Spellbound Quilt Along in Kaffe Fassett

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This beautiful quilt just shouts Spring with all of the beautiful fabrics in it!

Tasha on the Spellbound quilt

Do you like my cute little model? I finally figured out how to get Tasha to sit while I take a picture……she loves a treat! Too bad Sadie doesn’t like treats!

Spellbound Quilt Along in Kaffe Fassett

SpellBound Quilt in a Tree

I am taking part in the Spellbound Quilt Along that is going on at the Jolly Jabber from Fat Quarter Shop.

This is a neat pattern that is very easy to make.This beautiful quilt was made using the Spellbound Quilt pattern from It’s Sew Emma.

The finished size of the quilt patern is 64.5″ x 80.5″.

I decided to make mine a little bigger as I had bought one extra yard of fabric so mine is 80.5″ x 80.5″.

Fat Quarter Shop also has a Spellbound kit made with Maven by BasicGrey, this also includes the pattern.

SpellBound Quilt made with Kaffe fabrics

This was the first time I ever worked with a Kaffe Fassett fabric collection and I was a little worried about all those bold and wild prints……this is coming from someone who loves working with wild, colorful batiks!

Spellbound Quilt Kaffe Fabrics

I am something of a ruler fanatic so I picked up the Creative Grids 60 Degree Double Strip Ruler to use with the Spellbound pattern.

Creative Grids rulers all have embedded gripper dots which hold the fabric.

Spellbound Quilt Kaffe

I used a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll and also three 1 yard pieces from the Kaffe Fassett Collective.

What is your favorite size of rotary cutter? I still use my original Olfa 28mm and this ruler works better with a 45mm cutter.

I am left-handed and each time I made the second diagonal cut it didn’t cut all the way in the little circle. When I used the 45mm I didn’t have a problem.

Spellbound Quilt Kaffe Fabrics

I had to wait for a day without wind so I could take my pictures outside.

SpellBound Quilt made with Kaffe fabrics

It is always fun to get a little creative with the fabrics, I used the Kaffe Fassett Red Guinea flower yardage for the center blocks to give the quilt a star effect.

Spellbound Quilt Along in Kaffe Fassett

SpellBound Quilt made with Kaffe fabrics

Visit some other quilters who are taking part in the Spellbound Quilt Along

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  1. Thanks for all the links to the quilt along. Yours is sooooo colorful!. I did not even see the bright red star in the center until I popped back to your blog to continue reading. Just a question… do you have trouble with Kaffe fabrics fading? I had a fat quarter giving to me, in a green colorway just like your yellowish fabric. And it faded when I used it in a small project. I have since prewashed the remainder and am now using color catchers in every wash with every project. Just wondering?

  2. Your colors are gorgeous!

  3. Dorothy Finley says:

    I sure wish your posts wouldn’t disappear off the face of the world/internet. I am signed in with your “subscribe by email” option. the problem is that I guess it really is an “option”. Your posts disappear for weeks at a time—as into 6-8 weeks with no posts, and then all of a sudden here you are back again. Then I have to “back track” through the posts to get caught up again. I sure wish I could get you through “Feedly”

    1. Hi Dorothy, I am so sorry you have trouble finding my posts. You must be seeing my old posts that are on blogger. I am now on WordPress and here is the link. I think you can go to Feedly.com and then add my site to it. I couldn’t figure out how to add a button to Feedly, sorry.

  4. Your quilt is bright and cheerful. I really like how you focused the center to look like a star. Tasha seems mesmerized by this quilt. I am surprised Sadie is not into treats. Lovely fabrics dear…<3

    1. Thanks Sherry, I think Sadie is the first dog I have ever had that didn’t care for treats!

  5. What a true beauty Connie. It certainly looks happy and spring ready. i like what you did with the color placements.

  6. I love the Kaffe fabrics and the quilt looks fabulous in them. Your model is pretty darn cute too.

  7. Beautiful quilt. And I’m glad to hear Tasha has learned how to earn an income from her role modeling – dog treats!!!! But I do hope sweet Sadie will continue to be willing to work for free.


    1. Thanks so much! LOL, that is so funny Darlene! I hope Sadie keeps working for free also!

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous quilt. You have some beautiful photos of it, too. Tasha is a real cutie.

  9. The quilt is stunning Connie, but the pup is stealing the show….:)

    1. LOL, that is what pups are for!!! You don’t notice any mistakes this way!

  10. great looking quilt and yay for learning that bribery works 🙂

    1. Thanks Denise!Thanks Bea and you are so right……bribery works!

    2. Thanks Bea and you are so right……bribery works!


  12. Rosemary Bolton says:

    This is perfect fabric for this beautiful pattern. Well done, just lovely

  13. Pat Evans says:

    You’ve done it again. A super interpretation of a quilt pattern. The secondary star is inspired. I would never have thought of it.

    1. Thanks so much Pat! I think that is why a design wall is so important to have.

  14. Oh! I really love how you’ve got the giant red star in the center! So pretty!

  15. OMG!! I absolutely love this quilt. Those fabrics are perfect for the design. So bold and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sara! I am sure I’m going to work with Kaffe prints again! There is a group that has blues in it and Builder Bob might go for that in the bedroom!

  16. Melanie C says:

    Beautiful quilt Connie! I love love love the red star!!!

  17. Your quilt is stunning! On the FQ Shop quilt, I didn’t notice the star, but on yours… starburst! I may “need” that ruler. I like the 2.5″ side as well as the block side, and I always like the Creative Grid’s non-slip factor. I have a new baby at my house… a calf that was the runt twin and mama cow didn’t “take” her, so I’m on bottle duty. She had a slow, touch and go start, but a week later, she is doing well. She’s definitely cutting into my sewing time, but such a sweetie that I don’t mind. She’s another in the line of rescues I am always finding, or they find me. Again, your quilt is stunning. I always like Kaffe Fassett fabrics almost as much as I like batiks.

    1. Thanks so much Miriam, once I had the blocks on my design wall I just started playing and created the star in the center. Actually that is why I made my quilt a little bigger. I wanted the star design in the center. A baby calf…..now that will keep you busy! I am so glad she is doing well and I can just imagine how often you have to feed her. Rescues…..we love them don’t we!

  18. Little Quiltsong says:

    Very striking!! love the colors and pattern!

  19. Oh Wow!! This is stunning! I just received an order of Kaffe Fasset fabric last week, enough to make this!! Now I know how I’ll use it!! THanks so much for the great idea!!!
    lstangl482 at aol dot com

    1. Thanks Cindy, I would love to see a picture of yours when you’re done! It was a lot of fun working with these beautiful fabrics and this fun pattern.