Easy Bow Tied Mini Table Topper

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Did you have a chance to make a couple of Bow Tied quilt blocks like the one I showed the other day? Keep reading and see the Bow Tied Mini Table Topper I made!

Pelly the pelican sitting on the bow tied table topper
Bow Tied Mini Table Topper with pelican statue

My little Pelly statue looks perfect on the Bow Tied table topper!

Here is a cute little quilt project that I made using the Bow Tied quilt block. This started out as a placemat but can also be used on a small table by itself. It is a little narrower than most of my placemats.

Bow Tied Mini Table Topper
Bow Tied Mini Table Topper

Bow Tied Mini Table Topper

After I pieced the Bow Tied blocks together and added the sashing, I cut a strip of fabric 4 inches wide so I could add a border to the sides.

I used some of the cream batik to add sashing between the blocks. My Bow Tied blocks are 5½” wide so I cut two strips 1½” x 5½” and sewed the sashes between the blocks. Be sure to use a ¼” seam allowance when stitching.

Bow tied quilt block with sashing
Sashing on the blocks

For some reason, I forgot to take a photo before I added the center sashing. Cut another piece of sashing 1½” x 11½” and use it to join the two rows of blocks.

Bow tied quilt block with sashing completed
Bow tied quilt block with sashing completed

When I got to this point, I decided I wanted to make a placemat. I cut two pieces that were 4″ x 11½” and added one to each of the sides.

Bow tied quilt block placemat
Bow tied quilt block placemat

It looked like a pretty good size for a place mat so I added a backing and batting and quilted it. I used Aurifil thread for my piecing and quilting. The finished size of my placemat is 11½” x 18½”.

As usual, I sewed my binding using my machine binding tutorial.

When I was all finished and placed a dinner plate on it, I realized I should have added a border to the top and bottom. 

Quilt placemat using the Bow Tied quilt block
Quilt placemat using the Bow Tied quilt block

If I started using a salad plate for dinner (which would be a great idea and recommended when on a diet), this would be a perfect size.

Bow Tied place mat or table topper with salad plate
Bow Tied quilted placemat

Bow Tied Mini Table Topper

I think I’ll use this one for a bow tied table topper and make another set of placemats that are a little bigger.

In fact…..I have already started making them! I used some Island Batik fabrics that I had in my stash from a collection called Lavender Sage. I’m using this collection for a couple of new quilt projects.

Quilt placemat using the Bow Tied quilt block out of different batiks
Different batiks for another placemat

Using quilt blocks

Many times I like to try a new technique or quilt block and I end up with lots of “orphan blocks”, how about you? These are great to use as placemats and a wonderful quilt project to practice your free-motion quilting on. What do you do with your orphan blocks?

What do you think of a design like this for the Bow Tied blocks

four Bow tied quilt blocks

Other quilt blocks you should try!

Bow Tied table topper tutorial with Pelican

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  1. Charlotte Brown says:

    I’m missing your update on your puppies.

  2. Judy - Michigan says:

    Great little tabletopper Connie! Thank you so much for the free tutorial.

  3. Cute quilt. Have you heard from accuquilt lately?

  4. Brenda Barry says:

    They are both so beautiful. You are very talented. Love your big sewing room. Mine is very small.

  5. Carole lee says:

    Hi Connie, I am still waiting for your beautiful Stacks pattern. Thanks

    1. LOL, I know Carole! I have the Sorbet done and that is the next one I’m going to finish. Crazy that I haven’t finished it because I am sure it will be popular. You’ll be the first to know!

  6. Pelly looks right at home on that lovely water colored Bow Tie Table Topper. Oh the purple one also looks lovely.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Great table topper and I just love seeing Pelly on there!! You and Pelly will forever be linked in my mind!

  8. That looks so pretty on the table. The purples look like little gems with the fabrics you used. I hope Pelly gets to move to the new house.

  9. Hello Connie, Your Bow Table Topper is so pretty! I like the Pelican sitting on it and being surrounded by the dark wood just brings out the colors that you used in creating the Table Topper. Purple of any shade has always been my favorite, so I am really looking forward to seeing your new Bow Tie creations using your pattern! Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous day!