Spicy Spiral Table Runner Quilted

Spicy Spiral runner on deck at Freemotion by the River

 I finished up both quilted Spicy Spiral table runners and this one is my favorite.

It was fun to put it out on our deck with those wild plates…..which kind of match! I had a lot of fun making it.

If you missed my first post with the link to the ruler/pattern be sure and check it out.

I also did another Spicy Spiral table runner in different colors that you might like.

spicy spiral table runner

I used one of my new sale fabrics for the back and Warm & Natural for the batting.

I received a email from Joann Fabrics this morning and today only their Warm & Natural is on sale 50% off. I ordered a bolt and used a coupon for free shipping. I should be set on batting for a while!

Back of Spicy Spiral runner

Closeup of the quilting, on this one I just used a light yellow thread throughout.

Closeup of quilting on Spicy Spiral table runner

Here is the second one I made, I hope my daughter likes it.

Spicy Spiral runner at Freemotion by the River

For this one I changed the thread color to match each fabric.

Closeup of quilting on Spicy Spiral table runner

A little pink and orange print on the back.

Back of Spicy Spiral runner

Definitely looks bright and cheerful doesn’t it!

Spicy Spiral runner on deck at Freemotion by the River

There isn’t a lot of waste when you make this runner but you know me……I’ve got to use up every last little teeny, tiny piece. I now have 6 little mug rugs all pieced and ready to quilt. These will make great little gifts to have on hand.

Spicy Spiral table runner on table
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Looking for a free pattern?

Get this one

Pieced Heart Quilt

Free Pieced Heart Quilt pattern

Fog on the river – it was just in front of our house and looked spooky! It was hot and muggy and we had just had some rain.

Fog on the Mississippi River

My bell is still in the water……hopefully the river will start going down soon.

Fog on the Mississippi River

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  1. They both turned out fabulous. They teach this runner as a class at my local quilt shop so now I guess I'm going to have to go to it and make one myself!

  2. Love your Spicy Spiral table runners. I have made quite of few of these myself. They are quick and fun. They look difficult but really just more about the time it takes to cut them out. Sewing goes quickly. Love the bright summery colors.

  3. You've got such a nice view! What fun table toppers. Are they hard to make? That green and orange one is my favorite, what an excellent summery gradient!

  4. I really like the spicy spiral that is your favorite one too. They are both just beautiful Connie.

  5. Both of your Spicy Spirals turned out just lovely! The colorful plates that you found look wonderful and the scrappy mug rugs are just adorable! You did a great job!

  6. The quilting on both of the table runners is fabulous. There's so much wonderful texture. You really don't waste a thing. The mug rugs are really cute.

  7. One of these days I'm getting that ruler and pattern! They turned out so pretty! And that hot and muggy misty atmosphere outside your house? If I were standing on your deck, you could watch my hair curl!!

  8. These are both so bright and cheery! Isn't the spicy spiral so much fun?? I could make them all day!

  9. Both runners are super fun! What a fabulous design. Your daughter will be pleased. Gotta love those cute mug rugs, too. Good to see you are on a 'roll' (of Warm and Natural), Connie!

  10. Very nice and totally unique pattern for a table runner…or instaed of a table runner!

  11. They look good all quilted up! I dare say, I have the exact same patio table as you! And we've had it awhile.

  12. Your Spiral table runner is sew beautiful. I love how it looks like a party happening. Absolutely excellent use of the "scraps" to make fun mug rugs. Creative Spiral Bliss…

  13. They both came out beautiful, Connie! I love how you quilted each rows differently.

  14. These are really eye catching Connie – the colours of the first are very fresh and citrus – and go so well with the plates! The second looks perfect for a little girl. Very original

  15. Okay I'll admit I've never like this style of runner, they look like slugs to me. But with these bright colors it looks great! I may need to make one now! Love your table, so festive and summery. Funny how color makes all the difference in the world.

  16. Beautiful table runners.
    I would be a little afraid if I had the water that close…… ?
    Hope it will go down shortly.

  17. How absolutely inviting these look! Great job Connie! I didn't realize the river was that high up in your neck of the woods? The river here is in pretty good shape right now.

  18. These are beyond gorgeous! Love the movement, the bright colors, and the dramatic quilting!

  19. The first runner is my favorite. I kind of liked the unfinished look, but now that it's quilted and bound it's so stunning!

  20. Love these runners! If your daughter doesn't like hers, I'll send you my address! 🙂

  21. They look great! I have this runner on my to do list. You have inspired me to pick out my fat quarters!
    Love what you did with the leftovers too.

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