My Temporary Quilt Studio at the New House

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I thought I would share a couple of pictures of the quilt project that I worked on when I was home during the flooding. You know you love quilting when you can find time to do a little quilting no matter what is going on! By the way, the river is slowly going down, we just have to hope it doesn’t come up again.

I didn’t have access to my large ironing table, in fact, I don’t see myself using that for quite some time so I pulled out my wool ironing mat and used that on an end table in the living room. I made sure to keep my favorite antique iron handy also.

Luna quilt block on wool ironing mat for Island Batik quilt

I made nine blocks using the Blossom collection from Island Batik. They will be used to make a baby quilt as my May Island Batik ambassador quilt project. Island Batik has updated their store locator on their site making it much easier to find a quilt store near you carrying Island Batik fabrics! I didn’t bring this project with me so I’ll work on it when I get back to the river house.

Luna quilt blocks for Island Batik quilt

Bob’s Surgery

Monday, Bob had his first cataract surgery which went very well. In two weeks he’ll get the other eye done. I talked to him yesterday and he is already amazed at how well he can see! I think I have about two more years before I’ll get the same thing done.

Mickey got a haircut

After I brought him home I packed more stuff in my car and headed up to Maquoketa with Mickey as I’m babysitting the granddaughters this week. I almost forgot to mention that little Mickey got a haircut…….or a shave! He doesn’t even look like the same dog! I didn’t think he was matted but evidently, he was. He’ll look better in a couple of weeks. I also was able to get him scheduled up here for his next grooming in July and hopefully, it won’t be as drastic. 

Poor Mickey the poodle with a short haircut

Just in case you missed him with hair, this is him in April on my Ready Set Go baby quilt

Mickey with haircut

Work on the new house

Bob wasn’t able to come up and work on the house this week but I hauled a lot of my quilt goodies up.  It is hard to believe that it has been a week since we left so we could concentrate on preparing for the flooding at our old house.

First thing I did was clean up Bob’s tools and make a clear path so I could carry everything in. I really love the openness of the kitchen now! We still need to go pick out our new countertops and flooring. I pretty much know what I want already.

kitchen cleaned up

My schedule this week is to take the girls to school in the morning and then head over to our house. I had two carloads of my quilting stuff in the garage that needed to be hauled up those old steep steps.

Can you guess how many times I went up the stairs?

I decided to keep track, does that sound weird? I knew it was going to be a lot and I did stop numerous times to rest.

39 times!

That is up and of course I had to come back down! Boy did I ache!

Quilt Studio for the next six months or year

Here is where I am putting everything. Right now I have just been piling things everywhere.

Temporary quilt room at the new house

This is going to be one crowded room! I only have two of my IKEA Algot systems up here, can’t wait to get all of them up here!

Temporary quilt room at the new house

I think I have way too much stuff! I have most of my AccuQuilt dies in the closet, I can’t wait to set up bookcases and arrange them.

Temporary quilt room at the new house

I have three metal storage shelves that I will start setting up today that hold all of my quilts. Two of them will go into the room that we are using for our temporary bedroom when we stay here. I hope I brought all the pieces to put the shelves back together!

Temporary quilt room at the new house

Bob should be able to come up by the end of the week and hook up the internet which will be great! Time to take the girls to school!

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  1. Connie, Love the baby quilt and the colors you picked so perfectly. And your sewing room. My sewing room I call my Hell Hole. lol, I am not a organized person . My sewing room is small and dont have a large enough cutting table. Hope your flooding is over with. We are having a few forest fires here in BC. Happy spring and quilting..

  2. Poor Mickey, that look! My Cairn Terrier would get that same look every time she was groomed for summer months. Like she was ashamed. The water here is up and down.

  3. Good to hear Bob is doing well…I’d be so afraid of eye surgery….Mickey looks like a new doggie and that he wasn’t happy With the open concept in your kitchen area will look great… we have lived in the same house for 30 years and have done several remodels to update. the outcome is wonderful the work and mess-well i feel for you. Jim and I were younger then and I couldn’t imagine my house upside down even in a remodel at 52! glad you are SQUEEZING in sewing…. 🙂 your blocks are so pretty.

  4. Connie Dear you and Builder Bob are so very fortunate that the river flooding is not worse than it is. Yay that Builder Bob is able to see better already. When my Grandma had it done she said, “Why did she wit so long?!” That was decades ago and I am certain technology has come a long way. Mr. Mickey looked good for being shaved. He probably wondered what the heck was happening! Your Island Batik blocks look sew pretty. You have moved so much up and down stairs that you must be exhausted. Sew happy your new temporary space is working out so you can at least sew. Sewing is very relaxing and calming and I am certain you can use some of those feelings. Keeping prayers lifted for no worse flooding.

  5. I can imagine the work it is ,to move to an other house. I hope I’ll never have to think of that.
    The doggy is naked now, poor guy. But hair is growing fast, so in a few weeks he will be the same as before.
    I wish you a lot of courage to continue. Once it will be done, it will be forever (I suppose !)
    We all have to much things, and certainly to much fabric. I have to get 300 years to finish what I have in my drawers.
    Don’t do too much, we aren’t 18 no more !!!!

  6. You are right Mickey looks like a totally different dog with the haircut. I am sorry you have had to deal with flooding. I am guessing that you will be glad not to have to worry about that anymore once you are moved and the house is sold. Your quilt blocks are very pretty.

  7. Connie,
    Mickey shaved looks like my Bella girl. But not so much with long hair. Mickey is curly and Bella has wavy hair when it’s long. Awe but what a handsome boy.

    Love your quilt blocks. I’m sure the finished quilt will be a beauty.

    Praying the river goes down and doesn’t rise again. Hopefully you can get everything moved and the new house all remodeled and settled in.

    Take care!

  8. Connie, are you sure you got the right dog back? lol Poor thing looks totally different, even the color, and that look he’s giving you seems to be saying “How could you do this to me?” Good thing hair grows quickly. Glad BB’s cataract surgery went well, and I’m sure the next one will be the same. We had our surgeries done about 4 years ago and it made such a difference in my eyesight, but now I have Macular Degeneration, which I hope doesn’t progress too quickly, a I have way too much fabric to go through. Hope you have a dry and productive week. We are still getting rain about 3 days every week. By the summer, when we need it, we will probably have a drought.

  9. I appreciated the update. I am amazed at how much progress you’re making. Poor Mickey – all of his curls have disappeared. I know they’ll be back in just a few weeks.

  10. Mickey is giving you that reproachful look cuz now he’s cold!! Such I change – I would not have recognized him!! So glad you are getting things into your quilting room and somewhat organized, for now! Interested to hear what colors you are thinking for your counter top…I have a burgundy (chosen by my in-laws) that I hate because it shows everything and a friend has beautiful black that she hates because it also shows everything and they both need to be totally cleaned daily (and before someone is coming over) in order to look decent. I would rather have light gray!! You are making progress in the living areas of your new home.

  11. Beauiful Blocks! You’re sewing room will look amazing once you get it the way you want it. Just take care and don’t overdo it with the moving. Poor little Mickey, he looks so shy! Please give him kisses for me. I have had to put down two of my babies in the last 8 years. It’s so hard. After the last one, last February, I have gotten a kitty, her name is Bella. I didn’t know how I would take to a kitty having only had dogs but she is a darlin! She was two when I adopted her after my last dog passed. She is a real sweetie and loves to sit right behind my sewing machine when I’m sewing and pat at the thread. Needless to say, I am a cat person now.

    Wishing you all the Best in your move and all the best to Bob with his eye surgeries. Take care and enjoy the time with your grandkids. Hoping for those too one day.


  12. Hello Connie, You are making such great progress in getting items moved. You are going to be in great shape by the time all of the house is completely remodeled and everything is moved over! Your new project is looking so pretty, I look forward to seeing more posts on your progress as you work on it and it becomes a fabulous quilt! Mickey is so cute in his new hair cut, even though his eyes are looking almost like he is saying “She made me naked, please do not look at me!” I am starting to give Mr. Shakes his hair cut for the spring and he looks the exact same way! LOL. He has a lot of matted areas this time also. Thank you for sharing everything and I hope that the River does continue to drop and does not rise again. Have a superb day!

  13. 39 times? You would be receiving my funeral notice if I did that. Mickey does NOT look pleased, but I would guess he is much more comfortable. It is very easy for those mats to build up unnoticed and they don’t feel good on the dog. I’ve discovered that I’m needing to brush my new mini every day to avoid mats. Fortunately for me, she is used to it and cooperates beautifully.
    Connie, those are such pretty blocks. That will be a lovely baby quilt.

  14. When we moved, the spare bedroom (which became my sewing studio) was the very first one to get moved and unpacked, lol! To heck with dishes and cooking pans, lol. Glad to hear the river is receding. Hope it stays that way through spring. You have a lot of work ahead, but it will be wonderful when you get it all finished. Enjoy the process!

  15. Poor Mickey. He looks so shamed! It will be nice for the summer months.

    The house is looking great. The kitchen is so opened now. 39 flights of stairs sounds daunting. Bet your back was feeling it. ;-(

    So happy to hear how pleased Bob is with the surgery. I’ve heard others remark about how quickly the vision improves and how brilliant the colors appear again.

  16. Looks like my room when I moved. As long as you have your tables where you can set your cutting area up and a place to iron and sew things seem to work out okay until you get your permanent area set up. Love your kitchen too.

  17. Wow Connie, so sorry abut the flood! With all you have to do, that’s a shame. I love those batik quilt blocks! That’s one of my favorite quilt block pattern. All that stair climbing will certainly keep you in shape and a good way to exercise. Good luck with all that you have to do to your home(s). I can’t believe you can even have time to sew at all, but glad you do for your sake as it must help to keep you sane.

    1. Poor Connie, Builder Bob and Micky! So many things at once. I must say as a retired military wife I have moved many times but not with flooding and all the other stressors you all have been facing! And I was much younger. I hate to think about you lugging stuff up those steps and all the reorganizing but oh won’t it be wonderful! It is good you found some time for some quilt therapy and to love on the girls! It makes it all worthwhile! I love your stories. Keep us posted. I feel like you are becoming a friend. Lol since I live in Hawaii so far from all the events I hear in my news. God bless

  18. You are essentially moving your business, and that’s a LOT of work. If I did my stairs 39 times in 1 day I probably wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. But I’m sure it is nice to be able to move in a little at a time so you can start organizing.

  19. that is a lot of stuff to organize – I would say have fun doing it but I know it might be a little frustrating at times too

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