Temporary Quilt Room

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Temporary Quilt Room

The kitties never seem to be far from my sewing machine, what do you think of my temporary quilt room? I can supervise while Builder Bob fixes dinner and also watch TV with my dad.

Temporary Quilt Room
That big pile by the windows is material.
Temporary Quilt Room

I am soooo glad I didn’t go with Builder Bob’s idea of actually moving my quilt room here or to the computer room, this is making me appreciate my private space so much more!

Temporary Quilt Room

The closet came out yesterday, the cabinets are spread out, one in the center of the room and the others in the computer room. I’m starting to feel like we have to walk through tunnels of stuff……watch out Hoarder show, we might be candidates!

Temporary Quilt Room

I did get a little quilting done in between my “assistant” job.  I free-motion quilted this baby quilt using a circular pattern that Frances Moore  recently showed on her blog. I don’t think I did it correctly, maybe I was supposed to do a spiral, stop, move and do another.

Temporary Quilt Room

I did a spiral and then made a line of stitching to another area and did another spiral. I ended up with a couple little puckers which I normally don’t have as I usually start in the center and quilt out. I’ll have to check on this more.

I am taking part in the Free-motion quilt challenge that SewCal Gal is putting on, are you? Wish me luck with today’s renovation!

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  1. I would love those windows in my sewing room but I think I prefer a private space. I am with you on the hoarders thing…we have stuff from our basement (husband is renovating) all.over.the.house! Driving me crazy. Love your spirals!

  2. I would love to be able to quilt like you. You are so inspiring. I look forward to your comments every day. Good luck on your new sewing'quilting room. I bet it's going to be Awesome. Can Builder Bob come over and do one for me? Pretty please? lol

  3. So wish I could fmq like you! I'm still breaking needles. Maybe I'll make enough $one day to pay someone to fmq for me..or teach me ;). Beautiful work!

  4. Step-parent's Cove says:

    Yes, Connie your spirals do look great! Thanks for mentioning Frances. I have joined her site. I am going to speak with a cousin who owns a recreational building in Louisiana to see if she would like to host a quilting retreat. She and her brother have been trying to figure out what to do with the building since their original idea didn't work.

  5. What a lovely space to quilt in while you wait for your quilt room to be finished. But I know how upsetting it can be to have construction going on in your house. I hope alls well that ends well.

  6. Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives says:

    It will be nice to have your own space back. I find I'm too distracted working in the main room.
    The quilting is beautiful, I don't see where you did anything wrong.

  7. Loved reading all the posts about your sewing room — I read them out of order, but that was OK. Your sewing room is going to be so cool! Love all the changes! So lucky to have such nice cabinets! Can't wait to see it all complete!

  8. Your temporary digs look quite spacious with perhaps too many surfaces to utilize 😉 I hope phase II moves along quickly – altho I am sure the quality control officers will follow you anywhere…

  9. Your quilting looks great! I'm going to have to try that. And your space is going to be so nice. I like your temporary one too, but I couldn't handle all the interruptions I have if I had your temp space.

  10. Looks like hubby is doing a wonderful job – as usual – and I love your spiral quilting. If it looks good to you then that is the way it is supposed to be! Love it!

  11. Well at least with your temporary quilt room you won't go totally without during the construction. But I so understand your loving your own space. I finally have one too and I would never give it up.

  12. Denise :) says:

    You know, I always find it's a bit of a toss up between liking my quiet and privacy as I work (having *my* space) and wanting to be in the middle of things and be able to interact with the family as I work, too. I guess I balance that with space and hand work. I thought your spirals looked great! Good luck through the renovation! 🙂

  13. The quilting on the baby quilt looks beautiful!! The temporary sewing area looks quite usable and sounds like it covers all the bases.

  14. Josie McRazie says:

    Love the spirals! It is all a learning process! (you know I am right there with you on that! LOL) I agree that view is great, but the privacy is priceless!!

  15. The quilt looks really good. I find we are more judgemental on our own work than others. I think it looks great

  16. well it looks like you would get a lot of natural light if you kept your sewing room there….but then you also get lots of people too..lol Your quilt looks great!! Good luck with the rest of the renos!

  17. Your spirals look great , you have a nice tempory sewing space ,good luck with todays work

  18. You are really going to appreciate that new sewing space. It is wonderful that you can continue to be so creative while everything is torn up.

  19. Your quilting is lovely! I completely get your love of a private space. My sewing corner is in our family room and it's great when I'm home alone but a little harder to get busy when he boys are home watching cartoons.