Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

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Pelly is doing fine, this is a photo from the other day when he had visitors, he is the one with his wings open.

We have been getting fish donations from people and Pelly is becoming the town mascot, everyone loves him.

Pelly and friend

Today Bob and a neighbor are going to fish a pond for small fish. We had a storm last night and poor Pelly was huddled up next to a sandbag. Bob had put out the umbrella for him but……he stayed out in the open. He looks a lot better today after his shower.

Teaching Pelly to fish….the story continues……

Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

Time for a update on our White Pelican youngster.

The Mississippi river is going down pretty fast and our road is partially open. Since there are cars going back and forth we decided to make a temporary sign to let everyone know to watch out for Pelly.

It now looks like we will be making a permanent sign…..after many phone calls, we have been told that there is nowhere to take Pelly. Many young pelicans were washed off of islands in the flood and any place that takes pelicans is full. We were told a young pelican like this cannot feed itself, we can continue feeding it or…..let nature take its course. Guess we will be fishing.

Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

Pelly still loves his sand pile but it was getting hot so we put up an umbrella for him. The other pelicans never came back so the decoy continues to be his friend. Notice Builder Fisherman Bob in the background getting supper.

Shade for our pelican

Pelly has decided he likes standing in the middle of the road, I think he does that to get attention and….fed.

Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

 I am NOT getting much quilting done……..I never clean fish for us…..what?????

Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

Here I am feeding Pelly this morning, he really didn’t want to get in the water. We did find out that they can learn to fly on their own at about 10-12 weeks. The bad thing we found out was since he lets us touch him…..he may not leave.

Pelly the Pelican learns to fish

We are really enjoying all the fun and sweet comments that have been left, thanks so much! I have been trying to keep up with replying. Your comments are appreciated also!

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  1. Havplenty says:

    Maybe Pelly likes the rocks in the road. Perhaps try putting some rocks in Pelly's sand pile and see if that helps to keep his out of the road more often.


  2. Mary Huey says:

    the saga continues — are the rehab folks at least giving you some advice?

  3. I live on the west coast and yet you are the only person I know with a pet pelican. I hope he learns to catch fish on his own. I think you are beyond letting nature take its course. No need to reply, just keep us posted on Pelly's progress!

  4. says:

    Oh you have your hands full! Hopefully he gets mature enough he will go join his pelican friends and only come back for short visits.

  5. The first thing I do in the morning is check on Pelly. What a wonderful thing you are doing. I really think you enjoy this! Hugs

  6. I was wondering, like Pat, why you are cleaning the fish? Making bite-sized pieces? Did you ever, in your wildest imagination, think you'd be a pelican role model one day? Keep up your good work.

  7. You got a friend for life, it would be okay that he stays around, as long as he learns to feed himself right 😉 and OH MY- a quilting SIN!! you used quilting scissors…. you need a cone of shame! LOL 😉

  8. I think your pelican crossing sign is just adorable! I noticed you were wearing sandals again. I guess you aren't afraid of Pelly nipping at your toes any more. I was looking forward to the newest Pelly saga. I sure am enjoying them!

  9. Just checking in today again with you and your new child Connie. That's too bad no one has room for that little guy. Hey, at least you don't have to potty train this child of yours. LOL

    I just thought of something ~ you might call the local grocery store to find out if they can give you the fish that's not quite fresh enough to sell anymore. I'm sure it would be great for Pelly to eat still.

  10. You certainly have your hands full! Hope Pelly lets you get back to quilting soon!

  11. andrea @ tideline quilts says:

    Pelly looks absolutely great, Connie! You and Builder Bob are doing an amazing job with him…he is one lucky pelican!

  12. It has to be discouraging to find there is no available space for Pelly at the rescues. I wonder what will happen during the winter if he decides to hang around that long. He certainly has everything that he needs right now and seems to be happy. Do you really have to clean the fish? What happens when they fish in the wild???? I LOVED the picture of him under the umbrella!!! I hope he/she finds a pelican friend and lives happily ever after – on his own!

  13. barbara woods says:

    i love reading about him or her , you may have a new pet

  14. I couldn't resist. A poem by Dixon Lanier Merritt

    A wonderful bird is the pelican,
    His bill will hold more than his belican,
    He can take in his beak
    Enough food for a week
    But I'm damned if I see how the helican!

    I've known this poem forever and now I've finally found a use for it.

  15. Vicki in MN says:

    Connie~I think you have a new friend for life! Your sign made me chuckle!! I agree no need to reply we know you are very busy and hey in there somewhere you gotta quilt-we want to check out your projects!!

  16. Pelly is one lucky bird to have landed on your shore! I'm so sorry that you are seem to be signed up for the long term care position. It's so very tender hearted for you to take so much time and care to keep this little guy around. I'll keep praying for solutions. (No need to reply…. you have too much fishing to do!)

  17. I am up there with Ranch Wife!!!! You all very sweet to keep caring for him!!!!! I think he is a gift and was put in your path!!!!! I hope if I get washed up it is at your house too!!!!!!

  18. Connie, I looked on the internet the other day and it was rather discouraging. Young pelicans evidently don't learn on their own. I didn't have time to see if there were any suggestions on how to teach them but you might want to investigate! On another note, I don't think you need to clean those fish for Pelly. You might have to cut them into smaller sizes but I'm pretty sure that's all you need to do. LOL Also, it crossed my mind to ask you more about that fish place you first went to. Do they process fish? If they do, maybe they would throw the 'waste' into a bucket for you – that could be frozen and added to Fisher Bob's daily catch for him. Just a thought.

  19. Ranch Wife says:

    This just goes to show how wonderful y'all are! This is so sweet – if I ever get stranded, I hope I wash up in your yard!

  20. I love your Pelly adventures. Surely at some point he will be able to catch fish for himself. Meanwhile he knows who mom is.

  21. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I have enjoyed reading the Pelly stories and seeing the photos – I do hope that he can manage to fend for himself soon as I wonder what happens when winter comes – surely he will learn to fly instinctively? I hope so and then learn to fish too. It is too bad that there is no place to take him – maybe call the state offices and see if there is somewhere that is further away but can do it? You have probably been doing everything that others are suggesting

  22. Hi Connie! As all the others, I also enjoy your Pelican posts! Hmmm it seems to be that you are now Pelly's mom. I don't know much about them but I remember that when travelling around the GREECE there where some city well know from it's Pelicans. Good Luck to you and Pelly! x Teje