Hopscotch Batik Quilt #2

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Hopscotch is a beautiful quilt pattern that uses a jelly roll for all of the coordinated colors in the quilt.

I think it is fun to remake a pattern in different colors, you get such a different look! Maybe I should make it a third time!

Hopscotch quilt pattern done with different batiks and little Mickey sitting on it

I couldn’t resist adding a couple of photos of Mr. Mickey after he so gracefully sat on my quilt! I try and keep many of my quilts in case I want to take new photos. Isn’t he cute! You’ll want to read all about Mr. Mickey!

Hopscotch Batik Quilt 2 is finished!

Hopscotch Batik Quilt 2 on swing

I think this Hopscotch Batik Quilt is just as beautiful as the original Hopscotch. What do you think?

Hopscotch Batik Quilt #2 on deck rail

Below is the original Hopscotch quilt design made with batiks and purple as the main accent.. It is always fun to go outside for my quilt photos.

Hopscotch Quilt Pattern made with Island Batik fabrics

I might be considered a little strange as I don’t mind making the same quilt pattern more than once. Hopscotch Batik Quilt #2 gives a completely different look to my original Hopscotch design.

Batik Hopscotch 2 pattern and flowers on the deck

Here is a closeup of the simple quilting I did on Hopscotch Batik Quilt 2, I used Hobbs 80/20 batting. The batiks were a group of Hoffman Batiks that my daughter bought me for my birthday.

Hopscotch closeup of freemotion quilting

Hopefully, this is the only quilt you will see sitting on our deck on the new trusses. The first ones were wrong and we had to wait a couple of weeks for the new ones.

Hopscotch on deck and working on the deck cover

It has also been very, very hot here and it has started to cool just a little. Yesterday Builder Bob started working on the deck project. What a guy! He is definitely a keeper!

Hopscotch Batik quilt 2 Bob working on the deck roof

Last weekend I went to Ikea and bought an Alex cabinet with a gazillion pieces and he put it together without complaining…..of course when I said I wanted to buy two more….he groaned!

After taking pictures outside it was time to throw the quilt in the wash machine and dryer. Now it has that crinkly look. I did use a Shout Color Catcher in the washing machine and made sure I removed it immediately to make sure none of the batiks bled. Looks perfect!

Quilt washed and dried

You can see more photos of this Hopscotch quilt and also the purple one on my Blogger’s Quilt Festival post.

This is a fast and easy pattern and perfect for that beautiful quilt fabric jelly roll you have in your stash.

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Hopscotch quilt pattern done with different batiks and little Mickey sitting on it
Hopscotch Batik Quilt 2 very easy pattern to make

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  1. Love the quilt. The colors are really pretty and remind me of wine for some reason.

    Too funny about those cabinets and wanting two more now.

  2. Jeannie Cross says:

    Love your easy patterns. Hope to make one soon

  3. I love seeing you make quilts more than once because there is such a diverse choice of fabrics and colors and each selection results in quite a different quilt…different yet the same. Beautiful as always dear. Builder Bob is a rare and coveted species these days.

  4. Quilter Kathy says:

    Gorgeous photos as always!
    Love both quilts!

  5. It’s a great pattern, no matter the colors, but the mood I’m in today, I definitely prefer this colorway to the first one. Thanks for sharing both, because color does change things. I love your deck, and wish I had that view from mine. =)

  6. Paula Budinger says:

    So happy to finally visit your blog. So many folks join up here. Thanks, also for getting my wonky post useable. Love both off the Hopscotch versions. The,second is more masculine and subtle. I do prefer the bright colors of the first. Keep up the good work!.

  7. The quilt looks beautiful, but now I want to know what an Alex cabinet is!

  8. love your outdoor pics, I’m starting to do them for my patterns too now 🙂

  9. You are correct in saying that each quilt looks quite different. I am amazed how that happens as well. I have made a few repeat quilts using very different fabric and color combinations and tend to like the last one best! Beautiful quilts. Your builder is a gem, hold on to him. Giving him all this publicity is going to make the rest of them, the non-builder, look bad!

  10. Your quils are both beautiful and are almost a negative/positive look. I like to use patterns more than once when I really like them and challenge myself to make them look different. I can see making scrappy hopscotch “middles” using leaders and enders…

  11. That is just gorgeous Connie! I love how different it looks from the first one which was also a stunner. The close up of the fabrics is wonderful to see.

  12. Connie you create wonders on your Singer 15-91. I am having trouble finding the lubricant needed for the motor. What lubricant are you using in your 15-91 and where are you purchasing yours from? My 15-91 is sidelined right now and I miss sewing on Jo-Jo sew much.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. I think this version is eve prettier than the first one. Love that white in there. Are you enclosing part of your deck?

  14. It is a lovely quilt with calming colors.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Lori Smanski says:

    wow this is gorgeous. the white really makes the other colors pop. and of course your FMQ is fabulous.

  16. I think I like this coloring better than the first if that is possible as they are both great!

  17. It looks great, Connie. I’m always fascinated by how different a pattern can look due to choice of fabrics. Both of these are beautiful.