Pelly News!!

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I have news on Pelly!! First off, this past weekend Builder Fisherman Bob brought home hundreds of these small, perfect Pelly size Bullheads. Doesn’t this look like the perfect pelican dinner…..well it is only about 5 inches long so I think he will need several of these.

Pelly the Pelican News!!

I filled every cookie sheet we had and quick froze them.

Pelly the Pelican News!!

Once they were frozen I put on leather gloves to keep my hands warm and used a small hammer to break the fish apart.

Pelly the Pelican News!!

Plenty of fish dinners for Pelly! We actually had about 10 – gallon bags plus this ice cream container and yesterday they were picked up by Michelle who works at the Raptor Center and she will be taking them to Pelly today. Now for the BIG NEWS!!!

Pelly the Pelican News!!

Pelly will soon be moving to his new home which will be the St. Louis, MO zoo! They have a big pond with other White Pelicans and they hope that when the birds migrate in the fall, Pelly will go with them. If not he will be able to stay at the zoo.

The zoo is 40 acres and it sounds like this pond isn’t part of the zoo that gets visited. I am sure Pelly will love being around other pelicans.

Remember that I had hoped to go up and visit Pelly…….well, we were told it wouldn’t happen. They are trying to limit human contact since he has imprinted on us and it would set them back to let us see him. I have to tell you that I am not really a bird person but…..I got all choked up at finding out he was going to a new home and….we couldn’t see him.

His foot is doing better and he is in a cage outside and has a horse trough to swim and eat in. When someone takes food to him they don’t talk to him and she said he threw a big fit the other day…..honking and even throwing himself on the ground trying to get attention…..poor guy, I can imagine how lonely he must be as we were always talking to him. I think that is when I got choked up.

Pelly the Pelican News!!

I am so thankful that they were able to help Pelly and find a good home for him and I know all of you have enjoyed this adventure just as much as I have! Thank you for all the sweet emails asking about Pelly. I am definitely working on a quilt with a……Pelly pelican in it!

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  1. I'm late catching up on my blogs and finally saw this post. Oh my… I can understand the tears but I'm glad Pelly will be with "his own kind" and may actually be back in the pelican life or he can be safely housed at the zoo. I'm praying that he does migrate and lives a full, wonderful life. What a blessing YOU were in his life!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the news of Pelly's new home. There's an old saying about parents that goes something like Parents give their children 2 gifts. One is roots, the other is wings. You've truly give Pelly wings and I can only imagine how I would feel being told your can's see him again. But know you've done the best thing for him.

  3. Sounds like Pelly imprinted on you, too! I never knew there were pelicans in Iowa until Pelly's story. It's such a sweet story, and the zoo is really a happy ending. You did so well for him and now he will get to be with other pelicans. Perhaps you can wave to him at the zoo? Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. I'm sure it will make a great quilt, too!

  4. Hi!!! I am glad Pelly will have a good home!!!! So sorry you didn't get to visit him though!!!! I'm having a hard time not tearing up too….but I hope he will migrate with the others and if not this year maybe the next!!!! Thank You so much for sharing!!!

  5. A home for Pelly is wonderful news….yet my heart broke to hear you can't see him before he leaves. You created a great following with this saga, and I am so glad for a somewhat happy ending!

  6. That is great news. We lived in Missouri for 3 years and were frequent visitors to the zoo. It is a great zoo.

  7. BarbCarol says:

    We just moved to a new home on a lake and had upwards of 50 white pelicans all winter. I really miss them. Christmas isn't the only thing I will be looking forward to this winter.

  8. I hope he does fly with the other pelicans, but it is a comfort to know he will be cared for if that doesn't happen. Thanks for keeping all of us informed. Connie, you did a wonderful thing, helping to save this little guy.
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  9. Createology says:

    How very sweet of Fisherman Bob to catch food for Pelly and you to freeze and bag it all. I would be sad too if I couldn't visit and talk with Pelly after all you did for him…however I understand the reason you were given. How wonderful that Pelly will be living in a big environment with a pond and other Pelicans in a Zoo. Happiness and Bliss for Pelly my Dear…

  10. Farm Quilter says:

    With my daughter's wedding last weekend, I've missed a few weeks worth of blogs, so I will have to go back and read the full story on Pelly!! I am so glad he has a safe home to go to, but I'm so sorry you could not go see him ;( Maybe he will fly south with the zoo pond crowd and then return to YOU when they fly north next year!!! If he wants talking to when he's fed, he obviously is attached to you…I'll be looking forward to hearing if he returns to you next spring!!!

  11. So glad to hear that Pelly is doing well.His has been a wonderful story. I do think you should write a children's book. And I can't wait to see the quilt!

  12. Id be choked up too in your position! But this is great news for Pelly. Guess if he doesn't fly off with the others and stays in the zoo, perhaps then the staff might interact with him.

  13. So glad Pelly has a forever home:) Hope he gets into the group that migrate and lives a long and happy life:)
    You did an awesome job with him!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing:)

  14. Pelly's tantrum would have been great on video I'm sure! Definitely sad that you can't see him, but best for Pelly. I wonder if he will be able to sense that his fish dinners came from you? 🙂

  15. The is the hardest part of reuniting a raised bird/animal – removing the imprint. Once he is in his new home with other pelicans, I am sure he will adapt much faster – and it sounds like a wonderful place for him. You dun' good!

  16. That is great news about Pelly!! I am so happy he is going to a neat place! You did a wonderful job of taking care of him. 🙂

  17. Libby in TN says:

    That's about the ugliest fish I've ever seen! But I'm sure it will taste great to sweet Pelly. Glad to hear he's doing better and going to a good interim home.

  18. Miss Jamee Quilts says:

    a happy ending! i cant wait to see the quilt!

  19. Awwwwwwwww poor Pelly. I can imagine all that contact he had and the hand feeding and love and then being taken away and now nothing. I know that has to hurt like a child moving away to college knowing they'll be too busy for Mom now after raising them for years. Ok maybe not quite the same. LOL But, you know it's necessary so that Pelly can protect himself in the wild once released so it's what's best for him. But, maybe he will stay at the zoo and you can go on visit and see him there.

  20. Your Bullhead Ice Cream sure looks interesting, but I'm sure Pelly will love it

  21. maybe some day he will migrate and find his way back to you 🙂 For now it is great to hear of his improvement and even his tantrums…a Pelly quilt sounds great

  22. MooseStashQuilting says:

    Ahhh… it sure brings a tear just reading about him. While you know it's the right thing, it doesn't make it easy. Hopefully he will join his other pelican friends! And maybe fly over to say thanks! 😉

  23. Amy, a redeemed sheep says:

    Thanks for the update on Pelly. I think of him often. =) I am so glad he has a new home to go to, but how sad you can't see him. It makes sense, but still…He was lucky to have found you two.

  24. I know all of this is great news, but just a bit sad that you can't see him. You and Bob were such a big part of his life. He wouldn't have made it without all your help. Thanks for the update. Yes, can't wait to see a quilt in his honor! 🙂

  25. What great news about Pelly. I know it makes you sad not to see him but i suppose that is "tough love" personified. The fact that he threw a tantrum trying to get attention shows that he really was imprinting on you and humans in general. It will be interesting to see if he migrates with the other pelicans. Will you be able to find out?

    Kudos to you and fisherman Bob for your kindness to this little waif.

  26. Sally Hurley says:

    Oh, too funny that he throws a tantrum like a little kid! But it's sad he misses you.

    That's wonderful news about the zoo. Thanks so much for the update.

  27. Paula @ Sewy Stuff says:

    Oh gosh, I cant imagine how you must feel. I miss Pelly and I never even met him!! But hopefully he will migrate with their pelicans, and if not he has a good home and maybe will migrate the next time they pass through.

  28. Hope Pelly can make it back to the others, but really glad he will have a lovely home if he decides to stay at the zoo instead. Big hugs to you mom….it must be so difficult letting this little kidlet go!

  29. That's fantastic news! It sounds like he is in the right place and will be able to adapt and do his natural pelican thing and migrate with the other pelicans. You and Fisherman Bob have done well for him!

  30. andrea @ tideline quilts says:

    I have never met Pelly in person, but I just got choked up reading that he's going. I know it is right and best for him, but still…Connie, just wanted to say how lovely it was meeting you through your blog and Pelly – I think you and your husband are amazing, kind people who did a truly wonderful thing – and you saved Pelly from what would have been an awful, slow death. He looks wonderful in the photos. Wonder if he'll migrate back to see you…

  31. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    so glad that Pelly will have another new home and that he will be in a place that will be better suited to him. You did well taking care of him when you did.

  32. I am glad he is well, that is the most important thing!

  33. I'm laughing and feeling a little sad all at the same time. It would have made a great video to see Pelly acting out…..:) So glad she has a safe home.

  34. This is a bittersweet chapter in the Pelly story. I'm happy that he will be placed with other pelicans. I hope his new bird friends at the zoo will help him to learn how to catch his own dinner and be an independent pelican. It would be cool if they tagged him and could track what happens to him in the future.

  35. awww "poor" pelly, sounds fun though that he's going to the zoo, sounds like the perfect place where he'd get human interaction. Can't wait to see your Pelican quilt.