Sharing Quilt Projects #20

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It is time for another Sharing quilt projects post and this one is #20. Whenever you make something using one of my tutorials or patterns I would love to see a photo of it and then share it with others. This is always so inspiring!

Can you believe it is almost the end of February? The sun is out and hopefully, some more of the snow will melt.

My Quilt Projects

It seems like there hasn’t been much quilting going on this week but I have plenty of things to work on.

Unfinished Quilts

I mentioned before that I was going through boxes of unfinished quilts and blocks. Well I decided to hang up the quilt tops that are ready to be quilted. I have them in the guest room closest downstairs and hopefully seeing them in there will motivate me to finish them.

Quilt tops ready to be quilted


I forgot all about this purple batik Scattered quilt top that I pieced. This is on my list to get it quilted. I think I have made the Scattered quilt at least 8 times.

Scattered quilt in purple batiks


Last night my granddaughters were over and we took a new photo of us together. Today I’m going to get my haircut. Not sure what I’ll have done, maybe just a few inches taken off right now but I doubt if I’ll ever have my hair this long again. I’m thinking it is time to go short again.

Me with my granddaughters

Quilt Projects Shared With Me

It is always so much fun to see all of the beautiful quilt projects that you are making! f I didn’t show yours, I am so sorry and will try and get them in my next sharing post.

Hidden Wells Table Runner

Phyllis shared this beautiful table runner that she made using the Hidden Wells quilt block tutorial.

Phyllis table runner

Scrappy Butterfly

Karen shared her beautiful quilt made with my Scrappy Butterfly Baby Quilt tutorial. This continues to be a favorite tutorial on my site.

Scrappy butterfly quilt

Rainbow Table Topper

Janet shared her table topper that reminds me of the Rainbow Table Topper tutorial that I have. I really like the fabrics she used in hers.

Table topper

Maple Star Quilt Block

Karen shared an 18-inch Maple Star block after using my Maple Star quilt block tutorial. The rest of the blocks in her quilt are 12-inch blocks and this will go in the center. I can’t wait to see her quilt!

Maple Star quilt block

Sleeping Bags

Vicki made a couple of little sleeping bags using the Easy Doll Sleeping Bag tutorial. These are so cute and make great little gifts. You can pick up a little stuffed animal from the Dollar store for a gift any little one would love.

Doll Sleeping Bag tutorial

Dark Blue Rail Fence

Miriam made another table runner using the Dark Blue Rail Fence tutorial and said she has a group of pastel batiks for the next one she’ll make! How fun!

Dark Blue Table Runner

Fabric Baskets

Terri shared a photo of her fabric baskets made with my Fabric Baskets tutorial. Here is what she said “I have been using them for my table to hold our napkins.  I also hate wasting anything, so today–turned the corner triangles into a coaster to match.  Some of them are not that square, but they get the job done and there was no waste from the project.  Thanks again for sharing your projects on your blog.”

Fabric Baskets

Sharing Pets

I don’t know about you, but I love animals and it is always so neat to see photos of them!


Ellen shared this sweet photo of her dog Honey scampering around in the snow.

Honey the dog in the snow

Stray Kitten

Darlene rescued this sweet little kitten that showed up on her deck, she already has a cat that doesn’t like other cats so she couldn’t keep it.

Darlene said “We managed to get the little one inside before a bitter -20 night. She stayed overnight with us then yesterday a lovely lady that has a kitten rescue picked her up, took her to the vet, no microchip found. She’s currently in foster care and will be going back to vet for shots etc.” You are wonderful Darlene!

Stray kitten


We have all kinds of finches, cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers at our feeders. Whenever a noise startles the birds, they all take off at the same time, and occasionally one will hit our windows. Twice I have been able to rescue a little finch.

Here is a little one that I picked up and put on a bench. Yesterday Mr. Mickey and I heard a load bang on the window and when I looked out I could see the legs sticking out of the snow mound but no movement. I pulled on my boots and waded through the deep snow and pulled out another little finch.

Poor thing! It was alive and I put him on our deck. Within minutes it flew away. There is no way he would have been able to turn upright and get out of the snow.


Kittens in our future?

Well, I setup the trail camera the other night. For some reason it never worked all night but in the early morning there were several videos of the stray cats that I feed.

Bad news…….I assumed they were both females but after watching one of the videos…..the big fluffy cat under the bushes is a male. I can see kittens in our future! I think the female kind of reminds me of an owl in this photo!

Stray Cats

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Your hair is beautiful and I adore your new photo. Your love of nature is wonderful and what a savior you are for those poor birds who fall in the snow. Kittens…oh my. Your quilts to finish are fu to see hanging and ready for your expertise. I also really enjoy seeing what others have created from your excellent tutorials. March is here and Spring is near.

  2. You seem to really be enjoying the nature that is now around you. I chuckled at the remnants from the sunflower seeds. It looks like you have a nice supply of quilts to finish off. Love the picture of you and the girls! It’s always fun to see the variety of projects others do with your patterns.

  3. We used to have a picture window, but changed to casement so we could enjoy opening the windows sometimes. Side effect was the screens were visable to the birds, and/or a softer landing and no more accidents. Has the possum gotten out of hibernation? The cats look very happy about the warmth. And the Sharing Quilts are so inspirational! Seems like I quilt all the time and never seem to be done! Thanks for doing all of this.

    1. I so enjoy all the photos of your furry and feathered friends. You’re like a modern day Snow White the way animals are attracted to you and your kindness towards them. You have your Prince Charming and are living your happy ever after in your new home. Sure can tell that your granddaughters love you to pieces from the lovely photo of the three of you. Thanks for posting all the beautiful creations that people have made using your patterns. Thank you for brightening my days with your email newsletter. Stay safe, healthy and happy! Kindest regards from Vancouver Island,British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦.

  4. That kitten was really lucky to have Darlene take her in when she did. -20 Brrrrr!
    And Jacqueline has a good point about trap and neuter. You could be overrun with kittens before you know it.
    I was reading your other post about the sunflower seeds. That’s why I had to stop feeding them on my balcony. The seeds were just awful and it was impossible to keep the floor of the balcony clean. I just feed peanuts now. Those shells are messy, but easier to clean up.

  5. Hi Connie – In order to avoid having even more homeless kitties, who will grow up to reproduce on their own, I urge you to trap them, especially the female and have them altered. I volunteer for a rescue in my area and we have traps the public can use, and we also provide vouchers to assist with the cost of the alter. Little kittens are so cute, but alas, as I said, they grow up to also reproduce is not altered and you could be overrun with homeless felines.

  6. Hi Connie, I am honored to have my little name sake “Darla” our stray kitty on your website. I’m sending an email to get an update on the little ones vet visit this week.
    Your cats are lovely. My heavens they look so healthy. Do you whisper and talk softly to them? Kitties and cats love whispers. They will be eating out of your hand before you know it.
    Thanks for the honorable mention Connie.
    Nova Scotia

  7. Everything looks great including all the animals. Here in Texas we are through with the snow for right now. Never know what’s going on happen with the weather

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