AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

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I finished up a little fun table topper that I made using my AccuQuilt GO and dies.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

I used several different dies including the
Half Hexagon #55165, Equilateral Triangle #55429, and the Rose of Sharon #55045. I don’t have the Hexagon #55011 but the largest size would work for the center.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

I always like to show a photo of the piece before it get quilted.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

This was made using fabrics that have been in my stash for quite some time. That was the last of my little fish print. I ran out of the blue/teal solid so the center hexagon is actually a different color…..I also used it for the binding but you really have to look to see the difference.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

I just did my usual free motion applique. Some one asked how I did my applique……I am using my vintage 1951 Singer which has only a straight stitch so I put on my darning foot and just do a little squiggle, wiggle stitch around my pieces.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

I used my Rose of Sharon die for the flowers which are out of batik.

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

I thought I had taken pictures while I was cutting the pieces out but……I can’t find them. I just finished another quilt project using the Hexie dies that you’ll like also!

Twirling Hexie Florals

AccuQuilt Twirling Hexie Florals

If you have a moment I would sure appreciate your vote for one of my blocks in the AccuQuilt Block contest. Thanks so much!

Builder Bob’s computer died the other day and since mine is a little older……I have been backing up stuff just in case mine decides to quit. Both laptops are 4 years old which is old for a……laptop.

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  1. Kati from Kati's Quilting says:

    It is the cutest table topper, Connie! I love the color combination you used and would've never pointed out the one in the middle if you didn't mention it!

  2. Very pretty. I really love the color combination you used.

  3. Laila Mogensen says:

    Wauv, looks great. What an awsome idea to put flowers in the center of the hexagons.

  4. Susan Arnold says:

    Very pretty! Love the pattern and the fabric choices!

  5. OH gosh that's just so pretty Connie! I really love the colors.

    ACK! All your gorgeous quilt projects and you aren't backing that computer up faithfully?
    (I am giving you the stink eye now and shaking my finger at you. LOL GET that done now. You don't want to lose all your quilt project pics and for sure none of your Grandchildren's pictures)

  6. Very pretty! And the colors are so pretty too! Good job! 🙂

  7. Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio says:

    Connie that table topper is beautiful! Love those colors!!

  8. Adele Hoyt says:

    I really like your table topper! The colors make it "pop" and says WOW! Your machine quilting is perfect for the top! Going to check out and vote in the contest.

  9. I love the table topper and you are right … almost impossible to tell the center hex is a different color. You have me worried now … my laptop is going on six years old.
    I see lovely green in your background shots so I guess spring/summer has finally arrived. And last, but not least … I VOTED!! Yeah!

  10. That's a really pretty table topper. I love the colours and the pattern is really sweet.

  11. Denise Russell says:

    Great colors! And I like the applique technique…

  12. Nice! I like the setting of the hexie and the applique is lovely!

  13. Vicki in MN says:

    Adorable topper! Always fun to see what you come up with next 🙂 I've been voting your ya! I too always am amazed with before and after quilting-had one of those yesterday!

  14. Queenie Believe says:

    This is a very fun table topper, wonderful colors for a spring table.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  15. Createology says:

    So lovely and vibrant in these colors and fabrics. Your quilting is perfect and to realize you do it on your old Singer is amazing. Creative Twirling Hexie Floral Bliss…

  16. This is just GORGEOUS, Connie! I just LOVE Accuquilt too! Your fabrics are such happy colors. Great finish!

  17. very lovely. It made me smile when I realized that you put fish and flowers together. works for me, kind of tropical.