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Welcome to my day on the Tamarinis Blog Hop where we are spreading the word about the launch of Tammy Silver’s new class on Craftsy!

The name of Tammy Silver’s class is Quick Quilted Gifts on Craftsy. She is also a designer and ambassador for Island Batik.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

Last week I did a post showing a sneak peek at some fabrics I received from Island Batik.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

The project I am sharing is the Celebrations Slices paper piecing pattern. There are 3 different designs in the pattern and I choose the Halloween wall hanging as my daughter will just love it. The wall hanging is 18 x 44 and I am sure I’ll be making the Christmas one too.

Tamarinis Blog Hop

The selections of orange batiks were perfect for this project. The directions in the pattern were great and I really liked that it included sizes to cut your fabric for the paper piecing as I sometimes have a habit of cutting my fabric pieces too small.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

Paper piecing is complete!

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

Then it was time to add the mitered borders.

Tamarinis Blog Hop

You can see how big this cute wall hanging is…..not quite as big as my grandson!

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

My free motion applique and quilting was done with my 15-91 Singer.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

I want to thank Island Batik for the beautiful batiks for this project and if you would like to make it in the same colors here are the names and numbers of the fabrics to ask for.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging

Don’t forget that there is a giveaway for 5 yards of batiks on the Island Batik blog and Tamarinis is giving away a chance to win a Craftsy class!

Tomorrow be sure and visit Barb at Bejeweled Quilts and then Thursday I will share another project from the class with you! Hope you enjoyed this day on the Tamarinis Blog Hop.

A quick update on Pelly….it was not the mom that showed up and….just before dark last night another White Pelican showed up! I had put out some fish for the one that showed up in the afternoon and my dad saw this one walk up and eat all the fish. He came in and got me and I was able to get only one picture before that bird headed back to the water. Unfortunately the second bird left with it but Pelly didn’t go.

Island Batik fabrics Halloween Wall hanging


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  1. I love your wall hanging. So perfect for the coming season. I hope Pelly's story has a happy ending.

  2. Great Halloween hanging. Poor Pelly, still left behind.

  3. Cute pumpkin. I like the fun shape. Your quilt holder is very handsome. I have been sharing your posts about Pelly with my husband. We are both eager to read the next chapter in the Pelly story.

  4. Hi!!!! I love your wall hanging and the Christmas Tree looks like lots of fun too!!!!!! Poor little Pelli!!!! I wonder if he is injured in some way that keeps him from leaving and also wonder if the larger pellies will come back? Curious as usuall!!!!! But this is a very fun story to follow!!!!! Thank You

  5. I love your wall hanging

  6. Dora, the Quilter says:

    Those are most definitely not my colors, so I really have to say you created something wonderful from them.
    I know you love your 15-91s, but I don't know if you treadle any class 15s. If you do, I'm wondering how your Fitbit reacts to treadling.

  7. Love the Halloween hanging….makes me think of candy corn with that shape. Sorry that Pelly is still hanging out at your place. Hope the fishing is good!

  8. Love the project and the batiks!

  9. teachpany says:

    That's a fun quilt! Great colors, too.

  10. Siouxzq64@gmail.com says:

    Cute project. You really are going to end up with a squadron of pelicans soon if this keeps up.

  11. Love the pumpkin! Now you did it…..every pelican on the river will be showing up at Connie's Fish Bar! 🙂

  12. Paula @ Sewy Stuff says:

    wow, interesting that "pelly" did not go with them. maybe the other two will send back a rescue team for him. :-/

  13. What a fun wallhanging! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks like your grandson approves of the wall hanging – well done! And I love the updates on Pelly. Very interesting to have the 'mom' come by and stay. Keeps Builder Bob busy being Fisherman Bob, eh?

  15. Vicki in MN says:

    I agree the perfect fabrics for this cute little wall hanging! Nice job connie.

  16. Your wall hanging is terrific and I'll bet that Christmas tree will be great, too. Tempting, but no paper piecing for me – at least not in the foreseeable future. 🙂

    Poor Pelly! Those adult birds should be ashamed to eat his food and then leave him behind. I hope the conservationist finds something for him soon.

  17. I knew there would be a pumpking with that lovely pile of fabrics. I think this is stinkin' cute!! Tee Hee, yes – the word is out that a new Sushi Bar has opened up – just ask for Connie.

  18. That is such a cute pumpkin. It won't be long before we are decorating for Halloween.

    I think the pelicans are spreading the word about the new fish restaurant that has just opened!!!