Quilt Room Redo!

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Quilt Room Redo
I am so happy to be back in my quilt room!
Quilt Room Redo

My 15-91 Singer sewing machine is back in it’s spot. When I first brought it back in I put it up against the window and then realized…again…that I can’t sew up against a wall….even a window. So I turned it and put the portable table up as I am doing a lot of free-motion quilting.

Quilt Room Redo

I wasn’t planning on putting the white bookcase back in but for now it holds all my books, magazines, patterns, fat quarters and projects for now.

Quilt Room Redo

This may be a temporary arrangement as this is the wall I want to put my quilt frame on. Phase 3….Builder Bob wants to make a table that folds up on the wall and then I can take it down to put the tracks on the table for quilting. I don’t have a longarm………..just a regular sewing machine and a frame.

Quilt Room Redo

It is hard to believe how much space I gained by removing the closet! I also have a higher space above the cabinets. On the top left is finished quilts, then pillows and on the right are quilts ready to be quilted.

Quilt Room Redo

I also now have a permanent design wall! It isn’t big but I’ll take it! I covered 1 inch styrofoam with cotton batting.

Quilt Room Redo

Pull out drawers hold my batting and muslin small pieces and scraps. It makes it handy when I want to piece some batting together for a small project.

Quilt Room Redo
We put corkboard on the fronts and insides of the cabinets doors.
Quilt Room Redo

Some people commented on the view of the river in my temporary quilt space, I can still see the river and with indirect lighting I don’t have to worry about fabric fading as much.

Quilt Room Redo

It is unbelievable what you find when you reorganize! I knew I had done a lot of string piecing but I we found all kinds of goodies!We still have more to do – painting the ceiling, adding another light, baseboard on the cabinets and removing the carpet but I love it!

Of course a lot of the stuff from the closet is in the basement and needs to be sorted. I have a storage room that holds my boxes of scraps and…..lots of other things!


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  1. Super re-do! Congratulations on a wonderfull new "creation station". Now that you've figured out how to do all that, how 'bout coming over here and we'll remake a room in my house? lol.
    All kidding aside — it looks great! It looks like even your kitty approves.

  2. Connie, your redesigned space is wonderful!! I love how it's looking and can't wait to see how it spurs your creativity!!! 🙂

  3. I love it! See if it were me I would have to put my design wall right accross from my machine so I could look and be inspired as I am working. I am such a visual person. Builder Bob is FAST!!! and you both are so creative!!

  4. The table for your quilt frame tracks–do you see a problem not being able to go to the back side of the table?? I'm trying to figure out space for my quilt frame also, and a fold up table might be a possibility.
    Your new room looks nice!

  5. Connie – your room loves fantastic and I love the cork idea! I have some flat cork that I may need to use on cupboard doors in my studio and the kitchen, for that matter.

  6. I love your space! You have everything at your fingertips, a nice bright room, and talk about a lot of storage space! So happy for you that you've moved in and you're ready to roll! And those projects on your new design wall intrigue me…what's next from Connie? Thanks so much for sharing the room with us.

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