Could this be Pelly????

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I received a wonderful email from my friend Kevin the quilter which really made my day! He took his family to the St. Louis zoo and took photos of the pelicans there. Could one of these be my little Pelly???

Kevin Quilter Pelly group St Louis Zoo

This is Pelly in July of 2014 when we rescued him.

Some of you may remember this. The Mississippi River was flooded (like it is now) and many birds and animals were swept out of their habitat. He was finally taken to the Coralville Raptor Center and eventually went to the St. Louis zoo. If he stayed there one year they would clip his wings and keep him permanently. I like to think that he is there and safe.

Pelly a young white pelican

I will admit that every time I see a pelican float by…..especially if it is alone…..I do yell out “Pelly!”

Kevin Quilter Pelly at zoo

I will admit that every time I see a pelican float by…..especially if it is alone…..I do yell out “Pelly!” I’m really not sure if Pelly was a he or a she. Could this be Pelly?

Kevin the Quilter Pelly at zoo

Or this one????

I went back and found some of the posts that I did when we found Pelly……you can’t believe how much fish a pelican can eat! I remember the first time I picked Pelly up and realized he weighed practically nothing… was all feathers!

Thank you, Kevin, for the memories and also for giving me the incentive to do a post!

My Dad

As many of you know, my dad went into the hospital on May 15th and is still there. Surgery, infection, low blood pressure, water retention……he has had it all. We never know from one day to the next how he will be. It is a 40-minute drive to the hospital and by the time I get home……blogging is the last thing I want to do.

We had a bad night several days ago when the doctor was afraid he wouldn’t make it through the night and all of us were at the hospital. My dad has always been a fighter and even though he isn’t as optimistic as he used to be…..I have faith that we’ll get him out of the hospital soon. Thank you for your kinds thoughts and I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your emails and comments.

I had 3 quilts that needed to be finished for Fall Quilt Market for Island Batik and I am so happy that I finished the last one, took photos and have the box ready to put in the mail tomorrow. That is a relief!

I have a couple of AccuQuilt projects that are next in line to be finished.

I am so looking forward to ONE day at home doing nothing but staying in my quilt studio and working. That is my passion and love.

I am on the mid-day hospital shift so I had better get ready to go.

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I miss Pelly too!! Kevin is such a sweetie to send you grown-up pictures of Pelly!!! Since there are no pelicans living where I am, every time I see a picture of one, I am reminded of Pelly and your adventures with him! I totally fell in love with him/her through your stories. 2014 will always be the summer of Pelly and Pelly’s mom 🙂 I am so sorry to hear about your dad…adding you and your family to my prayer list!

  2. Blessings to you and your family! Please take care you know you are in our prayers!

  3. Oh such fond memories of Pelly! It definitely would be special if he came by again!
    Sending your dad my get well soon wishes, and thinking of you. Take of yourself.

  4. Uhh I hope one is Pelly, didn’t they mark him/her when they transferred?
    Sorry about your dad. Hang in there… and prayers.
    I have one quilt done and ready for IB, just need to pack it up

  5. How marvelous, Pelly is loved by more than he will ever know. What a nice thing for Kevin to do!! I’ll bet he is one of the lucky ones to be safe at the zoo.

  6. Susan Ulrich says:

    Pelly seems to have made it, I pray that your dad does too! Keep on keeping on!

  7. Dawn Nelson says:

    Hi Connie! Gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I feel bad that I have not been keeping up with your blog because I’ve missed so much. I haven’t kept up with any blogs for months and I miss yours the most. I really need to get back and catch up. Of course I remember Pelly!! We now live on the Central West Coast of Oregon (moved from CA 13 mos ago) and see pelicans all the time and each one reminds me of that tiny little Pelly and all you and BB did to keep him alive. I sort of think that #33 resembles him. ? Kindest regards…..

  8. Was that back in 2014????? Good heavens! Where has the time gone?

    Those have to be long and worrisome days at the hospital with your dad. I am keeping him in my prayers.

  9. How could we ever forget Pelly? It would be great if he could raise a wing and say “Yeah, Connie, it’s me!”. Sending lots of prayers and good wishes to your dad.

  10. I remember Pelly from your posts. I hope one of those are him and he’s happily floating and safe at the zoo. I’m so sorry about your dad. We’re dealing with my mother-in-law so I know how exhausting it can be. My blogging and sewing have been close to zero, but I’m home this week and all I want to do is sew. I hope things get better for your dad! I’ll be thinking of you.

  11. Oh Pelly. How we miss you. I really enjoyed the adventure’s of Pelly. You should write a children’s book on him/her.

  12. Oh how I do remember your Pelly photos…sending best wishes for your dad!

  13. Sharon Vrooman says:

    Pelly held such a special place in all of our hearts. Sending healing prayers

  14. paulette whitfield says:

    I continue to pray for comfort & peace for you & your family & that your Dad’s ultimate results are what all of you can manage w/God’s guidance & help
    I am sure your Pelly is safe

  15. Connie Dear I am just certain Pelly is here in this photo. How very sweet of Kevin to send photos to you. Pelly certainly was an adventure for you and Builder Bob and he endeared himself to all of us. Prayers and Healing Energy continue for your Dad. It is never easy when our loved ones are ill. May you soon be able to sew and quilt every day Sweet Connie. <3