River Scraps Baby Quilt

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There is nothing like a scrappy quilt, especially when you can look at the squares and see clothes and other projects you have made in the past. This is my Rivers Scraps baby quilt tutorial. Most of the fabrics are old and may be out of style but when you cut them up into small pieces – they are ageless.

This baby quilt has lots and lots of oldies in it…..have you noticed that recently I’ve been going through my old UFOs (unfinished objects) and trying to complete some projects……it has been fun.

River Scraps baby quilt on deck
River Scraps Baby Quilt tutorial

This post was originally written in 2013, I have updated the photos and finally added the information on how to make the quilt. Enjoy!

Many times I have no idea what I am going to make, I just start looking through my fabrics, and sometimes I start out with odd quilt blocks I started and never used.

I found a box of blocks that were made from 3-inch squares that were the leftover pieces from the 5-inch squares that I cut from all of my old fabrics to make scrap quilts for my grandchildren.

My favorite quilting tools

These are some of the items that I use all the time when I’m quilting.

The grandkids always wanted to keep warm with an old quilt I had made years ago for their mom. I finally realized the reason it was so warm was that it had polyester batting in it so I made each of them their own scrap quilt that is meant to be used and used and loved.

River Scraps baby quilt by the river

River Scraps baby quilt tutorial

38″ x 45″

The River Scraps blocks are 15 inches.

River Scraps baby quilt on deck rail
River Scraps baby quilt on rail

The size of the quilt is 38 inches by 45 inches and could be used as a baby quilt or a lap quilt.

Here is the quilt before washing it.

River Scraps quilt before washing

Notice that I said “was” I have washed this quilt several times and the size now is 35-inches x 42-inches. I love it when quilts get that crinkly look and soften up. Every time you wash a quilt it seems to get softer and softer.

River Scraps quilt after several washings

I decided to add borders to the sides, I know, it looks like I added the borders to the top and bottom. I guess it just depends on which way you turn the quilt.

I love looking at all the old fabrics that have been in my stash for a long, long time.

River Scraps baby quilt laying flat on deck

I just used a neutral quilt fabric on the back and picked out a green plaid from my stash for the binding. I used Warm & Natural for the batting……my bolt is getting smaller and smaller….sigh. I’ll have to start watching for a 50% off sale.

River Scraps baby quilt back of quilt

Cutting the fabric

There is no yardage for the blocks as this is a scrap quilt.

If you would like to use the same fabric for the background instead of light scraps, then you will need 1 yard of it which will be enough for the side borders also.

Quilt blocks:

  • 96 – 3″ squares assorted prints
  • 24 – 3½” cream squares (for half-square triangles)
  • 24 – 3½” square assorted prints (for half-square triangles)
  • 72 – 3″ cream squares

Piecing blocks:

Sew with a ¼” seam allowance and press to the dark fabric or press your seams open – your choice.

  • Each block starts out as a 16-patch block with 4 rows of 4 blocks
  • Add the top and bottom rows
  • Add the side rows

I normally always use my AccuQuilt cutter to make half-square triangles as they are perfect using my 3″ finished half square triangle die.

If I am rotary cutting my half-square triangles then I cut them a little bigger and then trim them to the correct size. Normally you would cut your HSTs 3 3/8″ square but I am recommending 3½” and then trim them to the perfect size.

perfect 3 inch half square triangles

Assemble the baby quilt:

Sew blocks together

Sew two blocks together to make a row. Repeat this three times.

Add the side borders

Check the size of your quilt, it should measure 30½” x 45½”.

  • Cut two 2″ x 45½” strips of cream – (length of the quilt)
  • Add to the sides

Block borders

  • If you have any half-square triangles left over, you can add them to this border as I did. If not, just use 3″ squares
  • Cut 36 – 3″ assorted prints
  • Add to the sides
diagrams of quilts

Your quilt is all pieced! Add your batting and batting and quilt as desired. Add your binding using my easy quilt binding tutorial.


If you missed the link, get the AccQuilt 3-inch finished half square triangle die or take a look at the AccuQuilt GO! electric cutter set which really makes it fast and easy to cut quilt blocks!

Why River Scraps got updated

Last week my daughter was over and we were going through my quilts. She found several that she liked and I realized I had never written either a tutorial or pattern for them. This is one of them!

I happened to look in my batik stash storage bins and found several 16-patch blocks which started me on the journey of making river scrap blocks in different sizes.

Creating different sizes of the River Scraps block
Different sizes of the river scraps quilt blocks

As soon as I finish up a post and possibly a new mini quilt I’ll add the link here. In the meantime, if you would like to make just one River Scraps block – here is what you will cut.

One block:

  • 16 – 3″ squares assorted prints
  • 4 – 3½” cream squares (for 8 half-square triangles)
  • 4 – 3½” square assorted prints (for half-square triangles)
  • 12 – 3″ cream squares

Be sure and also read the River Scraps worksheet and tutorial.

I also have a quilt pattern for a little different River Scraps quilt!

Before you go…..

I have a couple more River Scraps posts to share with you!

River Scraps Quilt Pattern

River Scraps blocks in different sizes

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  1. Your quilt is very beautiful and unique. I love the light and dark stars and how well they fit together. Thanks so much for both 12 and 9 sized blocks and instructions for making.
    I love that you shared tutorials for the baby and the large quilts. An awesome opportunity to dwell among my stash. I am purchasing the larger quilt pattern tonight. I love everything you do!!!

  2. Sandy May says:

    Just what I need. During the Covid-19 lockdown, I have been on a mission to use up scraps. Have made five baby quilts for charity and a set of six placemats out of alternating 2-1/2″ print and neutral squares until I am sick of looking at them. Still the pile doesn’t seem to diminish. I’m going to tackle River Scraps with 2-1/2″ squares and then move on to the 3-1/2″. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern.

  3. Question–I love the River Scraps Quilt pattern. Is there a way to not lose the points on the half square triangles when the blocks are sewn together? Thanks

    1. Love this pattern. Thx for sharing . I wish I could share my photo. Thx Connie

  4. I love, love, love this quilt!!! I am going through all my UFO’s and bins of scraps and this will be a great project to put those scraps to good use. I love scrap patterns, but this one is exceptional. I love it!! Thank you for the post and all the inspiration you share.

  5. Liz Brigham says:

    Would like to make the River Scraps Baby Quilt using 2 1/2 in squares. I have several small boxes of 2 1/2 in strips. How would I make the half square triangles for the sides?

    1. You could use your 2 1/2 inch pieces for the squares but you will need 2 7/8 inch squares for the half-square triangles.

  6. Glenda B. says:

    I haven’t been doing much sewing the last two months but I have been cutting and organizing my leftover fabrics and this is the perfect quilt to make them with. I am usually not fond of scrappy quilts but this pattern and with how you have explained it and the wonderful pictures you have used has got me excited to give it a try. I have a wonderful tone on tone white batik that I am going to use as the back ground and use bright batiks for the blocks. Thank you for your inspiration Connie!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Glenda! This is what inspires me to create posts like this. I hope you have fun and you know how much I love bright batiks!

  7. Suzanne Cosgrave says:

    Lovely pattern and very clear tutorial thank you, made two blocks today

  8. Marilyn McIldoon says:

    This is a very sweet quilt. I will make mine larger, probably throw size. Love the idea of using all my bits of material for this colourful quilt. Look forward to getting your emails, they get my creative juices flowing!

  9. Carol Szalasny says:

    Hi Connie! Your new quilt is great! I love it! I always look forward to your emails, thank you for everything you share with us at no charge! I love to see your pictures of your house and your dogs, they are adorable! Thanks for sharing all you do! (P.S. I have made several of your patterns, I love the one table topper and have made many of them)! Stay healthy and well, Carol

  10. I do love a scrappy quilt. Thanks for the tute!

  11. I have a queen sized quilt using the same block. It’s funny that I’ve never thought to make a baby sized quilt with it. So sweet and great idea. Thank you for all you share with your fans!
    Donna in CA

  12. Kathleen Boden says:

    I like looking at your quilts and patterns but there are too many advertisements. I will stick with your newsletter.

  13. Cassandra Krueger says:

    Hallelujah! This is the project I have been waiting for. I have been making 16 square blocks as a stress reliever, but have had no idea where I was going with them. I love the look of your quilt and it looks simple enough for my skill level. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  14. Very pretty! I've been sorting my scraps and wondering what to do with them. I like your idea of the darker blocks and the lighter blocks!

  15. Really nice quilt. Does this block/pattern have a name?

  16. Wow! Stunning Connie! I love the colors in this one and yes, please, it would be great if you had time to write something up about this quilt. Well…….unless you're too busy out on the river doing some snake wrangling or something. 🙂

  17. Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Very pretty quilt! I'm in awe with how much you accomplish. So glad your internet is better. It's so frustrating when you have to struggle with that.

  18. Deb@asimplelifequilts says:

    I find myself wanting to make every quilt you blog about… love this block pattern! I love seeing my rolls of batting get smaller – such a visible sign of finishes.

    1. Connie,
      I love the idea of the River scrap quilt. I’m fairly new to quilting and have picked up lots of charm packs over my visits to shops. How would I go about making a scrappy quilt with the 5 in squares. I really don’t want to cut them down. I would appreciate your in put. Your quilts are beautiful!
      Thank you

  19. that is a good sign when your roll of batting is getting smaller, right? you do such beautiful work. barbara babscorbitt@gmail.com

  20. I love scrappy quilts and yours is so cute. Like you…this year I've been trying to finish up all my UFOs and use up my scraps.

    Congrats on a finish.

    1. Hello i want to make to a queen size how do i workout how many i need to cut i am looking to make please help.

  21. Very pretty scrappy quilt, Connie XXX

  22. Kelly Young says:

    You're right Connie- there's nothing like a scrappy quilt! I love that your used the fabric value to add some order to the scraps. It looks so fun!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  23. Connie, beautiful work! Love working with scraps!

  24. It is a great quilt! Thank you for sharing.
    Would you believe today, posts from June 3 came through all at once! I so enjoy your blog and had been missing reading your adventures.

  25. Oh..and you're showing up in my reader again!! Yay!!

  26. Love this one Connie!! And btw, love the new hair cut. My blog is finally back up and running after being hacked. Jeez!!

  27. Connie, your quilt is beautiful. Love the wonderful scraps that you have used. Is there a pattern for the quilt? Would love to add it to my "to do" list!

  28. I'm so happy you new internet service is working so much better for you….Yea….

  29. Love the quilt, and for some reason (YEAH!!!!) your blog showed up on my sidebar again. It has not updated for…ever!

  30. Scrapatches says:

    Beautiful! A scrappy quilt in this block pattern has been on my quilty bucket list for some time. I hope to be making one of these sooner or later … hopefully sooner. Sew many quilts … sew little time … 🙂 Pat

  31. Lovely scrappy quilt, Connie.
    Ps. Also pleased to report that after months of not having your blog come up in my blog list, all of a sudden it is back this week.

  32. Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    Great finish Connie. It is so much fun to go back and revisit old projects. Especially when they look so beautiful like this one.

  33. Quilting Tangent says:

    Very pretty scrappy quilt.

  34. Pretty quilt, Connie. I like that size, too. I am working on a quilt that is billed as lap-size but I really think it is too big to be called that.

  35. Betty Lou says:

    I have always liked this block pattern and have it in my "to do" file, looks especially nice in vintage fabrics. I enlarged your photo and I remember some of the old calicos that I had used before.

  36. Your quilt is gorgeous. I am so in love with scrappy quilts.
    Hope you get some nice weather soon.