Scrappy Ambrosia Mug Rugs

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Scrappy Ambrosia Mug Rugs

Have I told you how much I like making mug rugs? Scrappy mugs rugs are perfect for trying out a new technique or….just using up some fabric. Do you like to make them? I just happen to have a extra one to giveaway.

Ambrosia Mug Rugs

Mug rugs are so much fun to make and a great way to use up your scraps. I made these about 6 x 10 inches…..size varies depending on…..scraps.

Scrappy Ambrosia Mug Rugs

I couldn’t resist one photo of just the fabrics…..I just realized I haven’t finished the “real” project from this group of fabrics by Jinny Beyers that I bought last year. This was a  huge fat quarter bundle with lots of bright colors called Ambrosia.

Scrappy Ambrosia Mug Rugs

Here is another post about the scrappy Ambrosia mug rugs, if you like that you’ll also get a kick out of the Ambrosia Psychedelic placemats!

My old 15-91 Singer sewing machine just keeps stitching away…..love my old machines.

Scrappy Ambrosia Mug Rugs

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  1. Beautiful idea – a couple years ago an aunt traced leaf patterns on to fabric and satin stitched around the edge, that 'coaster' has gotten grungy, so could use a new mug rug. Like all your ideas, keep it up. From northern Iowa . . . .

  2. I would love to have one to use by my laptop. So much better than the folded paper towel or napkin I have to use now.

  3. Marjorie Nath says:

    Darling, bright and colorful….love them. Yes we use them. I didn't think DH would-he's a coaster man, but I make a new one every few months. When I need a change of pace I might make a sample of a block that has caught my eye and turn it into a mug rug..
    thelady at hotmail.com

  4. Your mug rugs are beautiful. So far I have not used any mug rugs because I have not made any yet. I am planning on making some so I can use them. Hopefully I will win this one an it will inspire me to sit down and actually make more.

  5. Texas JennyWren says:

    Bright colors are my thing!! love these fun mug rugs. I have one mug rug on the table between two chairs in our living room. Hubby and I share it to keep our drink glass on it while watching TV. It would be nice if we each had our own. So if I win, it will be MINE and I will let him use the other one all by himself. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  6. Margaret Doro says:

    I love the beautiful fabric that you have in the mug rugs very clever of you!!!

  7. I love those gorgeous colors in these mug rugs Connie. So pretty. I have just one mug rug and it's quite large so it really doesn't fit in the area on my desk where I'd want to use one. I kept moving it around my sewing room until a week ago when I decided to put it onto hubby's desk because he has a hand towel on his desk and it needs to be cleaned very badly. I decided he could use the mug run as it's about the same size as the hand towel he's been using anyway. If I had a smaller one then yes, I'd use it every day. I use a paper towel folded to put underneath my coffee cup in the morning and then my drink glass the rest of the day.

  8. I absolutely LOVE the colors in your mug rugs!! I am never without my cuppa from morning 'til night and would definitely use a mug rug as pretty as these. Or it might just have to hang on the wall as art in my quilting area. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love them. I have one beside my sewing machine, one by where I sit in the evening to hand sew. I love to make them. You are right it is a great way to try new techniques. Great way to use some odd left over blocks. Now did I just talk myself out of liking to have one from you. Yours are beautiful.

  10. I think mug rugs are the greatest, dont have to use a plate to wash, or a paper plate to waste either. and yours are a work of art, so making them would be very neat. Yes I would use yours after I pinned it to the wall to admire for a while-lol
    aka kingcooper0001@aol.com

  11. as usual, you did a great job. i dont have a mug rug sniff sniff but promise to give this one a good home lol babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  12. love the mug rugs. Thanks so much for sharing

  13. Kim Sanderson says:

    I love Mug rugs – I've just completed 17 to give away for Christmas. I also used scraps from a quilt I had made and followed a pattern from Quilts&Coordinates Fall 2003 magazine.

  14. I have made mug rugs for others but not for myself. I keep meaning to make one to put under my dinner plate when I sit in front of the TV while eating dinner. Of course that would cover up all the pretty, but I would know it's there 🙂

  15. Love this! I think it would make a nice addition to my boring desk at work. I love to use mug rugs rather than coasters; so much prettier!

  16. this is so pretty and bright. I use one every morning to put my hot tea on. I made it for my grandmother years ago and when she died in 2010 I keep it as a reminder of her. Thanks for the great give a way. Have a great day.

  17. I love them by my computer. Yours are so bright and wonderful! I would love to win one.!

  18. I have just discovered mug rugs since I started sewing again. I ADORE them! You can never have too many mug rugs! I like them even better than the coasters I have used for years. The coasters tend to stick to the bottom of a glass of ice water. Mug rugs don't stick! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. gabriella says:

    this mug rug is amazing!!

  20. Yes – I love mug rugs. Yes – I use mug rugs – one by my computer; one by my sewing machine; one by my chair. Yes – I love sewing them. Yes – I would love to win one of yours. Thanks.

  21. Your mug rug is great. Last year I made a mug rug for a friend at work for Christmas. She loved it. This year she just ask me if I would make her another one. I of course said sure…..then she said actually she loved the one she had so much that she needed more than just one. She wondered if I would make her one or two dozen. I could make them any color I wanted. How magnanimous or her…..I know I will do them for her. I just told her that there were no promises on when they might get done, although I know she wants them before her annual Christmas party. I like the one you did. I am sure I will copy it. But I would also love to win one. I need a few more around my house and it looks like I am going to be very busy for a while.

  22. tubilinha tiacarminha says:

    Eu uso aqui na mesa do computador,só tenho este.Obrigada.!!!Tiacarminhapezzuto@gmail.com

  23. Nancy in IN says:

    I use them and make them. Love the colors and would love one from you.

  24. Michele T says:

    These are gorgeous!!! I love the bright colours and would love to have one, thank you!!

  25. Beautiful mug rug. I love all those bright colors. I love to use mug rugs. I made a ton for the breast cancer awareness project for the staff at the breast care center where I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But I still want to make me a breast cancer awareness one all for me

  26. Anna McCurdy says:

    They look beautiful Connie- I would love to have one to sit my teapot or mug on. Thanks for the chance – I have not made any mug rugs so perhaps one day.
    Warmest regards,

  27. Ohhh. Wonderful colors! I'm a tea drinker and I could definitely use a mug rug for my teapot. Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Hi!!!! Love these colors!!! Very pretty!!! Cute mug rugs!!!!

  29. Marla's Crafts says:

    Very cute. My friends were teasing me about them throwing away scrapes of fabric and I was taking them back out to put in a scrap pile. Now I will have to show them these mug rugs and now they will see that I know those small little pieces do come in handy. The laugh will be on them. Nice give away Connie.

  30. Yes ma'm I do use them and make them too for others! I'd LOVE to win one of yours…so very colorful.

  31. Joyce Carter says:

    Very pretty and colorful mug rugs, Connie. Thanks for the chance to win one. I don't have a mug rug. I just sit my cup on a folded piece of paper. It would be very nice to have one of yours.

  32. tink's mom says:

    What great multi functional miniquilts these are. Love the colors, bright and bold. Would love to have a shot at one.

  33. pretty mug rug, so colorful and cheery. I'd be happy to win it. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Connie I would love to win one of your mug rugs. I need one for my desk st school

  35. I love your mug rugs…so bright and cheerful! You have such an upbeat blog…always look forward to it! I have a mug rug by my chair all the time…they are so handy to sit my coffee on. I remember when I made one and took it to club…new idea and have to say not many members were excited about them…funny how it has changed!

  36. barbara woods says:

    use them a lots thanks for the chance

  37. I probably wouldn't use one as a mug rug, but would hang it on the wall. I don't get much chance to sit down with a cup, but I like pretty, cheery things to look at as I'm running around taking care of my kids. Thanks for sharing those wonderful colors!

  38. I would love to use a mug rug on my desk at work and in my home office but haven't gotten around to making one for myself yet. Would love to win this one!

  39. Lesa McMahon says:

    So pretty! I use my large "hot pads" constantly under glasses by the computer and under hot dinner plates when we eat. I'd totally love to own this. <3

    lesajm AT hotmail DOT com

  40. LOve the bright colors! Have never made a mug mat. Maybe wining one would inspire me.

  41. Cool beans Connie! I could use a mug rug for that purpose… Coffee and quilting areas don't often get along…. Thanks for the giveaway and can't wait for the EQ Hop!

  42. Bright colors are my favorite! Your rugs are wonderful! I sure would like to win one. I`ve been absent for awhile and your blog is the first place I wanted visit. Glad to see your 15-91 is still humming.

  43. I could certain use one. I'd use it for my coffee. I was just recently meeting with 3 other ladies in a book club and I made them all a Halloween-themed mug run from Patrick Lose's Designs in Quilting Celbrations. I made them all a different version as the magazine had several to choose from but I never made one for myself. There's are all round but a rectangle shape is fine by me! I love to bright colors as well. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Your beautiful mug rugs would cheer anyone up on a gloomy day. I haven't made a mug rug yet, but have plans to make some for gifts along with a few other projects. Great way to use up scraps.

  45. I'd use it to put my teapot on!

  46. Teresa in Music City says:

    Oh yes, I love mug rugs! I've only made one – I don't seem to have time to make things like that LOL!!! Of course, I love everything you make :*) I'd love to win!

  47. I love making mug rugs! I use my "stash" on them. They make great gifts! 🙂

  48. Would love to win one of your mug rugs. I only have one other that was made by a friend who passed away this summer. I have that one on the wall. Love your blog and all of your colorful projects.

  49. Yes, I love to make mug rugs and use them! Yours are beautiful!

  50. I would love this pretty and bright mug rug. Connie, you are always so busy!

  51. Count me in please Connie – but I don't think I could put my coffee mug on it!!

  52. Carole in Nebraska says:

    I would love to win one of your mug rugs. Your blog is where I first saw them and while I make some, I'm no where as prolific with them as you. These are so bright and cheery.

  53. Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] says:

    I've actually never made one for myself… but I think once I do, I'll love using them for placing a mug of hot chocolate on them in the dreary wintertime!

  54. I would love to own a mug rug! I would use it to sit my coffee cup on. I love the colors on the one you made. Thanks for the chance!

  55. I use a mug rug next to my sewing machine for my drink and chocolates.

  56. hiyacinth says:

    I love your mug rug in those Jinny Beyer fabrics! I always have a mug rug on the table where I sit and hand-quilt.

  57. Missy Shay says:

    I love the fabrics you used on your mug rugs and would love one! I won't know how I would use it until I have it and then I would decide, but probably as a mug rug! I tried making some mug rugs, but they turned out terrible, but I won't give up! LOL

  58. I love using mug rugs! Pretty fabric makes me happy and mug rugs are fun to make.

  59. I love mug rugs. I keep a small one next to my computer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. AllyJo Woodruff says:

    I have been aching to make one of these. I keep thinking I will. I know I would keep it by my bed, close by so I could see it all the time.

  61. I LOVE your colorful, happy, scrappy mug rugs. I hope I win one.

  62. Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures says:

    Fun mug rugs…scrappy is great!

  63. The Slow Quilter says:

    I love mug rugs. I keep one on my night stand and sewing room. Your are so colorfull. Love them.

  64. Thanks for this giveaway!!I love Jinny Beyer and your mug rug:-))

  65. Love Love Love JB fabrics. I have way too many of her kits lol
    I only have one mug rug which sits next to my machine which is used all the time. Have made a few but never one for me 🙂
    Thx and love your blog

  66. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, so happy to see your colorful mug rugs on such a rainy dreary day here in VA! I discovered mug rugs earlier this year and yes, I use them! I think of the rugs as miniature quilts. I'm currently working on fall themed mug rugs in an online swap.

  67. love all your colors — I do make mug rugs and usually use scraps or extra quilt blocks

  68. Those colors are just fantastic – happy fabrics! I use my mug rugs everywhere and love them.

  69. They are such bright and happy mug rugs, perfect as we head into the winter season. I would love love the chance to win one.

  70. Just added Bea's new Hop Button – look forward to it. I love your old sewing machines and all your bright colors you play with.

  71. What fun colors in your mug rugs. And of course I like to use them too It is the quilt that I prefer folks to use and put there spoon on after stirring their coffee. It is funny how at the table they will put it on a runner and not the bare table…..
    thanks for sharing your mug rugs with us.
    in stitches