Sharing quilt projects

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I usually only post finished tutorials or patterns anymore but I have found that I really miss sharing some of the quilt projects I am working on that….may never get finished.

My Quilt Projects

By the way, yesterday my fabric came! I have four jelly rolls of beautiful batiks that I’ll use for a quilt in our bedroom. A pattern for a split rail fence quilt came with them but I think I’ll do something a little different.

On the design wall

Sometimes it is fun to just design a few blocks and if I don’t like them – they go in my UFO block box and eventually I’ll either use them in something or give them away.

I asked Builder Bob to build me a temporary design wall. A couple of months ago…when we could still go anywhere we wanted; my daughter and I stopped at Menards and I picked up a bundle of styrofoam that is normally used as insulation in garage doors.

I covered one-piece with batik fabric and made a bulletin board for my granddaughter’s room. That left me with five for a design wall.

He cut a narrow board that worked as a ledge for the pieces to sit on and I also added two 16 pound Command Strips to each section.

I added batting to my sliding design wall but right now I am just using pins on this one.

All three quilt projects are actually from blocks or quilts I have done in the past and wanted to update.

Quilt projects on my design wall

I love making half-square triangle blocks, especially if I use my AccuQuilt cutter and dies. I have been on a roll making 4 inch finished HST blocks using the HST die that is in the 8-inch Qube Mix & Match set.

My blocks are always perfect when I make them this way and I don’t have to trim them. Normally I will cut my HSTs bigger as I did in my HST Pinwheel runner tutorial.

Sienna Arrows

Someone emailed me asking if I had ever written the pattern for my Sienna Arrows quilt. I had to do a search on my site to see what it looked like as I couldn’t remember.

Well, would you believe that this week I pieced this with a couple of charm packs and….it looks the same as the center of the Sienna Arrows quilt that I made back in 2013! How wild is that!

Quilt Projects Shared with me

I always love it when people send me photos of something made with my tutorials or patterns! I kept thinking I wanted a way to share them with others.

I don’t really want to set up a Facebook group as I would have to spend too much time there and I prefer to spend my time in my studio. I have also shared a few in my newsletters.

I have decided to do a post once a week where I share what is on my design wall and also some photos that have been sent to me. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to show all of them though.

Box Block

Kerstin shared the quilt she made using my Box Block tutorial. I really like the way she quilted the corners to make it looks like a mitered border.


Star Dust

Joan shared her Star Dust quilt which went to the Huskey auction. Hmm I am sure I wrote a blog post about this quilt but I can’t find it. If you happen to see it, send me a link!

Joan and the Star Dust quilt

Applique Flowers baby quilt tutorial

Sharron shared this precious baby quilt made with my Applique Flowers tutorial. She also added applique butterflies!


Marilyn made this beautiful quilt with my Scattered pattern using Laurel Burch feline fabrics.

Scattered quilt

I have more but I’d better stop for now. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful quilt projects with me!

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  1. I love your tutorials. They are very clearly written and I’ve pointed many of my 4-Hers to your site. Will be including them (links) in the quilting project I’m planning this year (all virtual)- and I’ll be sure to send in pictures of anything my members make using them.
    Re: Rhapsody jelly rolls – Love the colours!

    1. Thank you Linda! I am so glad you like my tutorials and I would love to see photos from you or your members!

  2. Sara Fridley says:

    This post was definitely eye candy. Everyone has such pretty projects going. I love, love, love the colors in those new Rhapsody jelly rolls. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

    1. Thank you Sara! I decided to buy the fat quarters as I am thinking I’ll need some bigger squares to go with the jelly rolls.

  3. Maxine Turner says:

    Love reading your blogs, and cruising all the quilt patterns, esp the ones you have made.I made the Chinese Forget -Me Nots, .everyone loved it and asked where i got pattern. Don’t know if any of them joined your site,i gave them the info. How do I post a picture of it to show you?

  4. It’s always fun to see quilts. Your new design wall seems to be working for you. I couldn’t live without one although I really wish mine were bigger. That Sienna Arrows quilt is striking. HSTs are little workhorses, aren’t they?

    1. There is just so much you can do with HSTs and they really make a pattern look intricate.

  5. Love to see what everyone is doing. The Hot Chilli Peppers is a small version – the practice blocks of “Star Dust”. I love this pattern, I like to see if I can do it. And (sign) I made a bunch of mistakes but the puppers don’t complain. But now I know what I did wrong and can go ahead with the fancy batiks. Some of my other mistakes wind up as hot pads, table pads, pads for the glass lids for the casseroles so they don’t clank in the drawers. Some have even wound up under potted plants. Queen of “special” projects. Going to try Marilyn’s “Scattered” as an “Eye Spy” baby quilt. Thanks, Joan.
    p.s. We have had rain of biblical proportions. The dog won’t even go out!

    1. I was pretty sure you told me that it was a practice of Star Dust but it still looks great!

  6. Hi Connie, I call you the Amazing Kresin lol. I just love all your quilts and thank you for sharing all your beautiful ideas with us.
    I’m going to make the Baby Butterfly quilt for our new grand baby due this August.
    Thanks again

    1. LOL, thanks Colleen! You will love making the butterfly baby quilt and I can’t wait to see it!