Quick update on our flooding

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We are safe and so are our neighbors, the water has begun to recede. 

We have been very busy dealing with the flooding along the Mississippi river here just down river from Davenport, Iowa. You can see the wall that Bob built around our house. He had 3 pumps working and it kept most of the water out. That is the street in front of our house.

flooding around our house

The river started going down two days ago and now Bob only has one pump working. The bad thing is that heavy rains are expected up north and that could affect us. This is the second time the river has gone down and then came back up.

The highway to our town is closed but we are fortunate to have a gravel road we can take to get places. I’m writing this quickly before I drive Bob to Davenport for his first cataract surgery.

I took this photo from our deck, see little Iggy? That is my brother trying to keep the logs and debris away. The farthest tree you see is actually right along the bank of the Mississippi river normally. 

flooding around our house

Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful comments and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reply to all of them. We are in much better shape than many other people and are thankful for that.

We had enough time to get everything out of my quilt studio. Fortunately, I had been moving lots of stuff already to our new house and took another load up on Saturday.

Here is my temporary quilt room! It works for now, you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to find my rotary cutter and ruler! Yesterday I actually started working on my new Island Batik ambassador quilt project for this month!

temporary quilt studio

Another view of the water. All work on our new house has stopped for now.

Mississippi river flooding in Iowa

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  1. I just read about more flooding on the Mississippi River! Hope your house is ok still!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, Connie. What an adventure you have been on! I hope you can maintain your positive spirit. I wish you dry weather and send many prayers your way.

  3. Connie, so glad that you are safe! Hope Builder Bob is doing well after cataract surgery!

  4. connie wolfe says:

    Glad to have heard from you and that you were successful in managing the flooding. Praying for you and Builder Bob as you recover from this and his surgery. He probably won’t be lifting or bending for a week or so. Perhaps you can remind him that he has “paid it forward” many times as he relies upon friends and family to help him.
    No replies expected. Take care of your home, husband and yourself for now.

  5. Jean McKinstry says:

    Builder Bob, take care after the cataract surgery, Hugh wasn’t allowed to bend over for a good while. So glad you are safe, and quilting goodies are somewhere!!! Well done to find anything, I looked for some sticky Velcro, and couldn’t find it so we went and bought some new lengths.

  6. Patricia Evans says:

    Thank you for the update. I have been thinking about you and worrying after the flooding in Davenport. Make sure Builder Bob takes the time to recover properly. The reno can wait. His eyes are more important. No need to reply. Hope the rains don’t make things worse again.

  7. I’m happy to see you have been able to hold most of the water back for now. Hopefully that will continue. I did see the forecast there and it showed more rain in the next few days so that’s not much help for anyone dealing with the flooding.
    I was wondering how the new house was and hoping that area wasn’t having any problems with the flooding there as well. I seem to recall that possibly that area had a few of those tornadoes last week, but wasn’t sure on that. I was hoping they were not close to your new house.

    Good luck with the weather and finding all your sewing things to continue the new project Connie!

  8. Happy to hear your all okay! Stay safe😍🙋‍♀️

  9. Oh my! I am so sorry you are going through this. May you be stronger because of it! I used to live in Iowa and recall many blizzards and some flooding, but nothing like you are going through. (((((Hugs))))

  10. Thank you for the update. I am happy to hear the water is receding. I hope it doesn’t rise again. Keep safe and take time to rest. Best wishes for Builder Bob’s surgery. No need for a personal reply, it is just nice hear from you once in a while letting us know how you are. Hope all gets better for yuur brother too.

  11. So glad you are surviving the flooding fairly well unscathed. You don’t need this stress on top of moving, remodeling, and now Builder Bob’s eye surgery. He’ll have to take it easy for a few days with no heavy lifting.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Builder Bob is so very good at protecting your home!! I’m so glad you cleared out your studio…done in a hurry does make for a bit of a scavenger hunt for what you need!! Praying you don’t have further flooding. As lovely as it is to live along any body of water, flooding is a negative that goes with that location. Looking forward to seeing your new project for Island Batik!

  13. So glad you are OK. Have been thinking about you. I remember a severe flood as a child, devastated our family. My Mother refused to return to that house when the water went down. I still think about it. Glad you were able to get things to the new house. Take care.

  14. Oh, I haven’t been expecting responses from you, but I have certainly been looking for a blog post. So glad to hear the water is receding and I hope that continues for you. You and BB have certainly had your hands full lately. I’m glad you are taking a bit of time off to indulge in some quilty therapy. And, yes, I can believe how long it might take to find a ruler and rotary cutter. lol Stay safe!

  15. Monica Kostak says:

    I was thinking about you as I was FINALLY making your baskets that I’ve been talking about doing. I’ll have to send you pictures. I see you are “making do” with finding time and space to do a little sewing. We all need to therapy and looks like you are in need of more right now…Hope all is well with Bob’s surgery, your home, moving, and everything else. These are some challenging moments…

  16. Sylvia E Anderson says:

    Good morning Connie….Hopefully the river won’t rise again and you will be able to continue with the reno on the new house, BB has been kept busy keeping the water at bay and damage to a minimum. I agree with Carole about not having to respond to our comments. You have far more important things on you mind right now. Hugs and prayers.

  17. Good to hear you are safe, and that Bob has been able to shore up the damage to the house. I hope the new house is further from these calamities!

  18. So sorry to hear that more flooding is on the way, I do hope that your place is safe. Take care and don’t worry about responding, just take care of yourself.

    1. Blessings for you and Builder Bob, Sadie and Mr. Mickey. Your flooding has been difficult and thankfully wil not get any worse. Love seeing your new sewing space. Oh Yes…I do know how difficult it is to find things after moving! Prayers and Healing Energy for Builder Bob and his cataract surgery. XO