Furry Fridays and a New Dog

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Furry Fridays & Tasha took over my quilt studio

I have had company in my quilt room lately as I’m dog-sitting Tasha a long-haired dachshund. Notice the water and food bowls…..yep, she has moved in! Actually, I am watching her while her owner gets radiation treatments for 6 weeks. Tasha is a sweetie, very shy, and would love to play with Sadie but……Sadie just ignores her.

Tasha long haired dachsund

Here is a closer look at her, Tasha gets a trim so you really wouldn’t know she was long haired other than her ears have long hair on them. Notice the look she is giving me…..she doesn’t like her picture taken either!
She is used to sitting next to her owner and sleeping in a chair so we had to haul a soft comfy chair down to my quilt studio as she wasn’t too happy lying on a quilt on the floor. I actually have this chair pulled up right next to my table with my computer on it and she is now very happy. She even brought her own quilt, I think I made this one about 25 years ago. It is falling apart and the seams are all serged so it when I bought a serger when they first came out.

So far she gets to go home on the weekends. Sadie pretty much ignores her….hopefully, next week I’ll be able to get some pictures of them together.

Tasha on old quilt

Tasha looks pretty comfortable!

Sadie with Kennel quilts

 Last month the Island Batik ambassadors all made kennel quilts that were given to animals in shelters. I showed the kennel quilts that I made with our little rescue dog Sadie.

This month we will take turns sharing blog posts every Friday to help the Petfinder Foundation find homes for pets. My post isn’t until next week but I was planning on doing a post about sweet little Tasha so I thought I would also include information here on

Visit Petfinder and read about Catnine who lived a hard life before she was saved by Zeus’ Rescues in New Orleans: Both her leg and her jaw had been broken. Still, she adores people, and she’s ready for a loving home that will help her heal! and June This gentle, house trained 6-year-old gal is comfortable around adults, children and other dogs, and even lived happily with a gecko! She’s waiting for a new family at Animal Care Centers of NYC in Manhattan. – hopefully they will find forever homes soon!

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  1. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey. I know you and your husband gave so much love and sweet attention to him while he was with you and until he had to leave. He was a blessed little guy. Kudos to you for giving life with love to these senior sweeties. God bless you.

  2. Tasha looks like a real sweetie and she must be really confused not to be with hr owner everyday. You are a blessing to help them out. Sadie being a rescue must be wondering why Tasha is there with her. They may get together soon. Love and attention from you is the best for each of them. Woofy Smooches Dear…<3

    1. Thanks Sherry, Tasha is very, very submissive so Sadie is definitely the leader of the pack. Hopefully they finally enjoy each other but at least they don’t fight.

  3. Tasha is such a cutie. I wonder what Sadie really feels like with a new dog taking your attention away like that and with her very own chair now too. Maybe they’ll be buddies soon. You know that chair may become Sadie’s favorite place before too long.

    1. LOL, Sadie only comes into my quilt studio when Bob and my dad are gone. Her favorite place is right next to Bob or in our bed. Tasha goes home on the weekends so far and I think Sadie definitely knows when she is gone!

  4. Looks as though Miss Sadie needs an attitude adjustment. 🙂 Tasha looks so sweet. I’m so glad you can take care of her while her mom is being treated. I have a friend here that has often taken care of Jack for me when I was in the hospital. You’ve no idea what a relief it is to know he is in safe hands and well cared for when I’m not able. You are racking up those gold stars, Connie.

    1. I agree Pat, Sadie needs to realize she is very precious to us and……we have enough love to share with another dog 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to have someone care for Jack when you were in the hospital, if I were closer I would do it anytime….he is so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Teje, it is always nice to be able to help someone out and the poor little girl would have had to stay in a kennel for 6 weeks…..too long.

  5. Tasha is a sweetie! Hopefully Sadie will realize she has a friend and not an interloper encroaching on her territory and stealing your affections. Best wishes to Tasha’s owner. I know she rests comfortably knowing Tasha has such a loving care giver. I can look at Petfinder for hours. Before our three Hooligans found us, I was seriously looking at their adoptees. These little guys and big girl were dumped out in the country and found forever homes with us.

    1. Thanks Miriam, we are like you and Sadie “found” us after being dumped in our little town. She is so much healthier now and…..rules the roost! I am hoping the two dogs will eventually like each other and maybe play.

  6. Tasha does look so sweet. I sure hope all goes well with the radiation treatments for her owner. I’m sure the two miss each other very much, but glad to hear Tasha is in a loving home, even if Sadie doesn’t want to play with Tasha. Great shoutout for PetFinder too.


  7. you are so sweet dog sitting. She is such a pretty little thing. I love that she bought her quilt with and that you had made it. Sweeeeet!

  8. Bless you for helping out the local shelter! I am a real advocate for our homeless dogs and cats. I wish everyone that could have a pet would start at the shelter first. The ones outside the main cities need so much help. Using your batting scraps and old t-shirts to make beds are greatly appreciated in the poorer counties surrounding the higher populated ones.

    1. Thanks Carole, I wish everyone would go to the shelter and bring a dog or cat home with them. There are so many sweet animals needing homes. We have a problem here in our small town that people just drop them off…..which is how we got Sadie.

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