Giant tablerunner or….Lazy Sunday

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Giant tablerunner or….Lazy Sunday

Am I making a GIANT table runner or what?? Not really, I pulled out all the pieces to Lazy Sunday which is Bonnie Hunter’s newest mystery quilt that appeared in the last 4 issues of Quiltmaker. and decided to start putting it together.

Giant tablerunner or....Lazy Sunday

It is always so much fun to work on one of her quilts and use up lots of fabric from your stash. I figured I had better get working on this if I want it finished before her next one starts in November.

Giant tablerunner or....Lazy Sunday

If you are curious to see the different parts of this mystery quilt you can check out my other posts about it – Part 1, Part 2 and
Part 3.

Giant tablerunner or....Lazy Sunday

Want to see what else I was working on yesterday…..these are not UFOs….they are projects that I hope to have finished by the end of September. I also have a couple of patterns that I hope to finish up soon.

Since I don’t have a quilt on the frame I decided to get a bunch of projects ready to quilt and have them out where I have to look at them. I finished off the last of the bolt of batting but I haven’t opened the new case yet. I forgot to mention that the case of Warm & Natural that I bought was 40 yards by 90 inches wide.

A lot of times people ask how I seem to get so much done…..I really like to work on multiple projects all the time. I enjoy having lots of small things to work on that can be completed fast and also several large quilts waiting to be quilted. If I had to choose one part of quilting that I liked best….I guess it would have to be piecing but……quilting always seems to make a piece come alive.

The boxes below the table…..scrap boxes separated by color…..I have another box in my quilt room that I throw fabric into until it fills up….then I separate the colors. More and more I am also cutting scraps up right away into block sizes that I use all the time.

Giant tablerunner or....Lazy Sunday quilt on a frame

Our weather has changed again…..we had a couple of days of fall weather, windows open, blanket on the bed and now we are back to the 90s again….yuck! Do we turn on the air-conditioner or not?

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  1. Great looking WIP(s). I love Bonnie Hunter's scrap system and patterns. I, too, like to have many things going at once. While I am working on one project, I am thinking about the next step in the others. Sometimes it is a custom border, sometimes it is how I am going to quilt it. Once in a while, it is because there is an issue that I need to resolve, sometimes it is just because I feel like working with different fabrics and colors, sometimes it is because one project has taken me longer than I thought and I have another project that has a time deadline and I need to get that one done … as many reasons as I have projects in the works … lol! You are obviously very successful in your current system as you make many gorgeous quilty creations. Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  2. In Southern Michigan we had the same weather. I refuse to turn on the A/C though, instead I am going to open the windows, and turn the ceiling fans on. Like how your Lazy Sunday Mystery is turning out. Mine is waiting patiently while I finish up a couple of other projects.

  3. your projects are so beautiful, Connie! It's funny how differently people work to maximize time. I only work on one project at a time, and that helps ME stay on track!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Yes, I've noticed that you do a lot of smaller pieces in addition to larger quilts. Good idea. I think it would keep you interested and motivated.

    I enjoy all the parts of making a quilt (except handwork!!) but I will never forget the first quilt I made and what an amazing thing it was as I started to quilt it. It was just as you said … it started to come alive … like Pinocchio became a "real boy", my little handiwork became a "real quilt".

    Yours is one of the first blogs I ever started to follow, Connie, and still one of the first I look for each day.

  5. Oh my!! Looks like you have a lot of projects to quilt. Well the cooler weather is coming so maybe you will need to be inside quilting. 🙂

  6. Hi Connie! I love your colourful blocks! I enjoy also every part of quilting but perhaps mostly piecing. We have had similar weather and often even at night I change thin blanket off and take the plain sheet. Fan is working often. I got today amazing packet from a friend and now I'm inspired to make a quilt with traditional blocks. x Teje

  7. I think you work like me, I love several projects at once and this way, some larger/ boring projects go together quicker, maybe as leader and enders too…
    I didn't do this mystery by BH this time because I knew my quiltmaker subscription would run out, but I'm already looking forward to a December one like last year 🙂

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