Future Quilters

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 Yesterday I finished putting the blocks together and was surprised at how well I liked it after adding 1 border. I then added a couple more borders to make it larger enough to cover the top of our king size bed…….now to quilt it. I’ll have more pics soon.
Future Quilters

I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of future crafters/quilters. My granddaughter was so tickled to learn how to make stars.

Future Quilters

They had their crayons in the little crayon holder I had made….notice the red string runner in the background – I gave my daughter a couple runners for Easter.

Future Quilters

Here is one of my Sunkissed runners, looks great for Easter!

Future Quilters

The girls have these cute little toddler beds with a couple of quilts I made on them.

Future Quilters

I always forget how much energy little ones have, I took along my computer, a stitchery kit and a book so I wouldn’t get bored while babysitting for 3 days. Guess what…..I got on my computer a little bit but that was it. I even went to bed earlier than normal…..(shortly after the girls). My grandson thought that was pretty funny.

Future Quilters

This is Mr. Jones whom I got to share a bed with. The first night I turned off the lights, went to get in bed and put my hand on him and scared myself to death as I hadn’t known he was there!

It sure is nice to be back in my quilt studio!!

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  1. Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother says:

    Is that a pattern, or are you just improv piecing? Whatever it is, it looks wonderful!

  2. ╰☆╮ Barb ╰☆╮ says:

    Too funny about the cat startling you, but it would surely startle me, too! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandkids. Such a blessing!

  3. Welcome home, Connie. Sounds like you had a super time with the grands.
    Your batik quilt looks great!

  4. Lovely quilt! I have made a few quilts using batiks also. LOVE batik fabrics, so when you can find them on sale, that's even better. We have 6 grand-daughters now, so I can totally relate to how they can wear a body out 🙂

  5. I just love it when I see people using things that I have made! two very cute grand daughters too!

  6. What a fun time had by all! So fun to see that your Family uses all of your handy work. Makes you want to make more for them! Loved the batik quilt. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Such cute little girls. And their quilts. Yummy batiks 😀

  8. The quilt is very pretty, and your granddaughters are darling. And yes, they really do wear you out. The young ones have so much energy!

  9. Betty Lou says:

    Home Sweet Home, where there is quiet and a sewing machine. There is a reason God made mothers young and grandmothers a little older. He knew what he was doing.

  10. lovely post Connie,gorgeous grand-daughters and lol, i know what you mean, you wear out pretty quick trying to keep up with them.xx

  11. Looks like the girls had a great time with you and are enjoying their quilts and crayon holder!! TFS

  12. Love your batik quilt! And you must be just the bestest grammy there is…the little girls look like they were having so much fun with the stars!

  13. I hear ya!!!! It does look like everyone had a wonderful time though. I loved the little beds with their quilts. Such cuties!

  14. Silly you for thinking there would be some extra time for you!! You never know though. What cutie pies! Love their snuggly little beds!