Garden Maze Quilt Blocks

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Garden Maze Quilt Blocks

Garden Maze Quilt Blocks

Edit: I finished the blocks and made a quilt with them. Some more photos of the quilt.

These are some more applique blocks that I finished last week. I have a quilt design that I am going to use them in.
Garden Maze Quilt Blocks
I figure if I leave them up on my wall I’ll dig out the rest and getting working on it.
Antique sewing machine attachments
My dad went to a auction on Saturday and I asked him to check for sewing machines. He didn’t find one but found this box.
Antique sewing machine attachments
He was pretty sure they were sewing machine attachments so he bought it for $2.00.
Antique sewing machine attachments
Lots of old pieces that I think are probably for a treadle sewing machine. He said it was my birthday present, how sweet.
Bareroots favorite embroidery stitches
Look what came in the mail! I won a cute little pin cushion kit and a book with embroidery stitches and patterns in it from Shabby Fabrics! Thanks so much Julie! You can also find a free pattern for a cute little house there every month.

Now what really makes this neat is that I recently bought a candle mat kit from Shabby Fabrics and it has been so long (and I was never very good) since working with embroidery that I couldn’t remember very many stitches. This book has great diagrams so I am taking it with me this week while I watch the grand kids.

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  1. how sweet of your dad. interesting find.I love the pieced backgrounds you are using for your flowers.

  2. Your applique/pieced blocks are looking wonderful Connie 🙂
    What a great find you Dad made for you 🙂 and at such a bargain price :))
    Do you have a manual for your Singer 15? You may find that a lot of these feet will function on your machine too. I can see in the first left hand side section two pieces you could use on your machine. At the top there is a seam guide which you could fix to the bed of your machine and it'll act as an edge when piecing, there should be a thumb screw to fit it some where in the box. Also the bottom left foot, looks like a ruffler of some sort.
    Second column from the left are binders of various widths. I can't see the fixing part for these clearly. If they are Singer feet they most likely will fit and work on your machine. I believe (though I'm not an expert) that there was only one machine a 66 model in which Singer tried to change the fittings for feet and only a few of those models.
    I know a lady who may know more and that's Michelle from
    Wouldn't it be neat to have fun with them. Lovely wooden box that came with them. All the boxes I have with various feet are cardboard. Have fun with them :)) Ellyx ps… Congratulations on your fabulous win!

  3. jusaweecatnap says:

    My grandmother had a treadle machine that she had converted (I think) to electric. I remember it only did one thing–sewed in a straight lline, in one direction, in one size stitch. But oh how it ran. It was so smooth and solid, it purred like a cat. I can't imagine it would have had all those attachments. Love the box. Do they fit on your machine? Do they work?

  4. beautiful blocks Connie and congrats on your win.xx

  5. Great combination , string blocks and flowers , love it! I also remember that type of box , my grandmother had one for her machine. Congrats on the win .

  6. Your flowers are just so sweet. And I remember that box…we had one growing up with the old singer. Congrats on the win!

  7. Great blocks!! Don't you love Bare Roots patterns?

  8. Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Your blocks are lovely!

  9. Oooh I look forward to your flower quilt. I've always admired those blocks – I just don't have very many light strips to make the blocks. And thanks for alerting us to the free house pattern at Shabby Fabrics. I'm collecting house patterns.

  10. Here I go again. Hope I am not still a no-reply blogger. I love your Dad's find… Your applique blocks are wonderful. I too am wondering if the blocks are from a pattern or one you designed?
    Have fun with your Grandkids!

  11. Gorgeous blocks. Putting applique on a pieced b/g is so great. Really interesting. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    That is a GREAT book! I have it… you will love it. Loaded with tons of super info. I especially love the little purse… it's on my ToDo List. lol.
    have fun with the grands.

  12. Diane Wild says:

    You're going to cringe when I tell you this. I, too, got a sewing box of attachments from somewhere…years and years ago, before I started sewing. I liked the box and threw away all the attachments. Years later, I figured out what I did. Argh! But, I still have the box. Your applique flowers are beautiful. Makes me want to go to the sewing room and start "planting".

  13. Betty Lou says:

    Dad has a good eye for the unique, love that box. Your blocks will look beautiful in a quilt

  14. Missy Shay says:

    How awesome! That is a puzzle box, and yes the attachments are for a treadle sewing machine. I have one, but it is missing pieces, looks like you might have a complete set!

  15. Teresa in Music City says:

    Just love your flower blocks and the strippy backgrounds!

  16. The flowers are so pretty! What a fun box to open and congrats on the win.

  17. Love the applique blocks (are these out of your brain or a book? If it is a book, I want it. If it is your brain I am SO jealous!) Love the box your dad found, very, very cool!

  18. That's what dads are for!! Great find. I love your appliques. Very inspirational. Thanks for the link to Shabby Fabrics. I don't visit them often and was very excited about the BOM!!