Log Cabin in Wood

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The deck is finished! This is what it looked like early Friday morning, Builder Bob had all the flooring already on.

Log Cabin in Wood

Is this a quilt or a deck? Builder Bob really enjoys adding a little something to any deck he builds, take a look at the log cabin design that is in every corner.

Log Cabin in Wood

In the center of the deck you will find this design at the top and bottom.

Log Cabin in Wood

By the afternoon the railing was all on the deck and it was time for a beer.

Log Cabin in Wood

First thing was to let the dogs out so they could check it out and give us their approval. Now we don’t have to worry about them jumping off…..they are getting old.

Log Cabin in Wood

Isn’t Brandy a little big cutie!

Log Cabin in Wood

Yesterday we spread 55 bags of mulch on my flower beds before the storms hit. Our weather seems to either be cold or…..like yesterday hot! I’m glad that is done and today I’m going to quilt.

Look at this sweet little gift I got in the mail……do you know what it is??

It is a pin cushion!! Bea from Beaquilter makes them and a couple weeks ago she asked what my favorite color was……red. Thank you so much Bea!!

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  1. Kevin the Quilter says:

    What a beautiful deck! I love it! Could you literally send him down the river to me! I need a deck!!!!!

  2. Angela Flowers -Moore says:

    Builder Bob is a keeper. His work is amazing. Love the deck.

  3. The decking looks amazing! So nice that the dogs will be nice and safe. Builder Bob does such beautiful finishes. Bea really created a cute pin cushion!

  4. Josie McRazie says:

    I need me a Builder Bob! He does AMAZING work! It looks GREAT! (All but the hawks chairs sitting there! ;0) LOL)

  5. Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio says:

    Great looking deck!!! A friend of mine made me a similar purse pincushion and I love it. It's great to take from room-to-room because it has the handle to carry it.

  6. I think you're rubbing off on Builder Bob with all that log cabin design, lol! The deck looks wonderful.

  7. I see the quilting influence on the deck design…..and it is great. We love our handyman guys.

  8. Missy Shay says:

    That is an adorable pin cushion!

  9. tink's mom says:

    I have a lovely deck that is 8 ft by 8 ft and it looks over a 24ft square yard. I am so jealous. Your deck, even without the wonderful design work is stellar. The design is just icing on the cake. Lovely view. I hope you, your family and the dogs get years of enjoyment from it.

  10. That really is a special deck! You'll have many years of enjoyment sitting on that deck, checking out the scenery!

  11. Kristen King says:

    What an adorable pin cushion…and that deck…wow…It looks perfect for handwork in the evenings during the summer. 🙂

  12. I would love a place with a porch and a deck. Lucky you – those little bag pincushions of Bea's are so stinkin' cute!

  13. Love the deck design. Is Builder Bob going to do pinwheels sometime? 🙂 Are these your dogs? They look like real sweeties. Someone in my guild was just showing the pattern for those cute pincushions … just darling. Without anything to put them to scale it looks just like a little purse.

  14. Libby in TN says:

    Now THAT's a deck! And the view…. almost as good as your own back yard, huh? I was going to guess a travel iron carrier. Too cute.

  15. The decking looks amazing Builder Bob always does the best finishes. Lovely to relax there during summer.Your dogs are lovely old boys. The pin cushion is really cute.

  16. Builder Bob's deck is a work of art. That will see many happy times shared on it. I love all of his nice touches.

    Bea's little red pincushion is darling.