Luna Baby Quilt Make It Modern

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I really love being an Island Batik ambassador and getting to work with all of their beautiful batiks. This month our challenge was to make a modern baby quilt. Luna is my take on a bright, happy modern quilt.

Luna Island Batik baby quilt Modern Challenge

Luna baby quilt

51″ x 51″

Normally you will have a lot of negative space in a modern quilt but I really, really liked the colors in the Blossom collection and just had to go with the beautiful background print.

The colors in this collection are perfect for a modern baby quilt! Here is a better photo of the batiks that I used in my baby quilt.

Blossom collection of batiks from Island Batik

In my last post that included an update on the flooding, I shared photos of the Luna baby quilt while I was in the piecing stage.

Quilt blocks

I made nine easy quilt blocks that measured 12½” unfinished.  If you have an AccuQuilt cutter and the 12″ Qube set, you can make the blocks in no time at all.

If you love quilting and writing about it, you should think about applying to be an AccuQuilt GO! Getter!

Since I am in the middle of packing everything up….it was tough just finding my favorite ruler….I decided to just rotary cut all of the pieces.

Cutting diagram

The large half square triangles are cut from 5 5/8″ squares that are then cut diagonally. All of the other pieces are 2 7/8″ squares.

Luna baby quilt block cutting sizes


For the sashing, I cut twenty four 2½” x 12½” pieces and sixteen 2½” squares for the corner stones. I plan on writing up a better tutorial but for right now, if you would like to make this baby quilt, look at the finished quilt to see how it was pieced.

Easy to make Luna quilt block

Free Motion Quilting on a domestic

It was a challenge free motion quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. This is what I normally use but in my quilt studio I had a large table behind my sewing machine and also one to the left which helped support my quilt.

Many times quilters have written me saying they have problems free motion quilting on their domestic and the first thing I tell them is to put a table behind their machine. It is very difficult to quilt when the weight of your quilt is dragging.

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting which is wonderful for baby quilts.

Quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine by the river

Here is a closeup of the quilting, I just did a simple meandering.

Closeup of quilting on the Luna baby quilt

Photos outside

Taking photos was a challenge as we have had so much rain and gloomy weather. Luckily my brother was around and helped me with taking some photos. He used his oars to prop up the quilt as the ground was so wet.

Luna baby quilt down by the Mississippi river

Here it is out on the deck.

Luna Baby quilt on the deck

I learned something new!

It is getting harder to take photos of Mr. Mickey on my quilts but….I laid the quilt out on his favorite chair and the next thing I knew…he was sitting on it! Guess I’ll be doing this with my quilts from now on!

It has been over two weeks and his hair still hasn’t grown in much. He sure doesn’t look like a poodle does he! I have a new brush to use on him so he doesn’t get matted. Thank you so much Pat for sending it to me!

Mickey the poodle on the Luna baby quilt

I hope you have enjoyed my take on the Make It Modern Island Batik challenge. You can learn more about me being an ambassador for Island Batik here and also find a list of all of the ambassadors.

Island Batik Make it Modern quilt

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Luna baby quilt made with Island Batik fabrics

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  1. Looks great. I saw the picture online but didn’t read your post until now.

  2. wendy stanley says:

    This is my next pattern!! Thanks

  3. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I think this is a fun and easy quilt – of course made easier with the Accuquilt! I love the color combinations and agree that taking pictures has been difficult this season. Hope the rain abates soon for all of us I hadn’t seen the request from Accuquilt before so I put my name in – thanks!

  4. Margaret A Burnett says:

    Your Luna quilt is gorgeous!! Your doggie looks nice & comfortable on It!! Maybe he needs one too!!

  5. liz gedling says:

    II continue to be enchanted by batik fabrics. Those luscious colors add a sophistication to any pattern….sweet baby quilt ! liz

  6. I love the colors in the Luna quilt. It looks so pretty and makes a wonderful baby gift. Mickey looks like he has a great summer haircut if summer ever gets there.

  7. wendy stanley says:

    It looks great! I love the colors, Andy of course the cute dog! Mine would cover that quilt! She is 98 lbs

  8. Nancy Jauch says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Thx so much for sharing!

  9. Idonna Tollefson says:

    The quilt is beautiful. Love the picture of the quilt and Mickey together. Good idea to do that.
    Also great your brother was able to help you display the quilt so you can show it outside.
    Hope you’re able to get everything accomplished so that you’ll be able to get everything settled in your home and then you can sew, sew, sew after everything is in it’s place.

  10. Oh you guys are going to just have a beautiful home when it is all said and done. The butterflies and swirls in that fabric are just so fun, great choice for a baby quilt.

  11. How very nice of your brother to use his oars for quilt photo props. Mr. Mickey looks very comfortable on his quilt-covered chair. Love the Island Batik fabrics in this baby quilt. Great job Connie with your in-process moving.

  12. The quilt looks great and Mickey will grow out before you know it.

  13. The colors in this baby quilt are so subtle and pretty! Love the results. You chose well.

  14. It is STUNNING! Mickey looks like he is much happier about his haircut now.

  15. Love this quilt and love seeing pictures of the dogs!!