Ruby Floral Mini Tutorial

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I made a little mini quilt that is 12 inches square and have a easy tutorial to share with you.

Ruby Floral Mini quilt with floweers

Ruby Floral Mini Tutorial

Ruby Floral Mini Tutorial

I started out with a charm pack of Ruby and some white bleached muslin 8.5 inch squares.

Cutting the fabrics into 2 1/2 inch squares

I cut the entire charm pack into 2.5 inch squares.

Cut the charm squares into 2 1/2 inch squares

Then I arranged them around the 8.5 inch center block. You will use a total of 24 – 2.5 inch minis to make each block.

Tip: if you use a charm pack that has 42 pieces you can make 7 of these blocks….if you lay them all out before you start sewing. I didn’t and by time I thought of it…..after 4 blocks I had lots of the neutral pieces left over so I only got 6 completed blocks.

the layout of blocks for the ruby floral mini

Now take 4 of the 2.5 inch blocks and lay them upside down on your center square in the corners. Mark at an angle as shown. I have been using the Frixon pens that disappear when you apply heat to the markings and just love them!

Mark the corners with a frixon pen

Stitch on the diagonal line across the block as shown.

Add a square and draw a line diagonally

Then fold along the stitching line, lightly press.

fold over square and press

Next trim it even with the background fabric corner.

I like to leave the background fabric for stability so I carefully trim the square as shown but you don’t have to do this.

Trim away the bottom fabric

Now sew your rows together. You will make 2 rows of 4 and 2 rows of 6.

Piece the rows together

Your finished block!

Completely pieced block

I used my Sizzix Big Shot cutter to cut some flowers and leaves, you could use any flower pattern you have. I applied Heat & Bond Lite to the back. I did my usual free motion applique.

I used a 40 wt. Coats & Clark 100% Trilobal  Polyester machine embroidery thread. I’m not picky about what threads I use, if the color is right I just adjust my tension and try it out. I had bought a bunch of this thread when it was on sale 50% off and figured I had better try it.

I just do a little wiggle around the edges.

Applique before quilting

This time I decided to use telephone pages on the back to stabilize my stitching. I used 2 pages.

stabilizing with newspaper

When I was finished with the free-motion applique, I removed the paper.

I wasn’t sure how well it would rip off but it only took me a couple minutes to remove the paper….of course I stitch close/tight.

Removed paper from back of applique

I used Warm & Natural batting and white bleached muslin for the back and did a small meandering or stipple quilt with 100% cotton thread.

add batting and backing to quilt
Closeup of the quilting

I cut my binding 2 1/4 inch and sewed it to the front.

Finished mini floral quilt

Then I fold it over and stitch along the binding to catch it. I haven’t done hand-stitching for a long time.

I almost forgot to show you all 6 of my blocks. I always like runners…….and everyone else does too so I made a 3 block and a 2 block runner with the rest.

3 different floral runners

You could also make a cute baby quilt.

blocks for a baby quilt

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  1. This is lovely Connie – I just came here from Sharon (Vroom quilts) link-up – a very pretty project 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for such an informative tutorial, Connie. I can't wait to give this one a try.

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    Very pretty and creative. I love the color theme. Thanks for sharing on Handmade Tuesdays.

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    How fun! Stopping by from QuiltStory!


  6. wonderful tutorial! This is such a sweet block 🙂

  7. Great block! I wish I had some of the Ruby fabric! I really love it.

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  8. So beautiful… thanks for sharing!

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    Oh my gosh, it is WONDERFUL!

  10. Oh so pretty – that would make a wonderful baby quilt. You are a genius!

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    Adorable 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    i'm in ga. and it was 86 here today just hope we don't pay for it later

  14. Artsy VaVa says:

    That is so beautiful!

  15. Lovely little quilt!

    I used my Sizzix for my little leaves quilt — I bought mine when we were doing our family postcard exchanges and hadn't used them on a quilt before but they're the perfect size for the AAQI Priority quilts.

  16. So beautiful!! I love the applique you did on it.

  17. Connie this is just great – I love the colors and the way you quilted it really makes the flower pop. blessings, marlene

  18. These blocks are beautiful the Sizzix flowers you used and that fabric is so pretty!!!
    Happy you are enjoying your great weather…we are having beautiful weather as well!
    ~Terry~ :o)

  19. Thanks for the tutorial! The quilt is so very cute!
    I just spent time in the south, so the weather was…tropical. Nice here this week in Idaho though, so no complaints.

  20. Connie, this is STUNNING! I absolutely LOVE the fabrics you chose, and that extra touch with the flower!
    Found you on Happy Hour – would love to have you over for a visit!

  21. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I love the idea of using phone book pages for stabilzer. Did any of the ink rub off onto your fabric? What a great way to repurpose!

  22. That is really cute! Thanks for the tutorial too. Phone book pages to stabilize, what a great idea!

  23. What a beautiful little quilt Connie. Hey, I see the little Fons and Porter ruler you have for marking across the center of the blocks. I have wanted to get one like that but once I saw one that had slits in the center to draw the line rather than to use the outside edges of the ruler and now I can't find that one again because the pictures on the websites selling them are hard to tell. Does that one have the center slits to mark the line on the blocks?


  24. Your block is Beautiful! Just love how creative you are and how you think of these things. I can do it, just need the idea and tutorial – thank you for that! Our weather here in New Jersey is gorgeous today too (and has been). It is 72 degrees as I write this!

  25. Your blocks are beautiful. You are right. The weather has been fantastic. We took a little motorcycle ride on Sunday. It felt so good to be back on the bike!

  26. sweet! I really like that. Great step by step photos too.
    My weather is pretty warm too. In the mid 70's and partly cloudy. Each day we have a chance for rain which we need.

  27. I am in awe at how many quilts you make. I wish I could do that but I'm such a starter and not a finisher. Too many UFO's.
    Anyway, I think we have flip flopped weather patterns. It is currently SNOWING here in Oregon and I don't live in the mountains. Our house is about 150 ft above sea level. According to the weather man this is one of the latest snows here in the valley for as long as they can find. Oh well, my family and I are heading to Hawaii on Sunday. Hoping to find some of that 80 degree weather 🙂

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    Love your mini quilt!! I also love the Frixion pens! Enjoy your warm weather 🙂 We woke up to a surprise snow storm here in Oregon and it hasn't stopped snowing at all today.

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    Wow Connie! That's really cute! And I love the look of all six together to make a small quilt! What a lovely way to use up some charm packs – and I have one that I have been keeping and didn't know quite what to do with it – yay!!!

  32. Oh that is beautiful. Thank you so much for the tutorial. The weather has been fantastic up in Quebec as well… I'm loving it!

  33. This is an outstanding project! You really do a beautiful job.
    Do you lower the feed dogs and use a darning foot for the wiggle and for the meandering quilting? You do such a perfect stitch! I need lessons on this. Thanks for the project.

  34. Ab-so-totally wonderful, Connie! This little Ruby quilt is darling. I knew I would love it when I saw the colors in your "peek post". lol. Thanks for another great tutorial. Pictures are super. Like you, I leave the b/g fabric in place behind the 'snowballed' corner.
    I've heard a lot about the Frixon pen but haven't tried it yet.
    The weather here in S. California has been unusually cold, also windy and a lot of overcast days. I live on the beach and it is usually balmy and wonderful most days of the year. I am so totally spoiled! If it doesn't warm up here pretty soon, I'll be knocking on your 80-degree-door! lol

  35. Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus says:

    Oh I LOVE Ruby fabric and your little Mini is beyond cute!!! Thank you for the tutorial.

  36. I just purchases the Frixon pens too but haven't used them yet. Looking forward to giving them a try.

    I've never seen anyone leave the background fabric in place like you did. What a great idea.

    Would love to know how you create your own header. I'm just starting to build my blog…it is a slow process for me.

  37. I love Ruby and these blocks are going to make beautiful table runners – they would also make a stunning quilt!!! Love that you used telephone pages for the stabilizer. I am all about using something handy rather than spending money on something I don't really need.

    Can you please send some of that 80 degree weather our way?!? I am so tired of rain and icy rain. Thanks!

  38. Very pretty!!!!

    That weather is unheard of for this time of the year. Enjoy it.

  39. Connie, you have another sweet project! And your tutorial is so well done with excellent pictures. I use the frixion pens like you and love them! Our weather in Nova Scotia has been unbelievably warm for the last two days! Almost shorts weather, but we're usually in winter coats at this time of year waiting for the weather to warm up. The warm weather won't stay long…going down to freezing again by Friday!

  40. Connie, how adorable!! Thanks for taking the time to share with your excellent tutorial!! This one goes right into My Favorites to make later!! ~karen

  41. Your little mini quilt is beautiful!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.
    Our weather was very cool (low 50s) and blustery over the weekend but we are now warming up to the high 70s. We are definitely on the spring roller coaster.

  42. this is so cute and what a great idea to use paper behind the applique, depending on my fabric I rarely use anything…..
    weahter this whole week is 78 and rain on and off.