Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

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Today I have a tutorial for the fast and easy Sherbet Stripes table runner.

Sherbet Stripes table runner

I enjoy table runners that aren’t very long. We often use them on our dining room table during meals and also on small tables or chests.

Sherbet Stripes table runner on deck

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial
15-inches x 30-inches

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

This is a great table runner to make out of your scraps.

Side sections are made from various neutral fabrics

  • Cut 12 – 4 ½-inch squares
  • Cut 6 – 2 ½-inch x 4 ½-inch rectangles

Center strips are 2 ½-inches x 7 ½-inches

  • Cut 2 – Orange
  • Cut 2 – Pink
  • Cut 2 – Yellow
  • Cut 2 – Blue
  • Cut 4 – Green
  • Cut 3 – Stripe

Cut 3 – 2 ½-inch strips the width of the fabric of the stripe for the binding.
Your backing should be at least 17-inches x 32-inches to allow for some shrinkage after quilting. Trim after quilting.
Batting – low loft cotton same size as the backing

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam.

Sew the center pieces together in the order shown below.

Then sew the side sections together – I have marked the blocks that are 2½-inches x 4½-inches.  The others are 4½-inches squares.

diagram fo sewing pieces together

Now sew all the sections together.

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

Trace the flower applique shape on to your iron-on adhesive. I use Heat n Bond Lite but there is Wonder Under and several other brands. Just follow the directions on the type you buy. It will also tell you how long to apply heat.

applique flower

You will need 6 flowers. Cut them out and iron them onto the top of your table runner. Now you are ready to applique in the method you prefer.

I do a free-motion applique before I do my quilting.

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

Layer your backing, batting, and top. Now quilt as desired. Trim and add your binding. Sew the three 2½-inch width strips of fabric together as shown below. Trim and press.

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

Trim the corner off.

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial

Fold the binding wrong sides together and iron. I usually sew mine to the front of the quilt and then topstitch on the backside.

Sherbet Stripes Table Runner Tutorial
Showing the backing on quilted table runner

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  1. I Love everything you do! you are such a caring person and I Love that!!
    I also love your property or what I can see of it. You have a fine fire pit
    yor husband does really good work. I reconized the castor beans plant
    my Mother use to grow them. I like the table runner I will make that. Thank
    You so very much. Barb ❤️ 😊

  2. Juliet Finnegan says:

    I am almost finished! I have FMQ like you did and I am wondering if you quilted between the center and the border where the flowers are? I guess I mean stitch in the ditch between those two areas?

    1. I just FMQ the entire table runner starting in the center.

  3. This is so lovely, thank you so much for the pattern

  4. Thank you Connie .It is really a pretty runner and cute flowers..I love it for table decorating . I will follow your tutorial and downloaded it from Crafty.

  5. France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation says:

    I saw your Sherbet Stripes yesterday so I made sure to come back today. This mix of colors is sure to brighten any table. I like that you did not use only squares or rectangles for the two outside borders. That makes them more interesting. 🙂
    The part of me who likes to look at all the details would have like a close up of your binding… I cannot figure how it could follow (in a straight line) the front edge of the binding when you stitch it on the back with the sewing machine, after stitching the front… That remains a mystery to me. 😉

  6. Super cute runner Connie. Great tutorial as well and even though it is shorter than usual, as you said, it can be used for a lot of things. This runner though, I'd think is easy to make longer if someone wanted to do so.

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    Very pretty Connie! Thanks for a wonderful tute!

  8. claire witherspoon says:

    Very cute Table runner. I like the variegated way you did the border! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. What a fun cheerful table runner. I downloaded it from crafty. Thanks so much. Have a great day! And, yes any word on Pelly?

  10. Paula Louceiro says:

    Hello Connie
    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

    Hugs from Brasil.

  11. andrea @ tideline quilts says:

    Hi Connie – thanks for posting the pattern to Craftsy! I just went and got it – and will make it tonight! My table is crying out for this topper! (PS. Any word on Pelly?)

  12. I love the colours and the flowers!