Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt

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Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt

Lazy Sunday Mystery QuiltYesterday did end up getting in the 90s…, hot! We turned on the A/C, then in the evening the wind kicked up and we got our first good storm in a long time and even lost electricity a couple times. Today temperatures are supposed to in the low 70s with little humidity so……we have opened the windows again!

I spent most of my time yesterday working on Bonnie Hunter’s newest mystery quilt that appeared in the last 4 issues of Quiltmaker. The block size is 10 inch and I can’t remember what the finished size of the quilt is. I did keep my seam ripper handy and….the last row I sewed on upside down. It had to come off and I had used a pretty small stitch… that took  a little time to take it apart.

Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt

I still have 3 different borders to put on this but….I carefully folded it up and I’m going to work on something else today…..I may work on this again next week.

Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt

Here is what I have left to work on….lots of pieces for the border. Usually someone figures out how many pieces are in one of the mystery quilts, does anyone know?

Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt

It was really interesting to read the comments yesterday and see how many quilters work the same way I do. Then there is Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation who works on just one quilt at a time and has really been showing us some beautiful quilts and projects lately!

Another thing that I enjoy…..that most don’t….is making the same project more than once. If I make a table runner (one coming up) that has beautiful fabrics and a neat pattern….I’ll make it again and again…..will you?

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Reflections free quilt pattern

Reflections free quilt pattern

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  1. Connie, your quilt is beautifl! I love the colors you chose. It's a great pattern, too.

    Your weather seems a little undecided right now, too. Glad you opted for a/c. I say it's all about being comfortable. I can handle 85 degress with no a/c with all the ceiling fans on, but above that it just wears me out and makes me grumpy. lol

    Our temps on Friday were in the mid 80"s and then Saturday it was 67 and raining. :/ And it poured from the sky! Honestly thought we would need to get busy building that Ark. roflol Today the sun came out and it was a lovely 70 degrees. I don't believe our hot weather is over though. We often reach 110 degrees in mid October so just because the leaves are falling and we had rain doesn't mean summer is over for us. lol

  2. Hi connie..this one is on my "to do" list. I most definately do patterns over and over. Some are just so easy and have such great results..Arkansas Crossings, Japanese x&O, postage stamp, string quilts..the list goes on and on! Hey, I have a question for you…does builder Bob work on all your machines? I have a 15-91 that I cant get the tension right on. Any suggestions??

  3. Deb@asimplelifequilts says:

    I just love this… such an interesting mix of color! I will remake projects in other lines of fabric or mix it up a bit. Multiple projects are totally my thing too.

  4. I really love this one. The colors are so bright and cheery.

  5. Kelly Young says:

    This quilt is so beautiful, Connie! I love the purple with the vibrant red and lime green! I have made projects more than once if I really love it, but I usually like to have a little time between them.

    I'm so glad you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. Stunning! I love your color selection better than the one in the magazine.

  7. Farm Quilter says:

    Love your quilt and the colors you chose for it! I used to work on 1 quilt until it was totally finished. After 9 months of just piecing quilts while I house/pet sat for my daughter while she was deployed, I now have about 40 quilts to quilt, but they aren't getting finished either because I have too many customer quilts to get quilted! Lovey problem to have 🙂

  8. gorgeous quilt. I have a question.Every time I make HST's they don't come out square. It seems to happen when I am sewing down either side of the line. How do I get squares that are even?

  9. barbara woods says:

    Love that, my grandson just asked for a red, white and blue quilt

  10. says:

    I have several projects going at one time. My biggest problem is when I hit the quilting portion. I stagger there, and that is why I have 5 quilts sitting on my quilt rack all ready to quilt. I set those aside to make a couple of table runners, one for myself and another for a friends upcoming birthday.

  11. Scrapatches says:

    Beautiful bright quilt! Looking forward to more photos … and going to dig out my issues of Quiltmaker … 🙂 Pat

  12. I miss rain! We don't get much rain and fewer actual storms. It is hard to sew without electricity so I'm glad yours didn't stay off. Sounds like a great way to spend the day.I will repeat a pattern I really like or is fun to sew. A few years ago a friend showed me how to make a spicy spiral table runner and I had sew much fun I ended up making 5. I might even do another now that I'm thinking about it!

  13. Kevin the Quilter says:

    We had the exact same weather you all had! Your Lazy Sunday looks great! I wish that I had been able to participate, but, I will be rearing to go for her November mystery!

  14. Sinta Renee says:

    Stunning! What a fabulous quilt! Congratulations on a wonderful finish!

  15. Love your beautiful quilt and those fabulous fabrics! I have tons of things going at once with an occasional finish. And if I really like a pattern, I will definitely use it more than once. It's all good…..

  16. Beautiful Connie. I too like to do a pattern multiple times if I really like it. I think I've made 3 of BH Star Struck's and they all look completely different. Enjoy the cooler temps…. I can't wait until I can open up the house a little – still in the mid 90's here =(.

  17. Pondering Cat says:

    Beautiful quilt. I also like how you showcased it in your photos. I need an interesting place to take my craft photos. 🙁

  18. How pretty and lots of wonderful color.

  19. cottonreel says:

    Love that quilt. I'm hopeless at putting buttons on my blog . I never seem to achieve it . Also your header is lovely . My blog really needs a makeover

  20. "...laugh yourself into Stitches" says:

    How beautiful! I wish i could work on just one quilt at a time…! 🙂

  21. Those colors are wonderful. So vibrant! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product on this one.

    When I first began to quilt I would finish one quilt before I started another. After putting aside a few because of unavoidable delays I now have a small backlog of UFOs. What I haven't started doing, and I think your approach is great, is doing small projects in between. I have no place for wall hangings but placemats, table toppers, and pillows would be a good thing for me to start doing.

  22. Just lovely – me, I hate a lot of borders or busy borders – so good luck with that part. The only project I ever repeat are postage stamp quilts – I like 'one of a kind' quilts, etc….

  23. Hi Connie! Juicy – that word came to my mind watching those beautiful, delicious colours! Wonderful blocks – I would love to make that pattern! x Teje

  24. I like to make the same pattern again in different fabrics if it was fun the first time around. Maybe if my stash wasn't so large I wouldn't do that but I have inspiration sitting on those shelves.

  25. Beautiful quilt Connie! I have been known to make the same pattern more than once, but it is usually when I'm designing and trying to work out kinks in a pattern. I'm usually slow to quilt the second one.