Midnight Glow Placemats

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I really enjoy making placemats for our table and just finished these Midnight Glow placemats.

I have made several quilt projects with the colorful fat quarters that I first used to make the Midnight Glow baby quilt. The last of the Midnight Glow quilt blocks have been used to make 4 placemats to match the table runner I also just finished.

Midnight Glow placemats on wicker table
Midnight Glow Placemats

The placemats are a little big for this table right now. I always make my placemats bigger than I want as they will get washed and dried quite a bit and shrink.

We recently received some beautiful “new to us” wicker furniture to put in our sunroom. Our friends have downsized and don’t have room for the furniture and I have always loved it. Looks perfect in our room and Mr. Mickey approves!

Dog on the wicker couch
Dog on wicker couch

I usually have a table runner on the kitchen table and then at dinner time, I remove it and put placemats out. Builder Bob and I usually sit on the same side of the table so we can watch the news. Most of the time we will use the extra placemats as hot pads but I thought it would be fun to show you what the table runner looks like.

Midnight Glow placemats and runner on kitchen table
Midnight Glow Placemats and table runner

I also made a Midnight Glow lap quilt with oversized blocks in it. There is a tutorial also.

I used four quilt blocks that were leftover from my Midnight Glow baby quilt.

11″ x 17″ Placemats

Each placemat is made with one 9½-inch unfinished Midnight Glow quilt block in the center.

Cutting for each placemat

  • 1 – 5-inch square of black
  • 6 – 2 3/4-inch x 5-inch rectangles of various colors
  • 2 – 7¼-inch squares of black cut diagonally
  • 2 – 2½-inch x 11-inches for border

You can find instructions for piecing the block in my Midnight Glow quilt tutorial.

Always sew with a ¼ seam allowance.

quilt block layout

Use the large black squares that were cut diagonally for the corners of the quilt block. I am using a black that has a subtle design in it.

Fold the block in half to mark the center on the sides that don’t have a seam in the center. Also, fold the black corner triangles in half and match the center marks.

Adding the corner pieces to the quilt block
adding corners to blocks

Sew two opposite sides of the corner triangles to the quilt block and then add the other two sides.

Sewing the corner triangles to the quilt block
adding more corners

Here is your quilt block, square it up if needed, just remember to leave ¼-inch past the points along the sides so you don’t cut off the points of your block.

Add the corner triangles to the quilt block
finished block

Make as many placemats as you need.

Four Midnight Glow placemats
completed quilt blocks

Next, add the black 2½-inch by 11-inch borders to increase the width of your placemats. I am showing it here in grey as it was difficult to see in a photo. The bottom image shows the placemat with binding added.

Add the borders to the midnight glow quilt block
add borders

I used Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 black batting. When your quilt is black or a very dark color, this is a great batting to use. I was able to get a baby quilt, a table runner and 4 placemats out of this queen size batting and I still have some leftover.

Hobbs batting

I just did a simple meandering free motion stitching on the black areas of the placemats.

Adding the borders to the Midnight Glow placemats
quilt the placemats

Then I added my 2½-inch binding. I have started using Clover Wonder clips all the time instead of pins to hold my binding in place.

Binding the placemats
add binding

Once I had the placemats all finished, I decided I didn’t like the areas that weren’t quilted so back to my sewing machine I went and quilted those areas. Much better! I used a light green thread which you can see on the back of the placemat.

Showing the quilting on the Midnight Glow placemats
Free motion quilting

I also finished up a large table runner similar to this Midnight Glow table runner, I am putting together a pattern that will have all three quilt projects and yardage in it. In the meantime, Mr. Mickey is keeping an eye on everything for me!

Here is a great selection of fat quarters that you could use for the Midnight Glow quilt projects or here are some others you might like.

Get the Midnight Glow quilt pattern that includes the placemats and several other quilt projects made with the Midnight Glow block.

Mr. Mickey the dog sitting on the quilts
Poodle with Midnight Glow quilt projects

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  1. Mr. M. looks like re really approves of this one. I bought a Hobbs Black a while ago and this will be the perfect time to use it. The placemats look really nice on point. Thanks!

  2. Hi Connie ~~ More photos of Mr Mickey ~~ Yay!! Love your wicker suite. The cushions are perfect. I’ve never seen a wicker side-cabinet before. Very classy! Thanks for the tip to make place mats a bit larger to allow for shrinkage over time.

  3. Thanks for the placemat pattern Connie. I love your wicker furniture! I’ve never seen a wicker table like that, so nice.

  4. Nothing like living in critter-land! We had to stop feeding birds because we have two large deer herds, I suspect two more as well because we are seeing 6 adult bucks now. They have literally destroyed our lawn several times and now we have to have all our shrubbery replaced and sections of lawn reseeded. They empty the feeders in a couple of minutes. So, no more of that. Such pretty fabrics for this Midnight Glow placemat set. You are a busy bee. Hopefully, we will all thaw out soon!