Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

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The river is going down and the bell I hang my quilts on is showing again! Not much quilting has been done lately……I’ve been too busy with Pelly the White Pelican. I built him a new little sand pile on the other side of the road closer to the water. I put one sandbag by the mound. All of the pelicans seemed to be attracted to our sandbags….maybe they remind them of other pelicans.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

We are having a little problem with Pelly…..

He likes to sit and lay in the road!!! The first time I saw him like this I thought he was dead!

Fortunately everyone is driving slow and knows about Pelly. He is pretty good about getting up and moving when a car comes but it sure makes us nervous.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

It was Builder Bob’s turn to get Pelly out of the road. By the way…..Builder Bob has been busy the last few days building a chicken coop for some friends…..maybe he’ll be building a “pelican coop” soon.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

Pelly is back on the big sand pile…..for a bit. We can’t figure out why he likes the road so much.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

This morning I was quilting and every time I heard a vehicle I would go out on the deck to see where Pelly was. This time our neighbor went by on his Kubota tractor and poor Pelly got so scared he actually went into the river. The current was strong and…..there went Pelly!!

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

Do I just let Pelly float down river??? I went back in the house, put my shoes on and headed down the road. When I got past the mailboxes what did I see……Pelly coming up from the river.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

I didn’t take any fish with me…..but that didn’t matter…..he was coming back home.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

For the rest of the day Pelly continued to be a little scared of the tractor as it went by. Our neighbor was going slow too. We even had the garbage truck go by….when that happened Pelly stayed close to the house.

 Everyone in town is enjoying the pelican and there have even been cars coming by with people who have heard about him. Neighbors have brought us fish and are going to take us fishing at a pond that has lots of small fish in it this weekend. It would be great to have a stockpile of them for Pelly.

I think he is getting more feathers, what do you think?

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

My brother was cleaning “pelican poop” off the dock……I got to clean the driveway.

Pelly the Pelican flooding is almost over

I’ve had a lot of questions in the comments and some of you might be wondering the same things so I’ll post a few things.

  • We were cutting up the fish into strips because several times in the beginning it seemed like Pelly was choking on large pieces. 
  • When he is full…..he walks away.
  • There were many young pelicans that were swept away in the flood and there isn’t any place to take Pelly right now, we are on a waiting list.
  • He doesn’t know how to feed himself, in rehab a older pelican teaches the youngsters.
  • He will learn to fly on his own, we were told that if we still have him to keep a video camera handy as it will be hilarious to watch him learn.
  • Since he is comfortable riding in a boat when the river goes down we want to take him across to a refuge and try to teach him to fish. There are usually white pelicans there also.
  • If he is still here by winter we are to call the conservationist for help. 

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  1. You are such a good pelican momma.

  2. LiteraryLadybug says:

    Love your Pelly update!

  3. The Pelly stories are so entertaining and interesting too. I didn't realize just how awkward they are when young like this and didn't realize the instinct to fish for themselves doesn't seem to be there with them as youngsters. Hopefully he'll stay safe and continue to grow.

  4. I'm happy others are helping you guys with your newest child Connie. I LOVE the videos. It would be great to have someone call to let you know they can take him off your hands though. It sounds like your stressing about him laying in the road about the same as a Momma letting her toddler out in the yard to play for the first time.

  5. I love all your Pelly updates. He is one lucky pelican. I love watching them fish on the bay here, they are amazing. Ours are more brown, though. He is one lucky little guy.

  6. Createology says:

    Pelly is so fortunate he found you and Builder Bob. I can't imagine Pelly ever wanting to leave. Pelly makes a very unusual pet but ever so entertaining.

  7. Cheree @ The Morning Latte says:

    So cute!

  8. Angela FlowersMoore says:

    Lovely video. I am learning so much. Had no idea Pelly would be so pet friendly.

  9. Farm Quilter says:

    Loving the updates on Pelly!! I also agree that you need to get lots of pictures of him and make a wall hanging. I certainly hope you get videos of him learning how to fly – that will be fun to share. You have certainly been blessed by the Summer of Pelly. Thanks for sharing that blessing with us!!! You are keeping notes on him, right – fab book and movie!!!

  10. He is so cute! Have fun cause they get big fast, hehe, When you go to the Islands in Greece, specifically Mykonos, they have "friendly" Pelicans that walk right up to you, they are huge.

  11. nerospost says:

    Hi Connie! I hope you make soon pelican coop and then you know that Pelly is in safe place when you are not out taking care of him. I'm happy to hear that people around you know about him and take care on the road. Here in Crete we have now one crocodile! it was found in a lake in Rethimon (a town about 60 km from us) and it's now the no one in news and well known already in many other Countries, too! There are no crocodiles in GREECE so this is something very Special. Now they try to catch it and to move to a 'zoo'. Many people already wants that they leave him in the lake. x Teje

  12. I guess some of us have cats and dogs ~ you've just been adopted by a pelly lol this could become a block buster film you realise!!

  13. Hi Connie, he may be sitting on the road because it is warm. Over in England if sheep are left to roam free they sleep on the roads as they are warm from the sun during the day. If you are driving round in rural areas where the sheep roam you have to drive really slowly. A friend who lives in Yorkshire was driving late at night and there were no street lights and she hit a sheep. It get up and walked off with no problems but her radiator was busted!!!!!! Love seeing the pictures of Pelly. You and yours have very kind hearts and I hope Pelly continues to grow into a fully grown pelican. Susie x

  14. Marit Johanne says:

    It is so fun to read the story about Pelly! You have really got something to do this summer!

  15. BillieBee (billiemick) says:

    🙂 ….Love it too. Thanks!

  16. I really love your Pelly updates! He sure is keeping you busy! I agree with Jeane, a wall hanging of Pelly has just got to be on your list!

  17. You are giving Pelly such wonderful care. I think you should do a wall hanging of Pelly before he grows up and possibly moves away…I can't really see that happening.

  18. Mary Huey says:

    You'll have something to talk about for the rest of your life, Connie!!

  19. Valerie Reynolds says:

    What an unexpected visitor this summer. He is so adorable and how fun to be learning and watching him learn and grow.

  20. What a great story and wonderful visitor. So interesting. I'm feeling the pelican love.

  21. ghesspanish says:

    Love your Pelly updates!

  22. says:

    ROFL our chickens did that the first couple of days they were allowed outside. Lay on their side, stretch their legs, lift their wings. Almost like they are stretching and getting sun. At first we thought they had died.

  23. Pelican Rehab – NOW I've heard everything. lol

  24. I am so loving the adventures of Connie – I mean Pelly. Tee Hee! Maybe you can put a few small live fish in a shallow tub and then throw his 'fish food' pieces in there so he learns to eat from the water – and possible catch the live ones as well.

  25. It sounds like Pelly is becoming a neighborhood celebrity. He even has a staff of servants to prepare his food, provide transportation, and clean up after him. He has all of you trained very well.

  26. I love your Pelly updates! He sounds like a real handful. I hope he is able to rejoin his fellow pelicans at some point. Had to laugh at the video. His walk reminds me of some people I've known after a long day.

  27. Can you borrow an adult pelican to teach him to fish and fly? Don't bother replying, just fish and quilt.