Pets on Quilts

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Pets on Quilts

Pets on Quilts

When the grand doggies came for a visit this summer I was able to get a couple photos of them on quilts. They sure don’t sit still like cats do! I had just finished my Etching flimsy and had them check it out instead of the cats.

Pets on Quilts

If you missed my posts about Fez and Kelso you can read them here and here and here!

Pets on Quilts

Kelso was a bit tougher to get a photo of on a quilt……okay, he is partially on a quilt!

Pets on Quilts

Now cats on the other hand, seem to love getting their picture taken. Bella always poses for me. In fact I took this photo yesterday on a quilt I just finished. I’ll share it soon.

Pets on Quilts

Simon seems to have a hard time staying awake long enough for a picture. He is laying on my Intertwined by the River quilt.

Pets on Quilts

This is the way they usually look when on my quilts. You can see this quilt here. Bo is still elusive and I’ll have to work on getting some photos of her on quilts.

Be sure and stop by Pets on Quilts to see all the entries and enter yours!.

Pets on Quilts

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  1. thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful animals on your beautiful quilts. amimals can be so entertaining.

  2. Connie, your quilts are lovely. So far, the greatgrandnieces parents have said no to doggies so we have stuffed animals of all varieties visit instead.

  3. Thank you for sharing them with us! The pups will get used to posing the more take pictures of them :o) Too cute kittehs!

  4. I don't know which I like better, the gorgeous quilts or the beautiful animals, putting them together makes wonderful pictures, thank you.

  5. Bella – what a great expression and I love the beautiful quilt top that you have created. Thanks for sharing and for participating in the pet blog hop- It has been a very fun event.
    Regards from Western Canada.

  6. Fez, Kelso, definitely a That 70's Show fan, eh? Bella & Simon are adorable models and your quilts are just beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous (pups, cats and quilts!) I just got my first grand pup. It's a great dane. (heaven help us) πŸ™‚

  8. Fez looks a cheeky sort, a real spark in his eye there! Can't blame Simon for yawning, its hard work being a super model.

  9. What cuties….I must admit the kitties are my favorites, but mine is a very impatient poser. I have to be quick to snap a picture of her. You'd think I was aiming a gun at her! LOL.

  10. I could cuddle all of them, too, but the cats would make me sneeze and my eyes swell up – so I'm glad to have your photos to admire. The quilts are all gorgeous. Intertwined, of course, is when I started reading your blog. I'm endlessly fascinated with how you manage to quilt such large quilts on such a small machine. What is the harp size on the Singer?

  11. That napping photo is priceless! I look forward to reading about the pink and blue quilt, great colour combination.

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