Sharing Quilt Projects #5

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Gosh, another week flew by! First we’ll look at what I’m working on and then let’s take a look at the quilt projects made with my quilt tutorials and patterns that you have made.

My Quilt project

Pinwheel Half Square Triangles

I did get this quilt project pieced and I’m not sure if I’ll add borders or not. I’m not sure what the name of the quilt block is, the first time I made it was way back in 2011. Is that really 9 years ago!

I shared a pillow made with half square triangles using the Accuquilt GO! cutter and die and also a table runner. I think it is time to go back and update those posts.

Batik pinwheel quilt

What started me on this quilt project was finding one simple quilt block in my orphan block stash that was made with this block and the colors all blended together so you couldn’t really see the design. I used leftover fabrics from my Wild Rows Flower tutorial. I made that in 2018 and I’m not sure when I pieced this block.

Quilt block without enough contrast

Many of you email me saying you love the way I combine fabrics in my projects wishing you could do it like that. You don’t see the huge pile of quilt blocks that don’t look good! Here is the block, notice I ran out of the fabric I was using for the border so I improvised and added two pieces of another fabric.

Trust me, put this in a pillow or quilt and no one will notice! The block looks pretty good in the photo but actually, the yellow disappears in the block in real life. Now I could do some fancy quilting with a dark, dark yellow thread but I will probably just do something simple. For now, this block goes back into the bin.

I’ll share a tutorial on this block in several different sizes soon.

Pinwheel quilt block blending

Quilt projects shared with me

Here are a few quilt projects that have been shared with me. If you would also like to check out the other ones that I have shown before, you will find links to them at the end of this post.

Falling Charms quilt

Look at this beautiful quilt that Margaret shared with me using my Falling Charms tutorial! I love the way all of the beautiful fabrics flow across the quilt. She actually made this as a Doona cover as it is called in Australia. Here in the US we call it a duvet. What a great idea.

Falling Charms quilt by Margaret

Maple Star block

Lucie shared a photo of her beautiful quilt block made using my Maple Star quilt block tutorial. I really like the way she mixed batiks and regular quilt fabrics together. I do that a lot also. She made the 18-inch size using her Accuiquilt GO! 12-inch Qube set to make this.

Maple Star quilt block made by Lucie

Ohio Star table runner

Lynda made this beautiful table runner for her sister using my Ohio Star table runner tutorial. Doesn’t it look precious in pink? This also shows you that it isn’t necessary to always do a lot of quilting in order to create a quilt project.

Ohio Star table runner in pinks

Scrappy Butterfly

Carol-Ann made this precious quilt with my Scrappy Butterfly baby quilt tutorial for one of her granddaughters. I think I have seen this quilt made at least 10 times and each time it is so much fun to see! Thank you for sharing Carol-Ann!

Scrappy Baby quilt tutorial

Jacob’s Ladder Box

Susan shared the baby quilt she is making using my Jacob’s Ladder Box pattern. The pattern has five different sizes in it. It looks so neat!

Susan shared her quilt

Sharing Pets

I love seeing photos of other quilters pets!


Joan sent me this precious photo of her faithful companion Indigo who she describes as “my helper and quilt inspector.  8-year-old German Shepherd, Husky, and an assortment of others, mostly canine, my shadow. “

Joan is making this quilt for the Almost Home Nursing home for Kids. She is always sharing beautiful quilts that she donates for good causes including the Humane Society. She is also a part of the group Adopt a Husky which works to place Huskies in new homes and has helped close down puppy mills. Joan also makes many quilts for auctions for them.

Joan and Indigo by a quilt top

Miss Sadie

When we rescued Miss Sadie almost four years ago she was in terrible shape and our veterinarian believed that she had been a mama in a puppy mill. Those are terrible places. I remember it took forever to get her to walk on grass.

Builder Bob found her and she imprinted on him immediately and he is her special, special human. I’m good for fixing her food…..but not much else LOL. She is also very jealous of any attention that Builder Bob gives to Mr. Mickey.

She only tolerates Mr. Mickey when she needs to “hear” if someone (usually Builder Bob) is coming as she is deaf. Can you see how she is pressed up to the side of him? If he hears anything and I mean anything, he will start barking and that is her signal to run to the back door as maybe, just maybe Builder Bob is home!

Sadie using Mickey for hearing

If you have made any quilt projects using my tutorials and patterns I would love to share them! It is so much fun to see what you have created! I also enjoy seeing your pets and other quilt projects!

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  1. Sandra Shepherd-O'hara says:

    Connie, what size is quilt block number 5, please? I don’t think there is a tutorial yet,but I am interested in at least the measurements for this block, and it’s parts. If you could e mail me, I would be greatly appreciative!
    Thank you!

  2. Glenda Bilinsky says:

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts. Carol-Ann’s quilt was my favourite, I love how the whole quilt just pops with colour. And I am very partial to butterflies 🦋😊!
    Glenda from Canada 🇨🇦

  3. That is the sweetest picture of Sadie and Mr. Mickey. I have known other people with pets that rely on each other for hearing or seeing “services”; it’s really amazing how they do that.

    1. It is so neat to see her use him for her ears! Now I just wish she liked him at other times!

  4. Faye Eldridge says:

    Your quilts are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Faye

  5. Joan Sheppard says:

    Love to see what everyone is doing these days – such beautiful butterflies, and who know there were so many purples. Love the Blue Jacob’s ladder.
    Managed to make 8 quilts – baby bed to twin size without ever leaving the house – and still can’t see any difference in the stash. I call these my Crown Collection (a much nicer word for corona.) Love the one you have at the beginning – whatever you are calling it and checked out the other one you made with the petals. Last of the nice weather so going back to the garden. When it hits 75° I go in and don’t come out til it snows.

    1. Wow are you keeping busy Joan! Thank you for sharing that precious photo of Indigo!