share. It will coordinate perfectly with this quilt block.

Printable worksheets for the blocks

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That carpet you see in some of the photos is the outside rug in our gazebo. Mr. Mickey is patiently waiting for me to finish and take him for his second walk of the day!

Mickey the poodle with the quilt blocks

Don’t forget to look at my River Scraps Baby Quilt that uses larger blocks.

Checkout my River Scraps quilt pattern in five different sizes using two simple blocks.

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. I am so glad your little fur baby is better. Nothing like Ames University Hospital for animals to come to the rescue. He is a cutie.
    And I love your tutorials. I am just beginning to learn to quilt and trying to get all the info I can. Quilting baby quilts to start.
    Thanks for your help.
    Cindy P

  2. I normally don’t read through the comments but today I did any realized I had missed a lot of good info and possibilities. Love your patterns.

  3. Hi Connie! Thanks for the tutorial & pattern! Where did you get the Angle Ruler? 😊💕

  4. Lovely colors and easy to do. I have both rulers but have not used them in a long time.
    This is a good opportunity to use them again. Thanks for the beauty.

  5. Robyn Lidstone says:

    The River Scraps Quilt Block in so many bright colours is attractive and versitile. No need to wonder what to do with all my fabrics waiting to be turned into completed projects.
    I don’t have an Acuquilt, but I do have the EZ-Angle ruler.
    Thanks, Connie, for sharing this lovely design.

  6. Charlotte says:

    I would love to Pin your patterns but I don’t see anywhere to do that. Would you consider making it where we can

  7. Thank you
    I’m going to try this out using my Accuquilt 8 inch cube set.
    Have lots of scrapes that need using
    Happy new year and best wishes for 2022 from the UK

  8. Thanks for demonstrating the ez angle ruler. I bought one years ago and never used it. I definitely utilize it now.

  9. nancy seitz says:

    Thanks. Mine will be scrappy as I have lots of scraps.
    Stay safe and cool

  10. Deborah Nalevanko says:

    Love both sizes, but I will probably work on the 12” block as I have an assortment of the 2 1/2” squares. Thank you for making this available.

  11. Love this block, Connie! Take good care of your ankle. I hope it’s better soon, as well as Mr. Mickey’s back knee! Fortunately my sewing is all on the main level. I’d never sew if I had to climb the stairs. Just can’t do it with my bone on bone knees!

  12. barbara woods says:

    made my baby aunt one of those

  13. Joan Sheppard says:

    I used to share my “scraps” with the sewing circle but I’m looking at this and thinking – Nope, I’m going to make one of these for myself. Okay “myself” is a relative term – as there are always relatives that need a baby quilt, twin quilt, picnic quilt, wedding quilt and as always quilts for the rescue dogs. And I use the old ones – my Mom’s and my Gram’s. Might try to make one for myself without telling anyone. Love batiks. Maybe I’ll make french seams so I can feel the batik from both sides. (okay that’s just the isolation talking.) I’m virtually walking my dog with you.

    1. joan smith says:

      haha love your comment…. and yes I have bins of scraps now… even the smaller 1 1/2 inch ones… rest I give to afterschool programs for collage… thanks for your note..

  14. Love looking at your site. You do such beautiful work. I know I won’t really start quilting, just a wannabe at my age, but want to thank you for letting me dream.

  15. Carol Johnson says:

    Thanks, Connie. I have a container of 2.5 inch squares and one of 2 inch squares, and I can see how quickly these could emerge if I use them as leaders and enders, Bonnie Hunter style. I love the contrast in these blocks, and the secondary design that comes when you have a rows sewn together.

  16. Oh my goodness, I really like this tutorial! It has the creative juices flowing to put a dent in the stash!! Depending on the colors available one could make it into seasonal color themes. Thank you Connie for sharing and inspiring.

      1. Barb Guenther says:

        Really like this quilt block! However, I’ve had difficulty sewing the triangle pieces to the square- the triangle pieces seem too big & I don’t want a fold/pleat there. Any suggestions?

        1. You have to make sure the half square triangles are the same size as the squares before sewing them together. 

  17. Thank you for the patterns. Great inspiration to use up scraps. Batik bin here I come!

  18. Sally Christiansen says:

    Very cute blocks! I need to make a baby quilt and these blocks will work perfect. Thanks Connie.

  19. Scrappy blocks are great, but when they use gorgeous batik fabrics and sewn together in a simple, but flashy design, they are awesome! I really love this block and will enjoy making several. Thanks so much, Connie, for offering the different sizes. Now go take Mr. Mickey for his extra walk! 🙂

  20. Beautiful blocks! I can see how this block could be done with any size squares and HST to begin. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Sara! I am working on a chart with a lot of different sizes of this block.