Mini Madness! A Peek at this and a Peek at that!

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You’ll want to stop by tomorrow to see the quilt that Tasha is sitting on.

I was playing in Photoshop and came up with this neat picture. I’m glad I saved it because I closed the file so I could redo it in a larger size and…..forgot how I got this look. There are so many neat things you can do in Photoshop.

Tasha Spellbound Diffuse Bright

Mini Madness! A peek at this and a peek at that!

Mini Madness Island Batik

I have learned that a “treat” works to get Tasha to sit!For the month of March all of the Island Batik ambassadors are supposed to make a mini paper pieced project as part of Mini Madness.

I started working on the Aurifil free patternSew Many Colors after reading the post on AURIbuzz.

Aurifil Sew Many Colors

This is all I have done so far, but Joan from MooseStash Quilting, a fellow Island Batik ambassador has already finished one so be sure and stop by her blog to see it.


Whenever I do foundation paper piecing I like to use newsprint. Can you see the difference in the color of the paper?

One is regular typing paper and the other is all-purpose newsprint. I buy mine from Dick Blick in a 500 sheet ream, it is very reasonable in price. (no affiliate) It is very easy to tear off your paper pieced project.

Well, guess what…..I decided to make a different Mini Madness quilt… is just a peek at what I’m doing.

Mini Madness Batik double

I just realized this whole darn post is…peeks!

My Mini Madness will have a tutorial and a couple of giveaways, have you ever done foundation paper piecing, and do you like it? This will up by next week.

Great deals for you!

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  1. Love paper piecing! And your Mini Madness blocks are terrific. I use the Carol Doak Foundation Paper Piecing software and its many companions because I can print any pattern in any size or scale and it is so easy to create minis with perfection. Also, printing your own papers are so much more flexible and affordable than buying pre-printed “kits.”

  2. Tasha is such a pretty dog. Funny how she’ll sit when you say treats. Maybe your puppy will learn by watching and she’ll learn to be a better model for your pictures. LOL

    Do you run that paper through your printer Connie? I saw one comment that said it consistently jams her printer but once she gets it to print they are nice prints. If you are running it through your printer, what type printer do you have? I see so many fun projects you can do with printing on fabrics and things like that, but I can never do them because it requires an inkjet printer and we have a laser. I keep saying I need to buy an inkjet printer,, but never do get one. I actually have one, but it’s old and I’m sure I won’t find any new printer drivers that will work for it now. I think we got it way back when our computers were running a version prior to even having Windows 8 so that’s how old it is.

    What are your plans for today? Are you making a nice St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage, or going out somewhere to eat? Oh wait…..I just realized who I was asking about cooking. ha. I’m guessing you’ll be going out, right? haha

    1. Hi Vicki, I never have any problems with the paper jamming and use it all the time for PP. I take out all the regular paper and just fill my printer with the newsprint. I use a HP Envy….I think it cost about $50 and I do the monthly print program so I don’t have to buy ink. Love it!

  3. You can go to your local newspaper and they will sell you the end rolls of newsprint paper for about $2 a roll and there is lots of paper on these rolls.

    1. Thanks for that tip Ann! I knew that but…….had forgotten all about it. For $2 it would be worth cutting the paper up to fit in our printers, thanks for the tip!

  4. Love your Photoshop model! Tasha is certainly a cutie. I can’t believe Sadie doesn’t like treats–my Hooligans live for treats and have me well trained. Your mini madness quilt is lovely. I do some paper piecing but I hate tearing off the papers. Thank you for the tip on the newsprint! There is a reason that quilters used old phone books and newspapers for their foundation piecing. I’ve found newspaper backed blocks at thrift stores. I really like the Aurifil thread spools pattern… bucket list!

    1. Thanks Miriam, it is strange that Sadie doesn’t like treats but she has grown accustomed to a 2 course meal twice a day….Builder Bob feeds her a little and then she comes to me for her “real” meal. I think she really likes me at that point LOL!

      I use old phone books all the time for my string piecing, I imagine someday they will be obsolete!

  5. Tasha looks like she is getting better at being away from her Mistress. I did try pare-piecing a quilt block once and it was very frustrating. i am certain I have dyslexia and my fabric pieces kept getting sewn on wrong. Love what you are creating with your paper piecing.

    1. She is pretty comfy with me anymore Sherry! Sometimes I wonder about having dyslexia as when I first start a PP project it is like I have to relearn how to do it all over again! I have found you definitely want to cut your pieces plenty big and I think I like batiks as there is no right/wrong side.

  6. looking great! photoshop can get you hooked, I used to play around with the kids pictures and do all sorts of things- reminds me that Anja is already 1, I have a tradition I do with their 1yr old pictures and have Bjorn and solveig is a BIG picture already (unframed)- need all 4 of them so I can get some frames and up on the wall!

    1. Thanks Bea! I have always loved playing with Photoshop and graphics! Did I ever tell you I originally started blogging when I was doing digital scrap-booking, that was so much fun!

  7. Lynne Stucke says:

    Having owned 2 dachshunds before, I had to laugh and laugh at Tasha’s refusal to pose! Yes; doxies are like that!! Smart as whips, but they are stubborn as mules and absolutely REFUSE to ‘perform’ unless there’s something in it for them!!! Thank you for the smile you gave me today! (lynnstck[at]

    1. Thanks Lynne, Tasha is definitely stubborn, once she found out the kitchen is where the food is……I can’t keep her out of there! I have to bribe her to come back down to my quilt studio. LOL

  8. I love paper piecing. I will look up that supplier for the newsprint.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, someone mentioned going to your local newspaper and buying it….cheap!

  9. That mini block is so sweet. I have to try something mini like this soon. Just now I’m working on my EPP mini.

  10. Love that little block and have been trying to figure out “units” would create that look. The Photoshop picture has a FUN background.

    1. Thanks Sara, I’ll get the tutorial up pretty soon!