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My gosh, I can’t believe how long it has been since I wrote a blog post! I don’t seem to do well when my routine gets changed. Between working on the new house, tearing apart my quilt studio, and dealing with the flooding, I’ve kind of lost it. This post should give you an update on what is going on.

Luna batik baby quilt project

Builder Bob is doing great after his first cataract surgery and will have the second eye done next Monday.  I spent all last week watching the grandkids and then working on moving all of my quilting stuff at the new house. I could have written posts at my daughter’s house at night but….I was too tired.

By last Friday (a week ago) Bob was able to come up and start working on the electrical again. The river has gone down enough that he didn’t have to worry and he was now off of the bending/lifting restriction. It was great to start working on the house again!

Bob had kept Sadie and was able to reschedule her grooming so she has her cute cut for the summer. She also had a problem with her ears and had to go to the vet. She has a yeast infection which we are treating and we also found out she has a heart murmur. We think she is about eleven years old and hopefully will be with us for several more years.

Sadie the dog


It is raining and dreary today – a perfect time for quilting! Bob had to run up to the new house today and I stayed home with the dogs. I am really hoping to get my Luna baby quilt all pieced and possibly quilted today. The last time I was home I pieced all nine of the quilt blocks so today it is just a matter of adding the sashing and borders in my temporary quilt studio.

Luna batik quilt in progress in my temporary quilt room

I have my little supervisor keeping an eye on me to make sure I do everything right. Mr.Mickey is snoozing in his favorite chair.

I am very fortunate to be able to take over our living room with all of my quilting. I actually like being able to look out the window at the Mississippi while I am sewing. I left two of my Algot storage systems here and have all of my new Island Batik fabrics and projects in them. The rest of them are up at the new house.

Luna quilt in my temporary quilt studio

I am using the kitchen island for my cutting table. I already miss my big, beautiful quilt studio but like so many of you, I will work with what I have. It feels so good to be quilting again!

Temporary quilt studio kitchen island for cutting table

Here you can see that I have the sashing and corner blocks all pieced for my Luna baby quilt. I am using the Blossom collection from Island Batik. I’ll get this all pieced and then I think I will add one or two borders to it.

Luna quilt progress sashingFlooding

We have survived the flooding along the Mississippi river and I want to thank everyone for the wonderful emails I have received checking on us. Builder Bob did a great job of keeping the river water out of the house.

The Mississippi river has started going down. It will still take some time to get back to normal and there is always the chance that it can come back up.  We have decided to leave the wood wall and sandbags up for now. You can see how much the water has gone down as the bell that I usually hang quilts on is showing. That is actually at the edge of the stone wall by the river. There has been quite a bit of erosion and we really have no idea what shape the riverfront will be in.

Flooding in front of our home on the Mississippi river

Dog Haircuts

I thought I would share a couple of cute photos of the dogs. Here they are on the deck, Mickey is so much cuter with longer hair.

Our dogs before getting haircuts

I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the bedroom yesterday and saw this! Sadie actually was on Mickey’s bed! Little by little she is getting used to him.  They both have their trims. I bought a comb and brush that I’ll use on Mickey to try and keep him from getting matted. Sadie is still the boss and if Mickey tries to get on our bed…….she runs him off.

Our dogs after getting haircuts

New home update

It has been so neat to see the trees in our front yard leaf out! Look at the brilliant colors in this Maple. You can barely see where I removed the red bricks and flower garden that was between the two trees. 

I took this photo just before we were getting ready to leave. We took down the dog’s temporary fence and will put it up in the backyard the next time we bring the dogs up. Poor dogs, I don’t think they know where they live!

While Builder Bob was doing the electrical work, I worked outside. I removed the grass that was between the sidewalk and mulch as that was too difficult to mow. I also brought up Hosta plants from our river house. I also added grey bricks to keep the mulch off of the sidewalk. I’m not going to go crazy with flowers and gardening at this house, my old knees just can’t take it anymore.

Brick walk way and temporary dog fence

Sheetrock was delivered yesterday and the hangers will come up next Wednesday to start hanging it. Bob has to be there when they start and with the eye surgery on Monday and check-up on Tuesday, that was the soonest it could be started. We are getting closer! This process will take about three weeks and then it will be flooring time. 

We have picked out the flooring, bathroom tile, and kitchen countertop. I’m not really into grey but….we are going with a greige color which is grey with some beige. We love boring, bland colors.

I had to send an updated photo of myself to AccuQuilt and I guess it is time to update my photo on my blog and all those other social medial places as I have several different photos. My hair is now completely white!

I have been averaging about 15,000 steps every day on my Fitbit since we started working on the new house. I really thought by now I would be in pretty good physical shape but I am finding out that my body hurts as much when I wake up as it did when I went to bed. This is frustrating but at the same time I am thankful I can keep doing it. My mind tells me I should feel like I’m 30 but my body reminds me that I just turned 68!

Okay, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day quilting! Take care!

Connie Kresin Campbell profile photo updated

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  1. Hi Connie. I know what you are talking about the sore muscles. I love keeping up with you and Bob. It feels like visiting with a good friend. You have inspired me to work on new things. Thanks and God Bless.

  2. Hi Connie, it was lovely reading about everything that is going on in your life. Hopefully Builder Bob’s eye operations has been successful.. I only wish I had a sewing room like yours! Mine is really small and I do most of my word on my dining room table, but I am just grateful that I have a place to do all my creative work. My new machine is a Janome Atelier 6 and is great, but I will never get rid of my Husqvarna Diamond, I still love working on Husqvarnas for the past nearly 50 years. Your white hair looks lovely. I have been so white for the past 37 years. I turned white in a months time when my Dad was really ill wit cancer. My Mom was always very jealous (Bless her) of my white hair because she wanted to have grey hair.
    I really enjoy all your post and especially the ones about all the renovations.
    Keep on Quilting

  3. Hi Connie! I am so thankful that I caught up on everything that has been going on it your life lately. Lots of good stuff, lots of water, lots of thankfulness as well. {{Hugs}} You have made so much progress at the new house and in your sewing studio. I know things are different and perhaps smaller but I know you will get it all organized. The pups do look like they are getting along better which makes it much easier for you. Thank heavens for all the talent that DH Bob has – he made the whole flooding and move so much better and easier. Happy Memorial Day to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Really enjoyed reading you new posting. Glad you were able get in some quilting. We were on vacation in Mexico last week so no sewing done this week is catch up so probably won’t do anything this week either. I am goi g to have to figure out how to sneak in some quilting over the summer as I will be watching my 5 grandkids 2-3 days a week.
    I love the view from your temporary sewing studio. Also the size of that room. I really need to go in and organize my room. It is currently a disaster

    Glad Builder Bob’s eye surgery went well. My hubby went through that last year at this time. Now he is having oral surgery.

    I can well understand the achy and tired body. I’ve been doing 12,000-15,000 steps a day and I sure do sleep good. Some days it is hard to stay wake past 8:30. Good thing we tape most of our shows. We need painting done and am saving to have someone do the job. This body just doesn’t do that kind of work any more

    Enjoy the progress on your new home and any “time off”. In no time you will be all moved in.

  5. I love the new photo. Cute hairstyle and glasses. Thanks for all the updates. You and Bob have been busy! It sounds like you’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. So nice to hear from you, but, you know your regular readers know how busy you are right now and understand completely the lack of posts. That first pic of Sadie is adorable and Mr. Mickey’s fur will grow out before you know it. I’m also cutting back on the gardening. Beside the whole aging thing, I just don’t enjoy it any more due to the constant battle with the voracious deer and the weird weather patterns. I’d rather be quilting and spending my money on fabric. Hope the latest round of severe storms doesn’t cause the river to rise again. Good luck to Builder Bob on the second eye surgery.

  7. Your new home is looking lovely. You are smart to plant things that won’t require too much effort to look beautiful. You have been so busy!! So glad Builder Bob had a great result with his surgery and I’ll be praying for him this Monday for the same results with his surgery then. Your pups are so cute, but Mickey does look better with a bit more fur!! I’ve never had a dog that required a groomer, so it is interesting to see all the different clips for the different breeds. So thankful the Mississippi has receded…hope that trend continues for you. Glad to see you are back…you’ve been on my mind.

  8. 68 Really? Wow, you look great Connie!
    Love the view from your river house! Thanks for the update; keep up the progress! Love the colors in the quilt.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how quickly those years creep up on us, and turn us into our grandparents, who I used to think were ancient. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I don’t like it, especially since most of my skeletal frame IS old and decrepit and doesn’t like it when I do yard work. I think your white hair is beautiful, and very flattering. You are right that Mr. Mickey’s hair looks better at a longer length, and I remember years ago when we had a poodle name Micky, how he used to come home from the groomer and hide under anything he could crawl under. Guess he must have felt naked. Your baby quilt is lovely and am happy you have found some time to do a little quilting. Relaxing and good for the soul.

  10. Connie Dear you look beautiful. Yes, our bodies know how to remind us we are not 30 anymore. So thankful the river is subsiding. So grateful Builder Bob is doing well and able to continue working on the new house. Your temporary quilting space is very nice with the window view. Mr. Mickey looks cuter with the longer hair I agree. Sadie will be in my prayers for her health to improve so she can enjoy her wonderful home with you and Builder Bob. Gotta run…my daughter is coming for the very first time to this home. I am excited for her to see how and where we live in Utah…out of California!

  11. Hi Connie, You guys have been so busy it makes me tired just reading about it! You’re quilt is lovely and the new house is looking wonderful. I too have cut way back on flowers. As much as I love them, I just can’t keep up with the care they require. I’m the same age as you but my hair has been white for quite a few years now. I have to admit it’s still a bit of a shock sometimes when I look in the mirror😊. Love your little dogs!

  12. Hello Connie, Builder Bob and You have been super busy in every which way. I hope that this new wave of rain that we are getting does not bring more rain and flooding to the Mississippi. I have many relatives that live in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado plus Kevin has relatives that live in Texas. They are all facing a variety of weather conditions and some the flooding that you are experiencing. So you are always in our prayers because we care about you! I really love your quilt and the fabrics that you chose just make this a beautiful creation. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures when you have the chance. Both of your fur babies look so cute after their grooming sessions. I am trying to get Mr. Shakes groomed in between all the time I am spending with my Mom. She is at home once again and I am trying to stay with her for 3 – 4 days and then come home for a day/night. Which is why you may not get comments from me due to that. I know you will understand. Thank you for keeping us updated whenever you can. Have a splendid time doing all of the things you are doing!

  13. Whew – I’m tired right there with you, after reading all that you have been doing to fill your days lately. I agree, your hair is beautiful! I only wish mine would come in that glorious white instead of very, very, mousy, yucky, sort-a/kind-a streaky salt ‘n pepper gray. I’m jealous, lol! The quilt you’re working on is very pretty – good to have observant helpers! Enjoy the process of moving. Looks like you’re getting nearer!

  14. I like the new photo and the white hair looks great. Mine is the same color – except I’m still afraid to stop coloring it. But it’s been snow white since my late 40s.

    Love the kitchen in your river house and the view out of those windows really is spectacular- when the river isn’t flooding I suppose.

  15. I was pleasantly surprised to see a blog post from you today. Your new photo looks great and Kathleen is right – you are a powerhouse! I know it is a huge amount of work, but once it is done, you will love it and the payoff is smaller spaces(yes!) and being closer to your daughter. Mickey and Sadie look so cute together and, don’t worry, Mr. Mickey’s hair will grow back before you know it. Just remember what I said – brushing him is a good excuse to sit down for a few minutes.

  16. We are in Baton Rouge along the Mississippi River just above New Orleans. Every week or so I go down to the river and take photos of the river levels. We’ve been over flood stage for Several months now. In fact the Bonne Carre Spillway has been opened twice this year for the first time ever. And this is the first time it has been opened in back to back years. We had 31 inches of water inside our house in the 2016 flood; but it really didn’t matter if you had 4 inches or 4 feet, it destroyed everything regardless. The river was not the reason we flooded, it was local tributaries and 36 inches of rain in a stalled low pressure that sat over
    Us for three days. We don’t really worry about the Mississippi. Good luck!

  17. You are a powerhouse Connie! You have so much going on but that quilt is scrumptious. I am more and more convinced those Algot systems would be perfect for my closet. Your new picture is terrific – congrats on being able to do all you can. It is quite the list of things you are managing – new house, old house, flooding, grandchildren, husband’s surgery and quilting!

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