Two New Scrap Projects

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Yesterday I did a review on the book Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts and I couldn’t resist starting a couple new quilts. There was so many neat designs in the book but these two quilts looked perfect for my scraps. Do I need more quilts…..more projects……no, but that has never stopped me before! These may take some time to make as they will be my “in-betweeners”. Both quilts are in their own box so I can pull one of them out at a moments notice whenever I want a break from my current quilt.

The first one is called Trail Marker designed by Ashley Newcomb.

Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
Photography is by Martingale, and their Photographer Brent Kane

I am going to use a combination of batiks and neutral prints in my stash. Since this is a long term project I printed out a photo of the quilt and information that will be kept with the pieces.Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
The blocks are very easy to make.
Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
I have a ways to go on this quilt, I have a lot of brown batiks so I think I will make all of my blocks with browns and neutrals.Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts

Update: I ended up finishing my project using the Trail Marker pattern and made a table runner with it, be sure and check it out!

When I saw Barbed Wire by Liz Porter my eyes immediately noticed the beautiful black print that I had in my stash and knew it would be perfect for this quilt.

Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
Photography is by Martingale, and their Photographer Brent Kane

I also have many, many half square triangles that I have cut from leftovers with my AccuQuilt 2″ finished HST die so I just cut the pieces I needed from my black print and got to work!
Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
It was really fun to put some of the sections together so I could get an idea of what the quilt will look like with my stash fabrics.
Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
Since this will be another project that gets worked on a little here….and a little there…..I cut out all of the black pieces and at least one of each section needed. Then I just pinned little notes to them. This keeps my projects organized and easy to grab and work on.
Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts
Update: Be sure to take a look at my Barbed Wire quilt blog post and see what I did with these pieces!

Did you know if you buy a quilt book from Martingale you also get a e-book when you order a print version. You can find Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts at: Martingale.

Some of the photography is by Martingale, and their Photographer Brent Kane

Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts is also available on Amazon.

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  1. I sure wish I had your organizational skills. I'm going to do better this year! Those are two really cute quilts that you have picked out. Look forward to seeing them both.

  2. Jennie in GA says:

    I love the projects, but am most impressed by your organization!

  3. Kevin the Quilter says:

    You had me at scrappy! But, THEN,…….seeing your fabrics! HOLY MOLY! Beautiful! I am gonna have to get this book! Thanks for sharing Connie!

  4. Both of these quilts are beautiful! Love those triangles.

  5. These look like wonderfully fun projects Connie! you always make such great fabric combinations too!

  6. I have a box of 2.5" HSTs ready for a new project. Thanks for reminding me about "Barbed Wire" which I post-it-marked a long time ago. But meanwhile, the arrow-head design is inspiring!

  7. great quilts!! Really love the first one. And I had no idea that if you purchased the book from M that you get an ebook at well, thanks for the tip, will look at them more often now!

  8. Those I great projects! Looking so far!

  9. The Fons & Porter quilt has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Someday (probably not this year) I'll sort all those bonus triangles, trim them, and make it. …someday. I love how you show yours going together.

  10. I especially LOVE that Barbed Wire quilt. I also have quite a few HST collected. Many of those were made from trimmed triangles when making flying geese. This is a great idea. And I could imagine just about any color used for the chevrons in between.

  11. Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    Starting a new project is the best – especially a scrappy quilt.

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! Don't forget to share my linkup with your readers. Thanks

  12. Vicki in MN says:

    They are both just going to be beautiful, however I am really drawn to the first one!!

  13. Both those new projects look fun. I particularly like the barbed wire pattern.

  14. Love the look of Trail Maker! Tempting. I really should not put another project on my list.

  15. Those projects are both going to be great. I love the Barbed Wire quilt.

  16. Libby in TN says:

    There must be something in the air. I have spent the last week cutting up my scraps for some new quilts. I guess the new year gets us inspired! Love what you are doing.

  17. I really like both of those. Good idea to include a copy of the pattern with the fabric. I have a couple of "projects" where I gathered all the fabric but can't remember what it was supposed to be used for.

  18. Beautiful Quilts, I think I'd like to make the first one. It looks simple and fast and that suits me. I'd like to get more quilts done this year.

  19. Precciosos ambos quilts!!!
    Te quedaran geniales

  20. Missy Shay says:

    What fun projects!

  21. I wish I would be that organized… it's the best way to work on multiple projects at once and avoid frustration!