Spicy Spiral Table Runner

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Last month when my daughter and I went to Galena, IL she picked out a pattern for a table runner and bought some of the fabrics and the ruler. When I got home I had a couple of things to work on and forgot all about it……sound familiar?

Spicy Spiral table runner

The table runner pattern was the Spicy Spiral table runner. I can no longer find a digital pattern but you can order a paper pattern at Phillips FiberArts

The other day my neighbor was over and saw the ruler which reminded me to get the runner made.

Spicy Spiral table runner in two sections

The pattern is Spicy Spiral Table Runner which the shop mailed to me. It is only as I’m writing this post that I notice the pattern says it is for a 9-degree Wedge ruler, I used a 10-degree Wedge ruler and had no problem other than I wasn’t able to cut the very first piece of the strata. My ruler is by Pillips Fiber Art and I have several others that I bought but haven’t used yet. There are free patterns on their website!

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

I arranged the fabrics the way I wanted them for my strata and also marked my pieces on a little swatch (didn’t really need this).

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

Isn’t it cute to see the two sections you make!

Spicy Spiral table runner in two sections

Once I got to this point I was all excited and took a pic with my phone and sent it to my daughter in a text. Then I got a text from her asking………….where are the blue and pink fabrics?????? Oh boy.

She had bought the green and a couple of oranges and I forgot she wanted the other colors in it.

The store sample looked different but neither one of us can remember how the colors were arranged. Thankfully she bought a yard of the yellow print so I’ll be making it again.

We are thinking of using the yellow print on the outside sections where the orange and green are, then I’ll add each of the other colors she wants in the center. This should be interesting!

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

I finished piecing the Spicy Spiral table runner and even got it all quilted. Continue reading about it.

After making the first Spicy Spiral yesterday in the wrong colors I went ahead and made it again…..sigh…..I don’t care for the way this one looks. I really like the first one…. a good thing I get to keep it.

Here is the Spicy Spiral table runner with some pink and blue which is what my daughter liked. It uses 8 colors, my daughter wanted blue and pink added….she didn’t say anything about the red but it was in the print so I added it. I don’t think I like the pink in it.

Now that I have made this pattern 2 times if I make it again, I think I will use 9 fabrics so the yellow print can be on the outsides and also in the center. What do you think?

Spicy Spiral runner with pink and blue added

Which do you like better? I prefer the orange/green one.

2 spicy spiral table runners on deck

Be sure and take a look at my quilted Spicy Spiral Table Runners post where I’ll share how I quilted this table runner.

Get the Spicy Spiral Table Runner Pattern

I was so tickled to see this deer by the river the other day. I was just heading out the basement door when I saw it come up from the river, I ran back upstairs to get my camera and was able to get this shot from the deck just before it ran between houses. We seldom see a deer here by the river……now 2 blocks away on the highway that is a different story.

Deer along the river

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Spicy Spiral TableRunner

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  1. patti leal says:

    i like the green-arange colorway. the color transition is so much smoother. just seems more cohesive. thanks for sharing. patti in florida

  2. Both are very nice but I do like the orange and green one better.

  3. Lois Blue says:

    Connie you are amazing and I love the green and orange one. I wonder how it would look with Christmas fabrics? How is Rusty getting along. Are his eyes going to be okay? I do so love reading your posts. I hope you and all your family have a Merry Christmas. Love and Hugs, Lois

  4. Of the two above, I like the Green and Orange one better. Maybe a yellow strip/row in the center of the other one would help it be not as overpowered by the other colors.

  5. Connie I do prefer the original green yellow and orange version. It is such a fabulous design in the spirals. Somehow I think this would make an amazing shawl/wrap/poncho/scarf. It would be incredibly breathtaking in peacock colors! Happy Summer Smiles. It is up to 110F here!

  6. Definitely green and orange. I love this pattern It’s so different than most table toppers/runners.

  7. Bozena Dub says:

    I like the green/orange one, the other one look more like Mexican fiesta

  8. I like your orange and green one best! Of course I love anything green, a color that doesn’t seem to be featured much in recent times. Hope your daughter loves hers.

  9. Love the green to orange one – but seriously both are winners! I’ve seen this done in Christmas fabrics and that is great too. Thanks!

  10. Hi Connie it is absolutely beautiful. Love the green and orange.
    You are a star. Wow.

    Elaine Stanley.

  11. Susan MacLeod says:

    I like the green and orange.

  12. Tonya Ann Reichard says:

    I really like your first runner. I too have the ruler(s) and pattern(s) but have yet to make it. Your blog may encourage me to do it!

  13. I like the first one of the spiral table runners. I have to say, I don’t care for the second one much. And the deer is beautiful. Glad to see you still have some wildlife around you.

  14. Personally the orange is much better. I’d chosen blue/white only myself so it wouldn’t be so LOUD. But thar’s just me. You did a great job. The deer is a young one probably this years. We have deer come in packs of 4 and 5. They love our garden so e had to put up a high fence to keep them out. Have a blessed weekend.

  15. Ah! I've been waiting for what you would do with that ruler! Now I want one. I did finally buy the 60 degree ruler but haven't tried making anything with it. Bought it when JoAnn's had a 40 percent sale.
    Next expense will be this ruler. Love your table runner and looking forward to seeing it complete..

  16. Very pretty. I got to together with 2 friends, & we made it in different colorways. I thought the pattern said either a 9 or 10 degree ruler, but I didn't check. It's bigger if you use the 10 degree ruler which we wanted. I posted it on the Quilting Board & had several private messages asking for help. Did you find the instructions confusing? We did, & so did several others, but once we started cutting the wedges, it all sunk in. So if anyone wants to try it, just start cutting & you'll be fine. It was really fun to make. Christmas fabric would be fun too. Your blog is one of my favorites.

  17. This runner is really cute, no matter which color you make it in.

  18. You chose such great fabrics to work with on this runner! I love it. Now I want to make one. Drats! I want to make everything . . . .

  19. Farm Quilter says:

    I have been wanting to make this ever since I first saw it! Hesitated because I have a different wedge ruler and didn't want to have to buy another! Yours turned out great!!!

  20. Siouxzq64@gmail.com says:

    Love that runner and the colors are fab even if they are wrong. 🙂 We have deer which hang out by the interstate but don't come near our house and we don't even have dogs.

  21. The runner is beautiful. The colors are very summery. Thanks for the link to the site. Every time I see one of these runners, I promise myself I will make one.

  22. Melissa Brooks says:

    That is such a cool way cut the fabric, makes it so interesting! ok, I'm off to look up the pattern 🙂

  23. Angela Flowers -Moore says:

    Everytime I spot a fruit or veg. fabric I like I buy for this pattern. Now to making it. Love the fabrics you used .

  24. Kati from Kati's Quilting says:

    I so love that pattern, it was all over blog land when I started to read blogs. Is it hard to make? And the pattern you linked in is for this runner? That focus fabric looks gorgeous!

  25. Pretty table runner and pretty little deer, too. I see quite a few deer in the woods back of my place – they come out every June to eat my best daylilies. But I don't have any Canada geese to watch. 🙂

  26. Hi!!!! I love both of them!!!! What a great view you have!!!! Love it!!!!

  27. Oh Connie!!! You reminded me that I have had that pattern forever,….both of those rulers and still have to make it!!! Love your fabrics!!!

  28. That turned out just beautiful Connie. I've got that on my list of things to buy. I wonder why the pattern says it uses the 9 degree but on the description to the right of the pattern on their website shows the 10 degree is needed, including a link to the 10 degree. Strange. I never noticed that before now after you said you'd used the 10 degree.

  29. Libby in TN says:

    I've been wanting to make that runner ever since the first time I saw it. Love your colors (even if they are "wrong"). Your deer looks like a youngster. Guess I'll be seeing babies around here pretty soon. It's that time of year.

  30. I think it looks great in the colorway you used. I agree with Libby – your deer looks like a young one