AccuQuilt Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

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I finished up another little piece and this is my last project for May of 2014, I can’t believe how fast this month went by!

AccuQuilt Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

I had fun working with this beautiful group of batiks that I received from Island Batik.

This is the group of batiks called Berry Christmas and so far I haven’t made a Christmas project with them. I have a little bit left though.

Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

I used my AccuQuilt GO! Baby and the Kite die to create this piece.

AccuQuilt Berry Wings quilt wall hanging


Berry Wings quilt wall hanging
Quilting closeup.
Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

Builder Bob is actually holding this out on the deck, I put little corner pockets on the back and he has his hands stuck in them which is why it looks a little funny, (it really is square).

AccuQuilt Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

Turn it in a different direction and you get a completely different look.

Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

Show Builder Bob holding it………and wow what a different look!! This also gives you a better idea of the size which is about 23 inches square.

Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

 I showed more photos of the fabrics in this post with my Island Flower wall hanging.

Berry Wings quilt wall hanging

For the last 3 days I have been power washing our deck and today……..I can start sealing the railing on one side. Not my favorite job but someone has to do it and Builder Bob is building another beautiful deck for someone. Stop by tomorrow and I’ll show you this huge boat that went by!

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  1. Bob the Builder seems to be an accomplished quilt holder! I like the Island Batiks for both this new wall hanging and your Island Flower!

  2. Beautiful and I was so surprised to see that it was a small project.

    Those big deck projects are not fun but we enjoy the results. Ours needs to be replaced but we've had trouble deciding what we want to do with it, so maybe it will just get stained again for another year.

  3. Beautiful and that reminds me I have a front porch that needs a power wash. Those are some mighty pretty batiks there though and love the flower.

  4. Ugh! Deck cleaning/sealing is a hard job – but one that gives nice results 🙂 Hopefully you will be done quickly. I can't believe you are showing another finish!!! Do you ever sleep, or just sit and rest? LOL!!! I think maybe a Christmas pincushion might be in order with the scraps from those luscious batiks :*)

  5. Beautiful Batiks and How very cute of Builder Bob to model this for us. Amazing how "Christmas" isn't even in these Batik projects you have created. Blissful Batik Joy…

  6. Gorgeous work again Connie! If hubby had held that down just a little more he could have had us all guessing if he really had shorts on or not. LOL

    I can't believe how many things you made with that one grouping of fabric. That really makes me think I may just have enough fabric in my house for the next three lives possibly.

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