Batik Table Runner Tutorial Midnight Glow

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Are you looking for another table runner tutorial? Quick and easy quilt projects are the perfect thing to make right now while you are staying home and social distancing. I think you will like my Midnight Glow table runner tutorial in batiks.

This table runner was made with a charm pack and some additional fabric for the center squares.

It would also be perfect for quilt scraps and you could use your AccuQuilt GO! Electric cutter and the 8-inch Qube Mix & Match set if you have trouble using a rotary cutter.

16″ x 32″ table runner

Batik table runner made with the Midnight Glow block

Recently I shared my Midnight Glow baby quilt tutorial that I made many years ago….would you believe it was 2012! Time really flies by. It is fun to go through old posts and find a quilt project that I think many of you haven’t seen before.

Back then many of us quilters shared a new post every day, it was a time when there were giveaways all the time and our posts were more like a journal of what we were working on. At that time my internet was so slow! We could only get satellite internet, it was slow and had limits which I always went over. When you did that it either didn’t work or was slow like dial-up….remember that?

It is so neat to be able to watch movies (I got a lot more done before Netflix), take classes and share tutorials with beautiful photos with my high-speed internet now!

Okay, let’s take a look at the Midnight Glow table runner. Do you have any charm squares packs in your stash? I don’t remember when I bought this one, it was probably before I became an ambassador for Island Batik.

This particular batik charm pack has 24 five-inch squares instead of the normal 42. Now that the fabrics have ages properly….it is time to use them!

Batik charm pack fabrics

When you use a charm pack always be sure and measure them. I have had some that are no quite 5-inches and some that are a little larger. This pack had pinked edges and the measurement went right to the edge.

I like to trim about 3 or 4 pieces of fabric at a time. To make sure I didn’t goof up on my cutting (yes, I’ve done that before).

I cut the 5-inch squares in half. That gives you two – 2½” x 5″ rectangles, then trim them to 2½” x 4½”. Repeat this for all 24 squares.

Trim the charm squares to the correct size of blocks

I really love batiks and often mix them with other quilt fabrics. While shopping my stash I found some leftovers of this neat cream print. I bought it at Joann Fabrics quite some time ago and used it for the backing on a quilt. It was 108″ wide and I had enough for the blocks, backing and binding of my table runner.



Cut the following pieces for the table runner:

  • 8 – 4½” cream squares
  • 48 – 2½” x 4½” rectangles from the charm pack


Sew with a ¼” seam allowance

Add two 2½” x 4½” rectangles to two sides of the 4½” cream square as shown. Press your seams to the dark fabrics.

Start making your quilt blocks

Sew two 2½” x 4½” rectangles together lengthwise as shown. Press your seams to the dark fabrics.

Sew two rectangles together

Sew your pieces together to make your blocks. Press your seams to the dark fabrics.

Sew block sections together

8½” unfinished blocks

Continue piecing your blocks. Each quilt block will measure 8½” unfinished. When sewn together you will have 8-inch blocks.

Finished quilt blocks

Piece your table runner, make 2 rows of 4 blocks.

I am using my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. I don’t like a sewing machine butted up to a wall. I like a table behind it to help support the weight of my quilt.

I also enjoy looking at “part” of my fabric stash. I don’t think I’ll be running out of fabric anytime soon.

Sew blocks together on sewing machine while looking at fabric stash

The table runner should measure approximately 16½” x 32½”. Cut your batting and backing several inches bigger like 20″ x 36″.

I’m not a big pinner when making a small quilt project. I quilted my runner right away so I just stuck a few straight pins in the center squares.

Quilt your table runner

Many of you have been emailing me saying that you are just learning how to quilt your projects. I have been free motion quilting for almost 30 years and I’ll be the first to tell you that practice is the key.

You will also want the tension to be correct on your sewing machine. Superior Threads has some great information on correcting the tension on your sewing machine. Also, check out their reference guides for information on the correct needles to use and other info.

Wavy line quilting

Here is a great way to quilt your table runner. You don’t have to drop your feed-dogs or use a special foot on your sewing machine. I pulled out my walking foot that I purchased for my vintage Singer and used it.

If you have an old sewing machine, you can find parts and info at Sew-Classic Sewing Machine Parts & Supplies. I am not an affiliate but have bought from them for several years. I have replaced old foot pedals, light bulbs, feet and more.

Quilting the table runner

There are no rules for wavy line quilting – I do suggest setting your stitch length to a little longer stitch, I put the lever on my sewing machine all the way to basting.

Just start stitching a line and slowly move a little left and then a little right to make a wiggly wavy line.

Space your lines about an inch apart.

In all honesty, I will tell you that I prefer to do this type of quilting with my free-motion foot on and the feed dogs down but this will work especially for someone not comfortable yet with free-motion quilting.

Quilted on back of table runner


Cut three 2½” x width of fabric strips for binding.

Trim your table runner and add your binding. I cut the binding 2½-inches wide. This is meant to be a fast and easy quilt project so I did my binding by machine using my machine binding tutorial.

I used Clover Wonder Clips to hold my binding in place.

Here is a closeup of the quilting and finished binding on my Midnight Glow table runner.

Closeup of quilting on the table runner

It is always fun to see the back of a quilt project, I really love the fabric I used with writing and postmarks on it.

Back of the quilt

I hope you have enjoyed the Midnight Glow batik table runner tutorial and I would love to see a photo of yours if you make it!

Midnight Glow batik table runner tutorial

Don’t forget, this would also be perfect for quilt scraps and you could use your AccuQuilt GO! Electric cutter and the 8-inch Qube Mix & Match set if you have trouble using a rotary cutter. The AccuQuilt GO! Electric cutter is on sale right now!

Get the Midnight Glow quilt pattern that includes placemats, a baby quilt and several other quilt projects made with the Midnight Glow block.

Great deals for you!

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Midnight Glow batik table runner tutorial

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  1. Beautiful work Connie. Love your choice of batik fabric.

  2. Linda Jennings says:

    I love this table runner- I have quite a bit of fall fabric left from other projects.
    Right now I’m working on Jacob’s Ladder Box in Thomas the Train, if I can ever get it done. My Featherweight needs a new cord. and my Baby Lock is playing games and locking me out. Tells me I need to put the faceplate on, but it is. I haven’t taken it off. It worked fine 2 days ago.

  3. Love this table runner. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  4. Jane Stewart says:

    Hi Connie, I tried to locate the Sew-Classic Sewing Machine Parts & Supplies that you mentioned but I could not find it. Someone in a post suggested that they were no longer in business. Can you give me the precise web address? Thanks. Jane

  5. Mary in mn says:

    I have a question for you.
    I am considering buying a Cricut. Which one do you use? What would you recommend if you were buying again? Is it difficult to use? There are so many to choose from.
    You are very creative and I like what you do. Simple and pretty.

  6. I love this table runner pattern – thank you for sharing! I made one for a friend at Christmas and plan to make more. Is there a way I can share a picture of it with you? I’d love to show you my interpretation of it. I think the pattern could be used for many other projects as well!

  7. I would love to see and have a printable option .i will never make or go back to emails for projects.once i view emails if i like .id like to be able to print off intructions.please add if possible thank you kindly

  8. Christina says:

    Love the colors in this table runner. And the free motion stiching is so nice.

  9. Hi Connie,
    What a lovely table runner! I so appreciate your ideas! Forgive my new quilter question but why cut the charm squares to 4.5″? Why not leave them 5″?

  10. Connie I Love your choice of fabric so very pretty!! I really like everything about it.
    It is Beautiful Thank You for sharing it with everyone. If we had more people like you
    in this world it would truly be a nice place to live. I’m being sincere when I say that!!
    Love You bunches. 😊♥️

    1. Thank you so much Barb, what a sweet thing to say!

  11. I like this table runner and your choice of batiks. Quick and easy to make and beautiful to see.
    I’ve been wanting to use decorative stitches with my embroidery machine and walking foot in place of FM on occasion, but haven’t had the courage to try. If you or any of your readers have done that, I would appreciate advice or suggestions.

    1. Hi Reberta, I don’t have an embroidery machine but I would think you could do it. Start with a small project like a pillow top first. Good luck!

  12. Love the runner and the quilting too! Thanks for sharing your tutorial for this.

  13. Sue Johnson says:

    This will be a great pattern for a Christmas focus fabric that I have been saving. I got a new “fancy” sewing machine two years ago, and my favorite stitch from it has become the wave, so not only have you provided a great pattern, it gives me confidence that I have made a good choice in a quilting stich. Thanks for all the great patterns and ideas. Stay well.

    1. Louise A Johnson says:

      Love this!!!!!! Your colors are great!

    2. You’ll have fun making it Sue, now you’ve got me thinking about making this runner in Christmas fabrics!

  14. Martha Robbins says:

    This is a beautiful table runner. Your clear explanation of the process has encouraged me to try making it. Thank you for sharing your tips and expertise.

    1. Thank you Martha! I really try and make it easy to understand how to do it.

  15. That is gorgeous, Connie. I love the colours and the post card looking fabric. I agree with Jacqueline, I think I would like to try this one too.

    1. It doesn’t take long to make and also is great for a gift Grace!

  16. Linda Jennings says:

    Hi Connie, thank you for this table runner tutorial, I don’t think I saw it before. I have charm packs, some only have 30 or 32 pieces in them. I’ve made a some table runners. Mostly I make quilts for our guild which get distributed to several places, quilts for our local VA hospital and our SPCA. Even my vet. For the animals I put a layer of fleece and either an old towel for back, I even used an old blanket (you can get a few pieces) or a layer of cotton, I bar tack in a few places and serge around the edges. Faster than binding, dogs and cats don’t care as long as it is soft and warm.
    Also thank you for the name of the place you get your parts. I use my mother’s old Featherweight machine and like to get a walking foot for it.

    1. You are a wonderful person Linda! I recently found a new online shop for Featherweight sewing machines and have an order coming next week. I’ll email you the link.

  17. Is there a printable version for your items without all the ads?

  18. JUDY BRUNDAGE says:

    Thanks for the great table runner. I love your Batiks especially that cream color one! Your tutorials are so easy to follow and you also have great pictures.

    Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks Judy, I always thinks pictures make it easy to follow a tutorial!

  19. Very nice table runner. My sister picked it out for me to make. Quick and easy. Love all he patterns.

    1. Chris Horton says:

      Beautiful fabrics and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks

    2. You enjoy making it Pat, very simple to make but beautiful.

  20. Robyn Lidstone says:

    What a coincidence. Yesterday I was looking at my big pile of charm squares and wondering what to do with them. Thanks to you, Connie, I have your table runner tutorial so I can attack my charm stash.
    I love the wavy line quilting as I have not graduated to free motion quilting. I’ll source some backing when I have done the piecing and hopefully master the machine binding as well. It is fun being a beginner with you as a mentor.
    All the best from Australia.

    1. Glad you like it Robyn! The wavy line quilting is a great way to start free motion quilting.

  21. Connie Dear your Website HomePage looks amazing and very easy to navigate. This batik table runner is lovely and your tutorial makes it seem very easy to accomplish. Thank you for always sharing so generously with us. <3

  22. Love this table runner pattern. Been sick with cancer and am slowly getting better. After having chemo I had a bad reaction to it and almost died but after doctor stopped chemo I am recovering g. Am just getting back to sewing which I so missed. Thanks for your posts. Take care.

  23. Michele@crayonboxquiltstudio says:

    I really like this table runner. I certainly don’t need to add to my list of projects to make but I’m going to make one of these anyway. It’s simplicity seems perfect right now.

  24. Mary Ann Campbell says:

    Thanks for another wonderful, fast, fun quilt tutorial. You are making staying at home a lot more fun.

  25. Kay Welch says:

    Loving your writing/postmark fabric. I will have to keep my eyes out for it. And Sadie is so cute. Take Care and thank you for the wonderful free patterns and tips.

  26. Love the quilting on the table runner as well. Such great colors.
    In our little town of 33,000 there is still a huge number of people walking, playing tennis, even saw a basketball pick-up game in progress with cheerleaders and fans – probably 40 teens. And that’s why I like older dogs. More sense. We had 2 deaths in the town over but kids just have no fear.
    Prayers go out to all the medical staff people and people in high risk areas. The enemy you can’t see.
    But we quilters know what to do – hunker down and keep on quilting. I can use purple thread on my white quilt, I can back said quilt by piecing. No need to go running out to the store (although in all honesty I have had things delivered because of grandson’s FIFTH birthday. Can’t go without something to unwrap.)
    You mean there are actually dogs out there UNDER 7? Somehow the older dogs find their way here. The last 5 we have gotten with white muzzles. But Miss Sadie looks like a pup! Remember the humane societies in your thoughts and prayers. Ours are all on lock-down with Zero adoptions. Chicago, Hinsdale, West Suburban and more closed till further notice. I can’t get out but I can write a check.

  27. Jeanene Reed says:

    You could use strips from a jelly roll too! Thank you for the posting! Jeanene Reed Belleville Illinois

  28. Jacqueline says:

    I really like this table runner – both the pattern and the wavy quilting. I think I have yet another project to add to growing list! Hugs