Flower Maze Quilt

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Flower Maze Quilt

Garden Maze is finished and makes me want spring flowers blooming in my yard. It is March and instead we have 5 inches of snow.

Flower Maze Quilt

I wanted to take pictures outside and thought this pile of snow would work…..of course there was a little wind blowing……

Flower Maze Quilt

Okay, I did want to show the back. I was able to use a couple of green fabrics that had been in my stash a very long time.

Flower Maze Quilt

Lets try it on the snow covered steps…..nope not working.

Flower Maze Quilt

Flower Maze Quilt

This quilt is 50 x 62 inches.

I think I started the floral blocks about 2 years ago, making one or two at a time. Many of them are made using my Sizzix Big Shot die cutter and floral dies.

The blocks started out as neutral string pieced blocks and then I started doing some free motion applique flowers.

I don’t remember where the light green print fabric came from…..I think it may have been one that was in my mom’s stash. I remember starting the blocks and when I pulled them out this week I realized I only had enough left to make a few more blocks. That is how I decided what size to make this quilt….when I ran out of fabric….I stopped.

My original plan was to put the blocks on the diagonal but I still really like this. I quilted it on my vintage 15-91 Singer.

Flower Maze Quilt

I have a post here that shows some of the blocks I was working on in April of 2012.

Flower Maze Quilt

I had to show one more photo of my spirals in the snow and it was funny how many people said it looked like a crop circle….that was what I was thinking when I made it….just couldn’t remember what it was called.

Flower Maze Quilt

I also got a better photo of a tow boat pushing barges down the Mississippi River in the snow. It would have been neat if my quilt had been lying on the deck rail. Note to self: remember this for another quilt.

Flower Maze Quilt

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  1. The quilt is beautiful, each one of the flowers in the floral blocks are fantastic. I love the photos of your quilt on the snow. I've always thought about the possibility of buying a Sizzix Big Shot machine and when I see the appliqués that you do, I think maybe it would be worth it. Congratulations for finishing this beautiful quilt is a work of art!
    Marisa from

  2. Beautiful quilt, and I loved all the photos. I'm hungry for Spring too. We got some of the tail end snow from that storm last night, but it has all melted now, and I think it has finally stopped dropping more.

    Temps in the 50s tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful – as is everything you make Connie! Loved the pictures in the snow too :*) I love the way you take a mix of leftover things, add a few new things, and out comes a masterpiece!

  4. I adore your quilt and love seeing it on the snow, no such thing as snow where we live in Australia.

  5. Beautiful. I cannot wait for Spring and the flowers to come. This quilt gives us hope it is soon coming.

  6. Gorgeous quilt! I love the fact that you used a die cut – I finally got one that I am planning to try out soon!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful, Connie. I know you may be tired of the snow, but it is a pretty setting for pictures.

  8. Beautiful quilt! You may not have spring weather right now, but that quilt is sure to remind you it's on it's way.

  9. It turned out great – and I finally figured out why I couldn't post yesterday. Had to laugh that you couldn't remember what crop circles were called – stuff like that happens to me a lot more than I like to admit.

  10. Love the quilt and the pictures in the snow. We don't get snow often but next time we do, I want to make a snow spiral!

  11. Your quilt and the photographs are exceptional. I always love to see the quilt photographed in different settings. Beautiful post!

  12. Seeing this quilt on the snow is like the first crocuses of the season peeking through! It's a gorgeous finish – love it!

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