Batik Quilt Scrap Storage

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I am working on several quilt projects that I can’t share but I’m the type who works on several things at a time so usually have something to show. Does anyone else do that?

Organizing and batik quilt scrap storage

I love organizing quilt fabrics and batik scraps in my quilt studio. I’ll show you my storage solutions and my favorite sizes to cut scraps into so they are perfect for any scrappy quilt project and ready to use.

I keep all of my scraps sorted into sizes that I seem to use all the time. Being an ambassador for Island Batik and also designing patterns with their beautiful batiks keep my scrap bins full.

Island Batik Scrap projects

I took some of my 1½” batik squares and started making little 9 patch blocks to mix in with some square on point blocks. I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet…..maybe a pillow!

My favorite quilting tools

These are some of the items that I use all the time when I’m quilting.

My favorite quilting tools

These are some of the items that I use all the time when I’m quilting.

Here are the sizes that I usually cut my leftover batiks and then store in the storage bins under my cutting table in my quilt studio:

  • 1½” x 1½” squares
  • 2″ x 2″ squares
  • 2½” x 2½” squares
  • 5″ x 5″ squares
  • 2½” strips
Quilt scrap storage in my quilt room

It makes it so nice to have the different sizes already cut and ready to use in a project. How do you store your scraps? 

Quilt Studio cutting table

Have you seen the new 10th Anniversary applique dies from AccuQuilt? Take a look at this cute Frog tablerunner and pick up the free pattern! I’ll be making something soon with this fun applique frog.

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  1. seeing this now. 2021 . I am very similar. get a piece that is all that is left of it. and cut from largest square down to 2in. my smallest.. but now think I might add 11/2/ I use leftover see through salad containers to sort and mark them with tape for easy finding. yes also to plain muslin and scappy “lights” to fill in the gaps. happy quilting hugs.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your project as well as your scrap sizes. Seeing them printed out made me realize that those are the sizes I use as well! I’ll be printing them out and posting them in my sewing studio. I also loved your project! Awesome post! Thank you!

  3. I have a large plastic bin for my scraps, that’s easiest for me
    Love your scrappy quilt -although small it looks great !l! Must be time for a larger version.

  4. Seeing your studio and storage really got me in gear to finish some of the work in my sewing room. We moved to a smaller home and I lost a lot of space. Love getting all of the messages – it keeps me going with my projects.

  5. Ah, the sweetes little nine patch blocks. You inspire me to sort my scraps, now they are in a big box (or two), and I have to dig around.

  6. You really don’t want to see my method!! Shove into a tub-great picture isn’t it, LOL I wish it was all organized but then I wouldn’t have just the right size cut anyway. So I thought you did all your sewing on your old singer-I see some fancy machine in that studio picture.

  7. The scrap quilt top looks good. My system is quite similar, except I cut more sizes. 8 1/2 inch is the largest I use. I take a piece I call a scrap and keep cutting the largest squares out of it that I can. Sometimes I cut rectangles, but I have to have a specific pattern in mind to do that.

    I go back and forth about adding plain muslin in a scrap design and using scrappy “low volume” pieces instead.

  8. I really love the 9-patches mixed with the squares on point. Just that little extra step of putting them on point makes such a dramatic statement. I also have scraps cut into certain size squares, but I’m not nearly as organized. I’m so envious of your studio space. It’s so efficient.

  9. Wow I am envious of your studio. It is so bright and spacious. Your organization is amazing.( not my strong suit at all). Great projects from scraps.

  10. I love those tiny nine patches with the square in a square blocks, I think you need to do a full sized quilt with them!!! 😉

  11. Thanks for sharing about my QAL! I’m really enjoying using the IB fabrics for this version of the quilt!

  12. Not only organized but SO MANY!!! I do have some squares cut and sizes labeled but in little “to go” containers. Love your quilts. You give me so many great ideas.

  13. My scraps are cut in useable sizes and stored in small bins. My problem is my stash, I’m currently trying to sort it and roll on magazine boards. Currently it’s stored in big totes sorted by color. The totes are so heavy I end up running to my local quilt shop instead of looking in my stash for the fabric I want.

  14. Whatever you make with the 1.5″ squares is going to be gorgeous, I love the color combo. As far as working on multiple project. I dont work on multiple top projects at once but I usually have a sandwich loaded on the frame, a top I am currently piecing and a design idea strewn about.

  15. Oh Connie, I love how organized you are! I’m afraid all my scraps are just tossed into bags waiting for the day to come when I can do something with them!

  16. I’m not as organized as you are! My scraps are tossed in a bin… Love your studio 😉