Trail Marker Table Runner

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Trail Marker Table Runner

Trail Marker Table RunnerIt was a little chilly this morning but I can keep Iggy warm. Time really seems to fly by…..I say that all the time! Last January I did a review of a Fons & Porter book called Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts for Martingale and started two different quilts. The quilts I started were Barbed Wire and Trail Marker. You can read my post about them.

I forgot all about the Barbed Wire quilt……I posted it as a WIP and……forgot all about it! I’ll have to find get this out and finish it.Trail Marker Table Runner
Back to Trail Marker……I decided to make it into a fast project… other words…a table runner. This size is approximately 15 x 40.
Trail Marker Table Runner
I took the picture of Iggy about a half hour ago but the runner was finished last month and…..I forgot about it. I took a picture of it with my Tute-Happy project and did a post.
Trail Marker Table RunnerI even took a picture of Iggy with that runner… wasn’t cold that day…..maybe I didn’t want him to get a sunburn. Notice anything on the back of the runner…….Trail Marker Table Runner
A moth tried to hitch a ride……I didn’t bring it into the house.Trail Marker Table RunnerOne more photo of the table runner, it would make a beautiful quilt!Trail Marker Table RunnerThe American Eagle came up river again on Monday…..we saw it go up river August 24th but missed it going down river. I could only see a few people on the back of the boat. Julie Craven, I saw from your reply to my last post about the American Eagle that your daughter is the cruise director, how neat! I wanted to reply to your comment but you were a no-reply. It is always so much fun to watch the boats on the Mississippi river.
American Eagle boat on the Mississippi river
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Flying Windmill Table Runner – Free pattern


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  1. Connie, I love the way Trail Marker looks… the colors you used give it a very natural look. Barbed Wire is so great that i would have been showcasing it in my home, so it cracks me up that you forgot about it. Just goes to show how busy you have been and how many quilts you have made this year!

  2. Connie, I didn't realize I was a no reply. Thanks for mentioning me.
    She is still there, going up and down the river. What a life. haha She loves it.
    Beautiful trail marker. I love triangles.
    Have a great day

  3. Connie, I love both of your table runners, they are really pretty. You humor with Iggy is fun and enjoyable, makes me smile. The other quilts are spectacular. You do an excellent job at creating. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Iggy is a very cooperative model! I grew up on the Cumberland River and we had lots of barge traffic. It was fun to watch the captains manipulate those barges through the dam locks.

  5. I must be so interesting living on the river and see the changes as the days and seasons go by. Plus the view is so pretty.

  6. Iggy is a wonderful model. Trail Marker is a great table runner and would also make a great full size quilt. The brown Island Batiks are beautiful. Creative Bliss…

  7. it makes a fine table runner, great lines, lots of movement while being quiet and tasteful.
    Connie, thank you so much for mentioning my tumblers! You're a bright spot in the week. LeeAnna

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