An update on the flooding and more

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I thought I would share a post that has very little to do with quilting but will let you know what has been going on lately as I haven’t been doing much blogging.

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I have had many of you emailing wondering how we were doing with all of the flooding in the Midwest, we consider ourselves very, very lucky compared to so many.

Yes, we have flooding going on but we have kept the river out with the wall and sandbag barrier.
We have had two pumps going (I believe we are down to one today), everyday things change. This photo was taken a month ago but shows the pump working.

Mississippi river flooding

This was the photo I put in my newsletter so you may have already seen it. Anyway this is our mailboxes surrounded by the Mississippi river, we were so lucky that this is as high as the water got on them.

Mailboxes underwater

Mailboxes today

Flooding since March!

Oh my gosh, I was going through the photos on my computer and found pictures when it first started flooding. This was March 16th and it was cold. This part of the road will be flooded long before we have to worry.When we could have one foot of water in our garage level, they would have five foot of water.


River geese

At least the geese are enjoying the flooded road, I really love watching them but they are sure messy.

Mickey Update

I also mentioned that little Mickey got terribly sick over the weekend and we had to take him in to emergency care on Sunday as we were scared that he would going to die.He had no appetite, was lethargic and had blood in his stool….when he could go.

Finally it seemed like he was having trouble breathing so we took him to the vet early Sunday morning.

I knew he hadn’t eaten anything he shouldn’t as I stay right by him when he is outside.

Fortunately it turned out to be gastroentertis which is a virus like a norovirus. Who knew dogs could get that! In simple terms it was an inflammation of the intestines.

Mickey got a shot right away which helped with the pain and is now taking medicine for 10 days. Yesterday he finally got his appetite back and seems like he is back to normal.

I really think maybe Mickey was starting to get sick when this photo was taken. I remember he didn’t seem to have much energy.

Mickey and Sadie together on the floor

Mickey’s hair always looks like I used Photoshop on it in pictures, notice it is finally starting to grow back!

It is hard to believe that we have only had Mickey since the middle of March, he is so much a part of our family now. One of these days he’ll start to look like a poodle again!

Looking at the photos, you would think that Sadie and Mickey are best friends…..nope, still no happening. Sadie is still the boss and if they are close to one another….it is her idea.

In case you didn’t know it, Sadie is now completely deaf and she has learned to watch Mickey so she knows that someone is at the door or it is time to eat.

Mickey and Sadie together

Builder Bob

Builder Bob had cataract surgery on both eyes and is amazed at how well he can now see. Everything went well other than right after surgery BOTH times, he realized he was low on beer and could not pick up anything over ten pounds. Ugh, light beer is NOT light weight!

Maquoketa Update


Gosh, it seems like forever since we have been up at our new house. We finished everything that could be done before it was time for sheetrock.

That is what is going on right now. It gets hung, mudded, textured, sanded, primed and more before it get painted. This process takes about three weeks.


Then it will be time for the flooring. We have decided to go with Dura Ceramic everywhere.

With two older dogs, accidents will happen and it will be much easier to clean up after them. I’ll get a couple of large area rugs as I prefer walking on rugs and hate to wear shoes.

Counter Top

Our countertop is ordered, I love the look of hard surface counters but we want to keep our spending down (more money for my quilt studio and man cave) so we are going with laminate counters.

I also picked a white acrylic sink, I really wanted porcelain but was told how much it would scratch and could chip.

Moving my quilt stash

Moving anything up to the new house has come to a halt with the river being up. The last load I took up there required me to haul everything way across my brother’s yard, up by the railroad tracks, and then to the car…..I’ll wait until the river comes down again.&n

Selling our river house

We have put this on hold for now. I mean really…..who wants to buy a house that looks like a houseboat!

House on the Mississippi river

When the flooding is all over then we will work on getting it sold. People who love the river and want to live by it know that flooding can occur. They will be impressed with the way that Builder Bob kept the river out of our house.


Oh my gosh……I have done so little of that! My pattern writing has stalled, I need to put up some motivational quotes and get back to work in my temporary quilt studio.

If you’re still reading I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our lives.



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  1. Well I cannot fathom lol how much you and others in the midwest have been through. Keep up the Cheery faith and attitude! I will never complain about the rain here again for sure! Love seeing your posts!

  2. {{{{{quilty hugs}}}}}}} may your home soon be free of the floods and your happy quilting resume. My heart goes out to you and your neighbors and all those affected by the flooding … <3 Pat

  3. Connie Dear you and Builder Bob certainly have had a fe months of angst with that river flooding. Builder Bob is genius for keeping the water out of your home. So grateful his eyes can see now. Mr. Mickey on the mend is great news. Sadie is a sweetie and think she likes Mr Mickey more than she lets on. After all…she was first and she is the Queen. Your quilting Muse has not left you, however she may just be taking a sabbatical until things settle down some. You’ll know when you are ready to quilt again. Safe and Dry My Friend…xo.

  4. So maybe Mickey didn’t dislike the haircut as much as his expression let us to believe. Glad he is feeling better and that you are still dry. I’ll let you know if I come up with a snake deterrent, hey that’s a million dollar idea.

  5. Hello Connie, Sorry to about more flooding but glad that Builder Bob was able to keep the water out of your home. Good luck with selling the house when the time comes and all of the continued remodeling in the new home. I am so glad to hear that Mickey is doing better with medications. It is amazing the illnesses that our animals can get and then the price to treat them! LOL. We love them so dearly we just take care of them and love them all the more. As Sadie realizes that she can count on Mickey for her ears, she may become a better friend but will always be the boss. LOL. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  6. WOW, Connie. You have had a busy time. I’m always looking for your posts and am happy to have the updates on all that has been going on with you. I know that your busy schedule and sometimes lack of internet access constrains your communications, so I don’t even try to email you for updates. I just wait to see your posts. 🙂 So sorry little Mickey has had a bad time, but it’s good to hear he’s on the mend. I’m facing cataract surgery myself, so am also happy to hear how well that has gone for Builder Bob. And the flooding!! I would hear the news about the river rising again and even more rain and just hope you werent too badly affected. I agree that people who want to live by the river aren’t going to be put off by the flooding, but what a great documentary on your part on how you kept the water out of the house. I hope things begin to settle down a bit and you can get on with your new life away from the river.

  7. It is so stressful dealing with rising water! Glad Micky is doing better. Mine only get expensive things that require expensive drugs and procedures It seems. I agree with Builder Bob, I tell everyone to get the surgery at the first mention of cataracts. No more glasses! Stay strong, water eventually goes down…….unfortunately it sometimes rises again though. And it is tough to be stronger that the water is over time.. glen in Louisiana.

  8. You have had so much, Connie. Hard to believe it is 3 months of flooding off and on. I know we have had a lot of rain, but neither of our places have that kind of trouble. You are a wonder! I do hope you can get back into your groove soon!

  9. Bless you gal I can’t believe all the flooding you have gone thru and still watching. Then you keep up with the computer and quilting. Thank you for responding to me and giving me ideas for the Retirement Center. I am thinking of the jar openers, book marks and things like that. They make up easy and are useful. Did not know beer was so heavy LOL
    Tell hubby to buy can beers and only lift one at a time, maybe even use a straw, yeah I know men don’t do that. HOHO
    Love the dogs so glad Mickey and Sadie are trying to get along and feeling better, they are adorable, I miss my Lil Bit
    Zitzu so much. Take care gal and your in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Marge Campbell Gray

  10. So happy to hear that you are okay. I have missed hearing from you and was really wondering about the flooding in your area. Bless you and may you soon be back to normal.

    1. Wow woman you are busy!!! That river is not to be messed with. I’m glad your dog is fine, what cute kids. I’m going to try the churn dash this week, wish me luck! Take care Wendy Stanley

  11. So glad you are surviving the flooding. I was surprised like your husband at how much improved my eyesight was after cataract surgery.

  12. It’s always so good to hear from you Connie, and I’m happy things are going pretty well, a far as flooding is concerned. It’s been 23 years since we built our home and our green laminate looks as good as new. It’s funny you mentioned about selling your house because I was wondering how you would be able to do so after such a flood, but, as you said, anyone purchasing a home on the river would be aware of the risks. Love the pics of the dogs and hope Mickey stays healthy. Hugs

  13. Glad you are doing well with the river flooding, thanks to Builder Bob!! Fabulous that his surgeries went so well…it is nice to be able to see well!! So glad you found out what the problem was with Mickey and that Sadie didn’t get sick as well. With no moving going on and everything on hold for you work-wise at both houses, this would be the time to catch up with the pattern writing/planning!! I hope you can get the pictures figured out in your emails…they are still broken.

  14. Is your Sadie a Coton de Tulear? She looks very much like my Roxy. Even Sadie’s coloring is very close to my Roxy’s. Roxy is 10 years old, has a clown like attitude toward life, is very sweet and cuddley, and we still battle over who is really the boss in our house. My gusband doesn’t stand a chance, he isn’t even in the running.

  15. OMGosh, Connie! You’ve really had a crazy life this year. I hope everything settles down soon and life can get back to normal. Loved the lite beer joke!

  16. Connie, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Builder Bob. I’ve been through so many floods at my parents house that I’ve lost count. I’m happy to hear it hasn’t come inside. That’s the worst part to me. That silt from the river bed gets all churned up and into the flood water and things you’d normally be able to save are ruined by staining from the silt. With rain in the forecast again I’ll keep praying until the river is back in its banks.
    Be safe,
    Dianne Patterson

  17. Stay safe, We watching the flooding as we are down river from you and it will be heading our way next.. This area has been at or above flood stage for over 100 days and that is before all the stuff north of us gets here..

  18. I do enjoy your informative emails. I don’t know you but I often wonder how you and your house on the river are doing. I hope the river goes down soon and you are able to get your house sold. Thanks for the updates on your issues with the Mississippi and your dogs.

    1. Thank you Connie for allowing me access to your beautiful quilting library. Sorry to hear about your flooding situation. We are so lucky here in the U.K. keep smiling.

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